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Friday May 20, 2016
Posted by: emma-is-weird

So, I have some news. I am no longer talking to T anymore. The last time I made a post about her she totally blocked me on everything she used to follow me on and we haven't talked since. Yes, in class we have talked a few times but that is pretty much non-avoidable.

Friday May 20, 2016
Posted by: Kawaii.Killjoy

hey everyone, happy Friday! I hope you all have a good day, if not, its only one day. it'll get better.
anyway I'm babysitting this weekend and I'm kind of excited about it. the only unfortunate part is I still haven;t gotten my CPR certification.

Thursday May 19, 2016
Posted by: Nebulous Killjoy

I'm recovering from years of depression, and this band is helping me so much. You're the soundtrack to my happiness. Thank you thank you thank you ❤️❤️❤️

Thursday May 19, 2016
Posted by: tiana11

I'm incredibly bored at work. Neither my friend nor my boyfriend work tonight and I really can't think of a good thesis statement for my informative speech.

On the bright side I'm getting better at my speech class. Which is good, considering I'm gonna be an English teacher.

Thursday May 19, 2016
Posted by: glory_rose

Am I the only one who gets CRAZY excited whenever they hear an MCR song in a movie or tv show, or hear an MCR reference made in a show, movie, etc? And am I the only one who loses their cool whenever they read a reference to MCR in a novel or article?


Thursday May 19, 2016
Posted by: The Professiona...

So I failed my math sol...

Wednesday May 18, 2016
Posted by: motherpanic

man i am hyped

Wednesday May 18, 2016
Posted by: i brought you m...

So I heard FIATC is coming out with a second album? To be honest I think Stomachaches is one of my favorite albums of all times

Wednesday May 18, 2016
Posted by: BlueBurnsBlack

001. What is Your Name? Kevin
002. How old are you ? 24
003. Height 6'2
004. Weight: 240
005. Location: North Georgia USA
The first time...
006. You had sex? Still a Virgin
007. You had oral sex? Never
008. You Fingered/groped or gave a hand job? 19 ( fingered my ex)
009:The age you started

Wednesday May 18, 2016
Posted by: solongxandxgoodnight

So yesterday night,or should I say today, I had to pull up a all nighter cause I ate some really bad food and suffered with stomachaches and vomiting for over 3 hours. I thought that maybe if I'd turn on TV,I would stop feeling the pain.
So I turned on TV,switched to MTV Rocks and..... WHALKSHFAKH