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Thursday January 11, 2018
Posted by: Unbiaseddoor266

hows everyone been haven't posted in a while but i hope everyone is doing well and if you ever need anything im hear to help

Thursday January 04, 2018
Posted by: chpeverill-conti

i haven't been online in a while
been sorta depressed. makes doing anything a chore. its hard for me to even get together with my boyfriend or get out of the car after going somewhere.
i really like the band choking victim. they are ska punk. check them out!
started a new sewing project, as i

Tuesday January 02, 2018
Posted by: BlueBurnsBlack

Lol yes I said it backwards on purpose....

How’s everyone doing? I hope y’all all had a good holiday season.

I know I did. I think I might have found a girlfriend, the only thing is she lives in the uk. but I’m keeping my options open just in case.....

Never know what might happen... so we shall

Sunday December 31, 2017
Posted by: fefedarkboy13

Hi everyone

So it's a new year and my resolution is to climb out of the rut I've been in for a while and live life. I'm also going to try and dust off so friendships I've have had.

Saturday December 30, 2017
Posted by: death-rattle

Hi, I‘m new here and i hope to find here more likeminded. I can‘t accept that I am the only one who is still believing in MCR. Most in my age are „grown out“ of that „phase“, but for me it‘s not a „phase“. I wish everyone happy holidays and a happy new year, maybe I‘ll find new friends here.

Tuesday December 26, 2017
Posted by: Charbarmanning

I hope everyone has had a good Christmas and if I don't come online for another few months, have a happy new year!

Monday December 25, 2017
Posted by: Unbiaseddoor266

hope eveyone has an amazing christmas

Wednesday December 20, 2017
Posted by: LisaGW

looking for some fans of anime/manga, would be cool to meet anyone.
I'm also looking for someone from japan, because im searching anime figures, which are already sold out and maybe still available in japan somehwhere?

Monday December 18, 2017
Posted by: hand in mine

so i just joined, i can see the community is kind of dead which sucks but i really just wanted to be a part of it because i hold this band so close to my heart, even 4 years after they've broken up. i will always cherish them.

Monday December 18, 2017
Posted by: BelNavarro

How is everyone doing? I've not been here for like 5 years, I even have forgot the password so Happy y holidays and MCR forever