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Still around and coming back soon!

Hey guys

So I'm still around and coming back to posting daily blogs next year. I just may need to buy a laptop cause the one I have hasn't been turned on in a about a year so it man not run so well. Anyways I'll keep you posted on When I'll start blogging again(most likely on twitter).


Fallow me on twitter @fefedarkboy13

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Happy Halloween

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!!!!! Have a great day everybody. I'm gonna be jeff the killer

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so...i preformed with gerard way?!?!?!


a lot of things happened that night in Philly.

But basically, i drove all the way from North Carolina to Philly and got to my hotel at 1:30am and got three hours of sleep then at 5 i got up and went to the venue. By the way, i was very very sick. like fever, gagging, and my voice was almost gone.

But it was all worth it cause i met amazing people, and my hero for 8 years gerard fucking way picked me to come up onstage and play the tambourine with him. And FRANCES BEAN COBAIN helped me get onstage and made funny faces at me while i was up there. it was actually my dream come true.

I've been on this site for such a long time, i know you guys understand how much gerard means to me. So, this is it happened 2 weeks ago today.

I met gerard again after and he wrote out the lyrics for me "take my fucking hand and never be afraid again" which i am getting tattooed.

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happy birthday frank iero!

happy birthday frank iero!

xxxxx Hannah

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I WANT CANDY!!! So much good things first i like to knows what costumes or who would u dress up? Are u goin to parrrrty!!! Well I like to dress as Joey Ramone but a little different, and i CAN'T leave out one important birthday (FRNK HAPPY BIRTHDAY) what a cool thing right on halloween, sooo, people ENJOY UR DRESS UPS, but keep it safe, and have a sweet TRICK OR TREAT, Damn love this time of year, to sweetin the day better watch a Scary movie, yeah what movie inspire u guys, give sme shoutouts, HAVE A SCARY DAY!! Killjoys

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A New Start.

So I haven't been on here forever, It's been years since I've been really active on this site. I looked back on so many old blogs and oh my... They were awful. I think I've grown up now and understand life better, which is good. I just wanted to tell everyone I'm starting anew on this site and please feel free to message me, I won't bite (or at least I won't try)
Much love,
Acid Sunshine ☀️

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this is my fave band :D
its called COPPA WHOPPA :-)
how do i change me profile pichar? xDDDDD!!??

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for Z!


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Halloween Makeup

This is just for Treats in the Streets at my college, but I'm a sass fairy or stereotypical white girl. Yes, the lashes are fake. No, I don't wear them often.
Going along the story of sass fairy, I got my powers from Gerard.

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î î î

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The count down begins... Tomorrow is halloween. :D

Have a picture of me with an oogie boogie jack-o-lantern. :)

Are you guys dressing up for halloween? What are you being?
I'm being Sweeney Todd. :D

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Throughout my life most of the people I've known have suffered quite badly with depression there was a time I was very arrogant about it probably not the best way to describe how I looked at depression but let's just say I figured people just needed to grow up and deal with shit but I was around 8/9 at the time as I grew older I started to see that these people had grown up but intern took on so much in life weather they wanted too or not and it'd took its toll on them to the point of breaking.

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New music

Hey guys

This is the last music I will share until my album comes out in 2016


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What's up, y'all?

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I'm sorry but this just made me upset:

Typically, my outfits consist of worn out jeans, band t-shirts, my dirty Converse sneakers, Batman watch (damn straight I have a Batman watch..BE JEALOUS!), and a hoodie or jean jacket if I'm cold or something. Sometimes I straighten or curl my hair, sometimes I wear a little jewelry, just kind of whenever I feel like it.
Yesterday, I was feeling like it was a plaid sort of day, so I wore my purple and pink plaid overshirt with a dark blue t-shirt. I also switched my earrings because the ones I was wearing were getting old and what the hell I felt like wearing danglies and I wore a necklace. To me, this was no big deal, because I wore a variation of that nearly every day last year.