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Friday May 27, 2016
Posted by: possessed_apple

I know Gerard or Bandit probably won't see this, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY BANDIT!!!!!! How in the heck are you already 7?! What is this? I hope you have a fantastic day today and have lots of fun!! <3

Thursday May 26, 2016
Posted by: Charlotte Revenge

Well, tomorrow is the last day of school! It's kinda crazy and sad. But I'm excited for summer. I already have so many things planned. My grandpa is getting married! His wedding is in Lake Powell. So my family is gonna spend a week down at the lake. Super excited for it, and happy for my grandpa.

Thursday May 26, 2016
Posted by: tiana11

Hey Killjoys! So I just finished my first year of college and I'm taking a summer class right now, but I figured I sort of got a handle on things, so why not share what I've learned with you guys (I'm sure some of you are going to be starting college soon) before my summer class starts?

Thursday May 26, 2016
Posted by: i brought you m...

It's so rad to see the different variety of music that people listen to and recommend. I'm trying to get around to each and every suggestion and so far all of them are really great.

Thursday May 26, 2016
Posted by: mdgem

Hey guys
My name is Michelle, and I have been on this website before, but I have never signed up or blogged on here, so please bear with me. Its nice to meet you guys, and I hope I can at least be friends with some of you :)

Thursday May 26, 2016
Posted by: Sarim

Good lord, I feel like it's been ages since I've done a blog here! I don't even know what I need to say to update you all, hang on... Okay, a lot of stuff happened since I last posted, so let me get right to it:

-In English class we had to do a presentation about our hobbies, so I decided to do a

Thursday May 26, 2016
Posted by: BVB_Ryan_MCR

I haven been on this sight in a while... sorry. But anyway, a little update.
So I am in the middle of exam season before leaving school. This means I wont be posting in the next few weeks as much as I used to. Despite this I will continue as soon as I leave school with...

Thursday May 26, 2016
Posted by: neon heart

I'm sorry for the awful title of this blog but I don't feel very motivated today, even though I should, because I have work to do or else I'll fail everything in life but eh, not really feeling it today. School today was ... amusing.

Thursday May 26, 2016
Posted by: The Professiona...

Whelp I'm On my way to DC! I even have my bff here yay!

Wednesday May 25, 2016
Posted by: Sheriff of emo ...

Well, we'll it's 2016 already. Actually it has been for a while now. That means it's been three years since the break up, unfortunately. However we were given the greatest hits album as well as Gerard working on some solo projects.
If you're like me you probably went and watched every interview you