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Please be honest...

GUYS if someone knows about the quotes and who is doing it please tell because I'm really freaking the fuck out right now. I'm so scared that it's not real. And if it is, what could this mean?

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Okay the Danger Day Quotes Are Tripping Me Up!!!!!

I just want to get a number of people who have had the Danger Days Quotes flash on their News Titles. This might be Important guys! You never know!

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why does the title on the front page keep changing

im keeping track of it tho, person that is doing this...
i got my eyes on u
its late tho hahaaahahah
like 9:06 pm pacific
oh well

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If anyone wants to chat feel free to send me a message >:{D

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It's Been 3 Years

I just found the log in to this thing and well frankly, I'm embarrassed by everything I've read. Oh, 8th grade me, why must you be such a loser.
Seriously though; hello, I might start using this again because I remember the community being great and it would probably be fun!

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okay so you all probably know about the weird titles on the website when it first loads that are quotes from danger days. the last blog i saw was someone saying it was hacked. is this true? also not to be a noob but if you have any further info it would be great if you could back it up with some evidence haha thanks

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i'm hearing the mcr site was hacked now. and i accidentally got my hopes up a little. knew i'd be disappointed, heh. i'm so naive omfg.

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uhh, guys?

okay, when i refresh the news page, it shows "the future is bulletproof for a second and then it vasishes. i heard about this on tumblr and i'm pretty much dying, to say the least. i really, really want to believe that the band is doing something but i don't want to get my hopes up in case it's not happening. but something has to be going on. the guys wouldn't pull a sick joke like that on us, right???

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Smile Darlings,
Shine Bright
and Always
Stay positive,
make someone's day
By giving them a Smile
(btw day 8 Honey this mirror
isn't big enough)

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The Website Keeps Changing !!!

It changed to this then disappeared ! Go into the news section and see if it has a message/quote ! If it does then comment here, I want to see how many people are getting this !

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- Z

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Keep running

The news site, it say's KEEP RUNNING now!! they're changing the terms faster. does this mean anything? I'd love to think so but IDK... don't wanna get my hopes up too high
- Z

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I'm tired of it...

I'm one-hundred percent positive that my family hates my guts and wishes I was nonexistent!!

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30 day MCR challenge

Day 8: favorite lyrics


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How did I get into My Chemical Romance?

I'm probably super lame for creating an account when they're not even a band anymore, I don't even know why I'm dong this, I just want to tell my story in an accurate site (duh), and perhaps someone will someday read it hahaha.

I'm a NEW fan. I started loving them on January 18th 2014. Here goes the story:

So, I had heard about them before and by the time I became a fan I only had 3 songs of them in my iPod: Na Na Na (I always thought that one was cool), SING! (because of Glee), and Teenagers (I was once on YouTube and I clicked on a lyric video and instantly loved it).