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Saturday April 18, 2015
Posted by: puffskeinkiller

it's rainy, windy, there's a fujiyama-sized pile of homework i have to deal with, so i'm having a shit-shit-shitty day, but - fuck it.
anyway, i just wanted to say hi to everyone. even if i don't really know anyone in here, i have a feeling that we're already familiar.

Friday April 17, 2015
Posted by: ThreeCheersForMyChem

I'm glad this website is up and running again I missed it quite a bit

Friday April 17, 2015
Posted by: complicatedmythology

Just started on here so I thought I'd say hi !

Friday April 17, 2015
Posted by: laylamichelemustdie

posting this because i had to make a new account =^.^= // have a wonderful day

Friday April 17, 2015
Posted by: AshleighTurtle

How did youu guys all feel when watching Na Na Na and seeing the skeleton in the sand wearing a Black Parade outfit?


but that is just me ^-^

Friday April 17, 2015
Posted by: thepartypoisone...


Is there anyone here who is going to see Frank on the 6th of may in Amsterdam, The Netherlands?
Well I am, and I'm really excited but I also wanna take a picture with Frank afterwards. I reckon some of you will also wait outside the venue after the show.

Friday April 17, 2015
Posted by: chpeverill-conti

hey guys. I don't even know where to start. How to begin. For those who don't know, I go to a therapeutic school, Beacon High, that specializes in helping kids with emotional issues. Many kids have safety issues. There's only about 65 students total. Everyone's close. We all know each other.

Friday April 17, 2015
Posted by: xtadamsx

Hey guys check out my SoundCloud. I've got a couple covers along with some original content. I just recently uploaded my cover of The Kids From Yesterday on piano. Lemme know what you think!

Thursday April 16, 2015
Posted by: Mackay

I just wanna talk to someone who listens to MCR. Message me. Don't be a creeper though.

Thursday April 16, 2015
Posted by: Sebastián_MCR

So my grandpa just died, he had 2 types of cancer and I really was fine he already had told me that it was his time and i felt okay. Death is one thing i can actually stand.