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30 day MCR challenge

Day 9: favourite photo of Gerard

I have so many favourite photos... but maybe this one is my favourite

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hello i am new here

hello everyone, i am very new to the online community, so would you please give me some tips as to what to post about?

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my top 30 favorite bands of all time

1. Tool
2. A Perfect Circle
3. Rage Against the Machine
4. Nine Inch Nails
5. Rollins Band
6. Thirty Seconds to Mars
7. My Chemical Romance
8. Marilyn Manson
9. Iron Maiden
10. Panic at the Disco
11. The Doors
12. Rammstein
13. Alice in Chains
14. Nirvana
15. Soundgarden
16. Queen
17. Clutch
18. Black Label Society
19. Rise Against
20. In this Moment
21. Arctic Monkeys
22. Gorillaz
23. In Flames
24. Slipknot
25. Stone Sour
26. Tenacious D
27. AFI
28. Falling in Reverse
29. Foo Fighters
30. Foster the People

...there's many more but that's my top 30 favorite and I didn't put it in any kind of order so I pretty much like them the same none greater! ('-')

-Ultra chocolate alien baby \\// XD

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The Webways

A fellow soldier in the MCRmy runs a fantastic website called The Webways. Although it's mainly dedicated to MCR, she posts all kinds of things, ranging from interviews to blogs about make up.
Last year she did an interview with me about being a moderator for both of the band's websites, so check it out as a starting point for the site (copy the url and remove the space before "interview")! interview-kerry-oliver-moderator-for-mcr-com-and-mcrmy-com/

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MCR website hacked, or clues? (and my birthday)

Hey guys! so, it's been a little while since I last updated so here is some updates. My birthday was on the 19th and that was a Monday.. I have Jazz band on Monday.(I play trumpet) So when I got there, I waited a bit for everyone else to show up. So as people came in, I got my things together and set up. We have 7 Saxophones, 6 Trombones, 4 Percussionists, and 3 Trumpets. 7:00 p.m. is when practice starts so we all come into practice except for 2 people. And could you guess who the 2 people were? The other 2 trumpets. So while I'm playing my parts all I can think is "Oh glob, how am I gonna do this? I'm the only trumpet here!" I play really quiet at home because I live in an apartment so when I go to practice, I can't really play loud, and at practice, our instructor is always on me to be playing louder at home. So, yeah.. that was fun.

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Illumination \,,/

I walked green miles of jungle
I walked through yellow miles of pain
I crossed starvations desert
Watched dead rivers swell with rain
The song of insects full the air
Nights and cities of despair
Where killer's son said, son beware
And all the roads from here to there
I sailed the sea of desolation
Dropped my anchor there
Plumbed the depths of isolation
Walked its length and was not scared
Went from end to end to end
And from there I went again
The road that only this one knows
Off to no where here I go
Illumination comes so hard
Makes me see but it leaves it's scars
At times I wish that I didn't know what I know now
Though and though until I lost my mind
Looked and looked until I went near blind
The path is so far but so unkind
At night the highways diesel roar
Speaks to me and tells me more
Than any book I've ever read
Or anything you've ever said
With silent eyes inside
I watch myself worlds collide
The seasons burn and crack my skin

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new here ask me questions

I am trying to do a make up tutorial thingy on youtube so I can do any request a fan wants this is my channel if you want any tutorial hit me up on there or contact me on or :) this is my first time doing this so I am sorry if I am awkward

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Я тоже хочу поиграть!*** I wanna play too

Как я вижу, вы очень любите играть)
Что ж, я с вами, Киллджои.Эта та же игра, в которую вы играете, только русская версия.
И спасибо всем, кто похвалил мои знания английского. Для меня это очень важно.
Итак, первый день!
Ваш любимый альбом. Эм, я думаю, что Black Parade. Во всяком случае я слушаю его чаще ,чем остальные альбомы.
As i see, you like to play.
Well, i'm with you, Killjoys. This is the same game that you play, only Russian version.
And thanks to everyone who praised my knowledge of English. It's very important to me.
First day!
Your favorite album. Am....i think, its The Black Parade. Anyway, I listen to it more often than the other albums

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Hey Killjoys

Hai, so this is my first post here and I didnt even know that mcr had a blog (yea I feel bad for not knowing that) but I feel like I'm going to have some fun here :3 I hope everyone's night has been going well.. Or day, where ever you live lol. I shouldn't be up at 3:10am anyway :/ And about the titles changing, it's creepy, but I think it's a hacker.. Idk why someone would do that tho. And this is useless info, but I just read some creepypasta and now I don't think I can sleep with the scary story in mind and reading creepypasta made this situation with the titles changing even scarier..and I'm having trouble posting this cause I'm new at blogs so idk if its going to mess up xD

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I'm legit shaking i drank a whole carton of oarnge juice that;s a LTO for me. I listnened to Bullets, black parade, revenge, and half of danger days with NO SKIPS OR PAuses that was 3 hours of looking at mcr pics and now it's 2;12 and i cant slow down enough to sleep or SHIT
nows; the best time to have friends in differetn time zones someone talk i need not boared and yuo would help
Love you smoochie toots1!!
xoxo - Z

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Please be honest...

GUYS if someone knows about the quotes and who is doing it please tell because I'm really freaking the fuck out right now. I'm so scared that it's not real. And if it is, what could this mean?

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Okay the Danger Day Quotes Are Tripping Me Up!!!!!

I just want to get a number of people who have had the Danger Days Quotes flash on their News Titles. This might be Important guys! You never know!

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why does the title on the front page keep changing

im keeping track of it tho, person that is doing this...
i got my eyes on u
its late tho hahaaahahah
like 9:06 pm pacific
oh well

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If anyone wants to chat feel free to send me a message >:{D