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Pixie cut

Who thinks I should get a pixie cut?

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Waiting for him

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Class Shit

yea, I'm with one of the "popular" kids..... :/ he's supposed to be my lab partner but as always, I'm stuck doing all the work...... blah... yup, He's off in the corner with his best friend and girlfriend, grabbing her ass..... :/ she's kinda hot too lol XD haha, I'm totally not hitting on her!! but yea... boredom.....

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Ok I have this thing when someone messages me where if they don't answer after a couple minutes then I message again..understand I'm not trying to b annoying I'm afraid of being alone

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Depressed ):

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Good morning my fabulous killjoys. How's everyone doing?

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umm.. help?

good morning everyone! well idk what to do xc, i like this girl on my school (and she is 1 year older) but i like a girl i met online too xc. What do you bros think i should do? I don't want to break any heart, (because supposedly they both like me back) so idk what to do her bro´s/sis´s cx. Oh, and good luck on school/work!!!

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Good morning!!!

Good morning my lovelies!! Today is actually a good day. And y? Because I have the sweetest cutest most loving boyfriend in the whole world!! I can tlk to him bout anything which totally rocks...I know there's a possibility something can go wrong just like all relationships but I'm too happy to care!! If ur reading this my bae then...

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I have a nice drawing with my face at the middle and a lot of words that are around my head. Words such as depressed, bisexual, parents, disappointment, strange, far away, alone, bollocks, shut up, not a way out, defenetly a way out, fu*k off, come back, friends, happiness?, love?, and the list goes on and on... I put new words when I feel like it, I dont know if you can see the image, there are problems on my uploadings... Anyway this helps me to kind of fix my mind when I'm confused so... It's a god method, what do you think?

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Hey! im new

Hello my fabulous killjoys!! Well im new here and just wanted to say hello cx, soo thats my killjoy name^^(Adrenaline Danger) lol i thought about it because when i was younger i had ADHD and well, ya know! i hope you liek it, this is just an "idea" and i did it in like 2 min. with Sharpies, so you can tell me how is it!

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I'm STILL an Idiot.....

I took him back..... and I know he's a womanizer.... But i dont care... I really need something in my life.... I deserve to be one of those girl that gets cheated on.. that no one really notices... I deserve it for what I've done... How many people I've made want to kill themselves... I deserve it.. All of it, any pain he causes me, I deserve it....

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Day 1: You All Scare the Living Shit Outta Me

So I said I'd like to do just a little commentary on most, if not all, My Chem songs. The first reason being that I am planning on being a music journalist if being in a band never works. The second reason is that I really like My Chem, as we all do on here, obviously.
So instead of studying for my psych exam, I'm just going to get the ball rolling right now with...

So this is one of MCR's more popular songs because first of all, it's catchy as heck, and second of all because The Black Parade era was the height of it all. Whenever I play this in front of my friends, they know it, and it instantly validates our friendship.

I remember the first time I heard this song, and I recall thinking, "Wow this album is so depressing and intense, but I love it." And then Teenagers comes on, in all of its honest hilarity. But it totally kicked ass. Gerard's vocals (as usual) were sharp and angry and as he put it, "like he had a scorpion up his ass."

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:/ No matter what other people tell you, stay here.... You're loved...

On my way home from school today, one of my friends was really upset.... so she threw her phone across the road, ran over to me, and started crying.... I helped her to the sidewalk((I walk in the middle of the road like a dumbass))sat down with her, and just let her cry in my shoulder :( Know why she was crying? Fucking ASSHOLES at school keep telling her to kill herself!!! THAT'S FUCKING BULLSHIT!! IDGAF WHO OR WHAT THAT PERSON HAS DONE, NO ONE DESERVES TO BE TOLD TO KILL THEM SELF!!!! It pisses me off beyond more than anything when someone tells someone else to go hurt them self.... it's just so wrong... on so many levels..... If anyone ever tells you to kill yourself, then that person can just go to hell!! You don't need people like that in your life, cause all of you. Every last one of you, deserve to live..... You are loved... by me, by your family, by so many people.....

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Huh... Seuss knows best

I think the title says it all.

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Ever need help?

So I'm kinda new to this site (never thought to join tbh) but if you ever need help, I'm here for you. and I'm not a therapist, but i will listen. I will care. I've helped many people in tough times and i wouldn't mind helping you. I'm just a suicidal kid telling suicidal kids that suicide is wrong v.v. So if you ever need someone to talk to, feel free to Kik me at Wolfblade6669. Have a great day :)