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MSI Clean???

I found the "you'll rebel to anything" album by Mindless Self Indulgence.... THE CLEAN VERSION!!!!!!! how is this even a thing??? How are there any lyrics at all???
- Z

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Enh, like, half of its cosmetic?

So last night the jack input of my guitar came out so i just sorta taped it back in. Wait, lets back up. Im jamming out learning to play "Shes so Perfect" (Planning a cover) by 5sos (Got into it from some frineds, were all aloud one boy band and there the most punkish) so im jamming out to the solid power chord song it is and i spin and the jack pulls it out of my peavy (Thank god not my BEA guitar) so I go and get a whole role of electrical tape. Fix it. then I notice the strap notch is a little iffy, so i wrap up that part of the arm to give it some support, then I got taped up a crack in the body under where my arm goes, so i cover that, and so after that, i say fuck it, lets just finish off the roll and wrap the other part where it sticks out even though its completely ok. So now my guitar looks black, with a little bit of red sticking out.

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Cosplay- Homestuck

This Halloween, my sister, her friends, my friends, and I are all cosplaying as Homestuck Characters!!!! YAY!!! This is my first time actually doing a group cosplay thing and I'm so excited! :::;)
If anyone else reads/watches Homestuck, do you have any tips/hints for horns? Cause I used Styrofoam aaaaaaaand it didn't turn out so well........ too 8oxy.

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Halloween Costume

So i need help on what to wear. I have narrowed it down to a kitty cat, Jeff the Killer, Kirito from SAO, and going as a member of the Black Parade.

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Well damn

Its been a while. post a comment so that i can see alot of stuff when i log on next.

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So I have a day off work....thought id post a blog...about
If you wana chat about what ever then inbox me, always here to chat and whatnot.
Would love to hear from some My Chem fans.
I feel kinda old being here, the majority of people on here are younger than me.
but anywho I find we have similar interests :-)

hope you guys are having good days


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Halloween party at WAGLY

WAGLY (western suburban alliance of gay and lesbian youth) is having a halloween party tonight! YAY! I'm going as Frankie cause a lot of kids there are into MCR and I know they'll be into it :) Can't wait! I love WAGLY, it's such a great group and we've gotten really big! 35-45 kids come to Monday meetings on average. We've had up to 60! I've been coming for three years, and I'm a regular. So it really is a safe space where I feel at home :) I hope all of you have a place where you feel like that, or a person.
- Z

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so..... I've been wondering.... How everyone is Montana is..... ::::( I know I have no right to it, but, I can't help it....... I've been feeling homesick and, well..... I miss them......... After everything that happened... I miss them, so much... Especially Colette.... I miss her the most right now..... Little Colette.... smart, artistic, extremely talented.... used to be my role model and my best friend.... I'm kind of bouncing back and forth between being depressed and happy today, it sucks...
My brother is getting here around 12:15 (lunch) from Montana.... My mum's wedding is this Saturday :/ Day after Halloween.... That oughta be interesting... Just means this Friday's going to be really really boring...

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So i found out that my ex started dating the day we broke up and i have a suspicion she was cheating on me. Ugh godd*mnit. I hope she's happy because idgaf about her anymore.


Mindless Self Induglence

Just found out about this band.
Oh my god..they blew my mind
Anybody else into them?
Just wondering....

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"Dear mom. . ." Yet another poem

I'm feeling rather poetic as of late. . .

Dear mom,
I'm so sorry
I'm not perfect,
I can't do it,
Not anymore.
I've held on
For too long,
I've tried,
So damn hard,
To make you happy,
But I always fail,
And you're upset,
Or disappointed
When all I want
Is to be happy.
I've lived with a
One I was
Forced to bear,
For nearly
20 years.
You don't see it,
You look beyond it,
You ignore it,
Leaving me,
Your only daughter,
A sniveling heap,
Trying to find
Any way out.
All just because
It isn't affecting
The only one
Who "truly matters,"
Even when it comes to
The mental and
Physical health
Of not only me,
But my brothers.

My brothers.

I thing it's
That I was a
"Mother" to them
At the tender age
Of 10 years old.
I find it
That you don't
Remember it.
I find it
That your youngest
Can't lovingly
Call you his mom.
And the fact that
You've put him so
On your priority list
That he feels

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Still here.

So a lot has changed since you last saw me in December, Killjoys. I graduated, and moved out the first of the year. Honestly, it's pretty much taken me this long just to get used to the whole thing. I just wanted to let you know that i haven't forgotten about you. I'm still writing. MFK is still in my Google drive. All 221 pages of it. And i promise i will finish it sometime. I will continue. I promise.
I just have so much going on, i hardly have any time to write on any of the stories i have going. And being so inconsistent the best quality to have on such occasions. :/
But I think it's important to let you all know (if any of you who have read are even still on here) although i do have a bigger life than when i started on here in 2011, i'm still Killjoy. I think we all are.

But keep on the lookout. There will be more coming. I promise...
And Don't forget -
Keep running.

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Singing tips?

Hey guys! So judging from the title, you probably can tell what this blog is about...If you don't- I mean, seriously?.
Anyway, I just wanted to ask for a few tips to improve on my singing.
I've been getting around to it and this vacc, I'm going to music school to perfect it and learn guitar so that in future I may form a kick-ass rock band (though realisticly speaking, I'll probably stick to singing in my shower)
But I was hoping some of you could help me out.

I mostly have a problem with singing loudly because I'm self conscious and my brothers always made fun of my singing when I was younger (like ALOT) and so it has kinda put me down, but I've decided to say fuck it, and try to persue my dream.

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How is everyone?

How are you guys?
I'm good, got some new music and stuff and just feeling "good vibes" (as gerard put it.)
Hope you guys are doing swell.

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XxstraightjacketxX/shattered rainbow/Eleanor/Kindle/Whatever you know her as update
I met her. I met her. I hugged her, I held her. I talked to her face to face. I held her hand. I listened to music with her. I saw her in person.