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Tuesday February 09, 2016
Posted by: dead-on-arrival

This happened a while ago, but I just remembered it. So I was in my English class, and I think we were talking about the 10 year anniversary of High School Musical, I don't remember exactly. But somehow the topic of the mid 2000s came up.

Tuesday February 09, 2016
Posted by: msunevershoulde...

Currently listening to this set because I never finished it. Omgoodness, Ray is freaking brilliant here in Sing! I mean all are, but he truly shines with his mad skills...and that hair! Yay Ray! XD

Tuesday February 09, 2016
Posted by: butthurttoads

i don't want to be rude and leave out all the other people who are allergic to dogs/like cats better but this post is gonna be primarily about dogs and all of their glory.
i wanna start off by saying that i have two dogs, one very old and very antisocial (a German Shepherd- husky mix) and one who

Tuesday February 09, 2016
Posted by: Kawaii.Killjoy

(click to read the whole story) i don't have anything against religion or my grandma but this is fucking stupid.

Tuesday February 09, 2016
Posted by: a dead man

i don't know why i'm writing about the Optigan (Optical Organ from Mattel in the 70s). it's a new discovery to me, this musical instrument that effectively allows you to make music on your own. it's quite sweet-sounding and feeds my weird hermit-y ways.

Tuesday February 09, 2016
Posted by: Cherry Blade -k...

Okay so like my computer mouse is not working. Long story short im having a severe panic attack and my arms and legs are tremble and covered in blood
Does anybody know how to activate a windows 7 computer mouse? I tried to batteries an it doesnt work and it doesnt have a light.

Tuesday February 09, 2016
Posted by: TheNewFaceOfFear

The b-sides from The Black Parade are so good damn

Tuesday February 09, 2016
Posted by: Gerardopoly

I had to go to the doctor a while ago. There's been a lot of weird things going on with my heart lately, and it's been getting worse. They had to pull blood so they can do some testing. I really hate blood, so needless to say, I almost passed out.

Tuesday February 09, 2016
Posted by: killjoys-almost...

Today is Tuesday February 9, 2016.
Last month, my family and I looked at new house that rests on top of a mountain far from anyone (besides the guy who lives in front of said house) and is surrounded by woods that stretch on for a good while.

Tuesday February 09, 2016
Posted by: _Quietly_Bleeding_

Today is a bad day already, why does my best guy friend have to be such a dick. He has been ignoring me for three weeks already. I just give up, he probably doesn't want to be my friend anymore. I should've known this would happen because I'm the most boring and socially awkward person ever.