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My top 10 obsessions atm.

So I was bored and all alone and suddenly I thought: hey, let's do that.
Here are my top 10 obsessions at the moment:
- Ice cream (all flavours, really).
- This website ^^.
- Make up (when I was little I promised I would never wear it... and look at me now ):p.
- Hair chalk ( I had yesterday my first hair chalk after dreaming with it for about 3's fantastic. mine's blue).
- All from Harry Potter (I've already read the books at least 4 times. lol. I'm so insane)
- Stephen King (well, his books, not him lol).
- red contacts (but can't convince my parents XD)
- Dreamcachers (Idk why...).
- Tim Burton's films.
- Night.


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The First Note

Does anyone else have that heart explosion when the first note of Black Parade comes on?

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Falling again

Hey. I don't know what happens know. My mind is all messed up and I starting to fall into the big dark hole of depression. I can't hide it anymore and my mom thinks I'm in a bad humor all the day. I can't explain it to her because she will think is bullshit. Then she and my father are having trouble. They shout and I'm the only one who realize it, 'cause my sis. is never at home. I'm afraid. I don't know of what' but I'm afraid. And I don't know how they would react if I ever told 'em how I'm feeling 'bout this situation. I've tried to feel better, but I simply can't . So, anyone has any idea of how to cheer up or how to talk to your parents and be heard?

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Im kinda fucked.... Please help

Two days ago a guy who was in my class last year asked me out. I mean he is cute and nice but I dont know how to tell him that I have a girlfriend ( i am also a girl... i'm bisexual ) because for some reason people like to make big deals over who someone is dating and i'm not out of the closet yet. I already told him that I did not wanna go out with him but then he asked me why and he wont believe any of my reasons. So then he made the great ides to go tell everyone in my class that i was a lesbian... how great. So now people call me faggot. queer, freak etc. I just don't know what to do. please comment your Ideas of what I can do! Thx :)

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Please Read and Help

Hi guys,

I'm asking you guys to check out this page in hopes that you will help me pick my life up. I have been in and out of living in my car for the past 4 years, and it looks like if I don't get the help I need I will be living in it permanently.

To tell you why I'm asking all of you this, this is my story.

I grew up in an abusive home as a child, I will skip the gory details, the family that could have intervened, all of it. The point is I had been taken out after four years of dealing with the physical/mental abuse, brainwashing, drug, and alcholoic influences that had occupied my life; age 13. This lead to my first, second, third, and finally fourth foster home.

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Room Concert

Let's face it, at some point we all like a band that broke up before you got to see them in concert. Or you're like me and you can't tell your parents about your music taste so you wouldn't of been able to go anyway.

But you can (kind of) get your dream concert by having what I like to call a Room Concert! Here's how you do it.

Step 1:
Put on what you would wear to a concert. For example, when I have MCR Room Concerts I like to wear my MCR shirt. Maybe add some Revenge makeup for fun.

Step 2:
Try finding videos of actual concerts that the band did. You could also make a playlist on YouTube of songs that they did live, and add some funny moments with the band just for the heck of it.

Step 3:
Find a place where you can play music loud, and if you want to, where you can jump around.
If I went to a concert I'd probably be jumping around like a unicorn drinking coffee. But it really depends on what you like.

Step 4:

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Whats up everyone? what is your favorite song form MCR? comment below what it is.

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Jeffree Star anyone :D

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I'm a part of this <3 <3

OMG!!!!! His face <3 so awesome ^^

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*WARNING*Complaining rant

Ok so is it just me or is the world a bitch?!!! Yesterday I re-did my exams cuz I wasn't at school on Friday and may I say It was awesome.
They took me to the quiz room and just left me there with a notebook and the paper and I just chilled for 2 hours and was amazing... I mean, I like learning and all but sometimes its best to just be alone and let your mind wander, you know?
Anywho, this is being written to complain about society...

Yesterday I was doing the english paper and there was this composition about people with odd behaviorand how they are rejected in society and so teens need counselling to fit in and how were all social misfits and shit and I mean, WHO WANTS TO FIT IN THIS FUCKING SOCIETY?
It's awful. Its full of stupid racism and annoying homophobia and just wants us to all be alike. BORING!

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My life consists of being unhappy

You know what i realized? That no one will ever stay in your life, no matter how much they say they love you they will always leave.. Either out of just being a complete dick, death, or just out of being sorry.. You know i hate it whne people say sorry. It just makes me feel so fcking stupid. Like i dont need you to feel sorry for me. I tell you my personal shit so you can help me through it, not feel sorry for me.. I think about hating life everyday.. And how much i want to end it.. But people keep telling me its going to get better but at the end of my head i think when the fuck does it get better? When will i be happy? Its been 3 years since ive been really happy.. I put on my smile everyday just to make people fucking happy. When is my turn? When will it be my turn to be happy, to fall in love.. I thought there was light at the end of the tunnel but i believe i was wrong...

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New Member

Hey Guys and Girls I am a new member on this site!!!

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Sudden death

Allo! How have you all been? Well, I'm sweating my face off. There is a sudden humid heat and I am not loving it. See, I'm always cold, it's just how I am, until today...... Now I literally think I'm going to melt! So how is the Summer going for the rest of you?

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For as long as I can remember I've looked for someone like you.
With a head like yours, and a torso to.
Birds sing and if its the last thing I di you will pay zim! ~Tak

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a red dream

El antes el era un muchacho con sueños de música y estudio, le iba bien tenia buenos amigos, su enamorada, su familia y su guitarra. Nunca habia pedidio nada más. Al final del año todos se graduaron, unos fueron a universidades privadas, otros pasaron a universidades publicas, otros a institutos de segunda y el resto trabajaron o se fueron al ejército. Pero él había pasado a la universidad por sus propios méritos, estaba feliz por esto y comenzaría su historia de amor.