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Today's the day

I'm seeing frank iero. TODAY
I can't BELIVE this is finally happening! I've heard he meets fans outside the venue. Is this true? Tell me if you got to see him play and meet him. If I can meet him I'll have him sign my pencey prep cd. I'll wear my "homophobia is gay" shirt, leather jacket, and the skinny jeans that I've sewn "give 'em hell, kid" on in red string.
I've heard that he's a really great live performer and I can't wait!!!! He's my guitar idol so I'll be watching his fingers :)

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I'm taking up the role of ENCOURAGEMENT SCREAMING because I tend to be bad at helping people feel better when they feel crappy. I have my moments, but they're rare.
So, ENCOURAGEMENT SCREAMER posts will be silly stupid encouraging things written in all caps, in effect, screaming encouragement at you.


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Snow and Ice

we are getting snow tonight and Tuesday and next Friday.


Well I hopw the rest of y'all up North in the USA aren't toooooo Cold and have Power

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day off work!

so on my day off i have done loads of spring cleaning in my flat :-) while listening to Queen :-)
windows open, fresh, nice new candle burning, done a load of washing, hoovered, dusted, cleaned the bathroom, and the kitchen :-)
just chilling for a bit, then i might make some cakes or cookies :-)
My fiancee (hehe! still not used to saying that) is at work, i am going to make her a lovely pie for dinner with a mash topping :-)
hope you guys are all ok
much love XxX

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30 Day MCR Challenge! Yay!

Alright so as you can tell from the title this post is about pineapples.
Nah, I'm just Kobra Kidding! Ok that was stupid. So anyways, it is day numbah one of the 30 Day My Chemical Romance Challenge. What is your favorite album?

This is probably The Black Parade. It contains so many songs that are too amazing for words. Some of the songs make me want to cry and cuddle with my Kermit pillow, and others make me want to start a revolution. Either way, they most definitely deliver what I need at the time. Alright bye!!!!!


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I Am Who I Am

This is something that I wanna say about myself, and is a little surprising, I was Born with Cerebral
Palsy it affects the muscles it had to do with the brain not sending msgs to the muscles, Why I say
this BECUZ I Accept myself just the way I AM, when people look at me I don't mind that it doesn't bother me, I think Normal and I act normal, also I learned thru the years to Ignore negative comments and listen to the smart comments, I don't easily let people put me down, mostly becuz
I'M stubborn which most of the time works, It's hard when treated differently, but I also ignore how people want to treat me, I hate Pity NEVER want anyone to show me that, becuz i understand that
i'm not weak, I'M strong and strong minded that's helps me move and accept me for Who I AM, so
why I say this, i say it for u and u, UR PRECIOUS AND LEARN TO LOVE URESLF, No matter how

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This is for those who struggle a little with life, and i get teenage or young people
go thru difficult paths and it hurts many times, especially when people close to u don't
give u that support, But U CAN FIGHT IT, In many ways the easiest way is tryin to keep
ur MIND preoccupied, always do somethin u like exp. Like reading, writing, drawings
music, even school work, just keep busy so those negative thoughts come in, and most
IMPORTANTLY IS A heathly mind, IF ur sad talk to anyone, If ur angry is ok to scream
if ur mad hey go run for 2 or 3 blocks around that's ease the madness away, plz don't
u blame urself for simple mistakes becuz the come and go, BE WHO U R AND SAY TO
ME JUST THE WAY I AM, practice that,
and remember U R NOT ALONE, even if is one person that cares and loves u is more
than enough, even that four legged friend loves u, yeah funny but true,

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Feelings Suck

I have seen some people struggling on here. Whether it be depression, anxiety, or just feeling down, feelings just plain suck. I personally have not gone through anything than I mentioned (besides getting REALLY upset at times) so I don't know how bad it can get. I'm not going to sit here and tell you that it will get better because sometimes it doesn't, at least not for

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Well hello there

Huh, I didn't think I would be returning to this website because well I thought since the band broke up almost two years ago that the site would be dead but it seems that it's not! So I made a new account since I can't for the life of me remember my old log in and password...I don't even use the same email anymore so I would have had to make a new account anyways.

So yea hello there people!

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You can make it!!

A lot of you guys seem to be feeling down. The winter does that, dark and cold. Stuff may be going on in your life. But hang in there, and as singitfortheemos said, look at the little things. Eat your favorite foods (citrus is good for waking you up from depression). Smell lotion. Take a bubble bath. Hug people. Watch dumb cat videos. Listen to your guilty pleasure music, get dressed up for you, and ALWAYS blow bubbles. throw glitter around.
I know "I got though it" and "it gets better" stories get old but they're true. The kids who've been online last year and a little of the year before might have seen me posting about how bad shit was. I spent 3 months in psych treatment institutions last year. I was dead inside for 3 years, using unhealthy coping skills for 3 years. Now I'm in a school that can help me, on the right meds and feeling better. I didn't think was ever gonna get better. But people are fluid, and things change.

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Life is rough and we're all struggling through it. Some may have it better, and some may have it worse. Breaking down doesn't make you weak. Whether you're extremely emotional or emotionless, you are still human and worth more than the stars in heaven. Whether you wake up with a smile or you wake up wanting to be dead, make it through that day. And the next. And the next. Because what if tomorrow you meet Gerard, or Mikey, or Frank, or Ray, or Bob? What if that's the day the band gets back together? What if? The world is full of what if's and not all of them are bad. Many in fact are very good. Meeting your soulmate. Getting your new favorite pair of shoes. Find happiness even if it's in the tiny things. That fuzzy blanket. Your phone case. The fact that that cloud looks like a tomato. Anything. It's ALWAYS worth it, and there is someone out there who loves you, even if it's just one person. Never forget it. You're stronger than you know and deserve everything in the world.

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Hello. This is my first post so.... yeah. I absolutely love My Chemical Romance, why else would I be here? Ok sarcasm, my second language... Anyways, I haven't been a fan for too long, so I didn't have to experience the infamous breakup. It still upsets me... a lot. Ok yep. All I have to say so... bye!


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Gee and Mikey

I'm sure you've all heard that Gerard played a show in Tokyo and Mikey came. The kids are screaming like their being attacked haha
- Z

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You can ignore this post

I just wanna write out some thoughts, feel free to scrolls past this

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Schools are so unreliable..

I've been going through a growth spurt lately and have been just so fucking hungry! So with that prior knowledge, it should be understandable when i get really pissed off at my school because they ran out of food. You see, our lunches are broken into 3 different groups; A lunch, B lunch, and C lunch. Depending on my classes, one day I will have B lunch, another I will have C lunch. Today I had the last lunch... C lunch. I HATE having this lunch because by the time we get in there to eat, there is no more food. Thus giving me more reasons to starve myself... At home, my family doesn't make enough money for snacks or even enough to pay for 3 meals a day. We eat home cooked every night; takeout is far too expensive, as is pizza.. Pasta is a usual, we have it at least once a week because it's so cheap. School food tastes disgusting, but it's better than nothing. And nothing is what I would have otherwise... So I am really pissed off, hungry and those equal tired.... blah...
rant over...