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Sunday May 27, 2018
Posted by: okavasif

Сегодня в Интернете изобилие платформ, предлагающих ленты разных направлений, однако все точно осознают, что найти по-настоящему стоящий канал в Интернете – это серьезная проблема.

Thursday May 24, 2018
Posted by: Gerard-Slay

so because I did that Ryan Ross makeup thing, I'm getting made fun of, people are asking me things like "where are your eyebrows" and shit like that and it's so stupid, like just mind your own business, and now I feel like I have to take it off because of them it's fucking stupid (I'm sorry for

Thursday May 24, 2018
Posted by: Fun-Ghoul-iero

happy birthday gerrad-slay love you

Thursday May 24, 2018
Posted by: Gerard-Slay

My partner for science is being weird now because I'm dating a girl, like I didn't do anything wrong bih stop it, and he was about to cut my hair..... I'm scared...

Thursday May 24, 2018
Posted by: Gerard-Slay

I decided to do Ryan Ross's blue makeup thing and I wore it to school and now I wish I didn't lmao, I don't really know what to do help, I can't leave class to take it off!! DX

Thursday May 24, 2018
Posted by: Fangirl_Queen_160

So a couple weeks ago, someone made a thing (idk how to describe it) saying that MCR had a new album or song coming out called Rebellion of Stolen Hearts. You should know, this is 100% fake. Whoever keeps doing things like this, if you read this, please, please stop.

Wednesday May 23, 2018
Posted by: Gerard-Slay

Panic!'s new song High Hopes just came out and it's totally a bussy bop

Tuesday May 22, 2018
Posted by: mychemically

Eh, hey. I'm new to the whole blog posting thing, not sure if Imma keep up with it or forget about it in a week heh. But I absolutely love reading other people's blog posts! That's it I guess....? Ok well bye!

-stay alive kiddos xx

Friday May 18, 2018
Posted by: Broumama

This classical guitar, the one my father plays, gave birth to my love of music.

Marching band gave birth to my love of The Black Parade.

Theater gave birth to my love of the bands live performances.

Art gave birth to my love of My Chemical Romance.


Friday May 18, 2018
Posted by: Yourbestfriend

I haven't been active on this cite in years, but I thought some of you might be interested in the Kobra Kid California 2019 Box set I have up for sale on ebay. I'll post a link to it at the end of this blog post. tell your friends! there aren't many of them out there.