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1. The night closes in (slant rhyme)
2. Suffocation begins (slant rhyme)
3. Monsters give to chase (end rhyme)
4. Fears start to race (end rhyme)
5. The bony hand clutches me
6. My mind goes through agony
7. As the thick darkness shadows
8. I drown in the shallows
9. Despair eats away (personification)
10. All the joy of the day
11. Driving me crazy, insane
12. All this negativity in my brain
13. Running in circles, up the walls
14. ‘Til reality crashes, ‘til I fall.
15. Can’t shut it down, can’t stop
16. Pendulum in my head; tick, tock, tick, tock
17. Round and round the words go
18. Never stopping, won’t slow
19. I can’t give in
20. I can’t win

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Words of red

1. The water is too hot
2. It turns her hands to red
3. She radiates anger
4. She pulsates hurt
5. She doesn’t want to speak
6. Just finish her chores and go to bed
7. From behind her mother arrives
8. Carrying arrogance and rage
9. Her voice is cold enough to freeze the water
10. Harsh enough a dish is dropped
11. The words strike the girl
12. Bruise her aching soul
13. Now her hands match her face
14. Tears scratch at her eyes
15. Her mother’s attack continues
16. Slapping her self-esteem
17. Crumbling her will and joy
18. Today was supposed to be a good day
19. A day without these words
20. A day without this hurt
21. A day of music and festivities
22. A day of reunion and rejoice
23. A day to celebrate her achievements
24. She turns to her mother
25. Her red sleeve falls down
26. Her hands tingle red and
27. Her face is heated
28. ‘I hate you!’ she wants to scream
29. ‘You ruin everything!’
30. But her words fail her
31. And she can only choke out

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hey guys

hey guys I know I haven't bn on this since well ages.......but I have had a lot of shit going on in life so im sorry for the late replies and all that but that's basically what happens to me so im very sorry........ and pl have sent me a load of msgs on my phone say "hey bandit hoes ur dad" ppl acc think im gee's daughter so theoretically I could but It its what u think
Always get sweet revenge killjoys

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Hi :)
Yesterday I was leaving the bathroom when the floor began to shake. At first I was like "I'm hallucinating" but I realized it was really shaking. So I went to wake my sister up and when we were leaving my mom came to the room. Then we went to my grandmother's garden (I went to my grandmother's house on holidays) and we saw the whole house moved from one place to another.
It was weird, funny and scary at the same time. The good thing is that nobody got hurt.

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... was Gerard's birthday. For those of you who don't know, Gerard is my boyfriend, who killed himself back in October. I wasn't very pleasant yesterday, but I could have been much worse. I found ways to keep my mind off things. Playing solitaire is a great distraction from the miserable inner workings of my mind. But when a song came on the radio that reminded me of him, I would easily lose it. The day before I was hanging out with friends and started crying in their bathroom. Today I wasn't much better. It's hard to do an egg hunt when all you want to do is bash everyone's skulls in. But I got through it with minimal sobbing and without anyone noticing. I might not even cry next year.

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Happy Easter Killjoys:)

Hi, what's up killjoys? Haven't been posting. Well, happy Easter (you know, unless you're Jewish or something, happy whatever holiday it is you are currently celebrating) So, did anyone get cool stuff? I got $25.50 a Welcome to the Black Parade CD because... I wanted one, I guess. I also got my weight in chocolate, because everyone forgets I get sick with it. So, of course, I ate the Pez candy I got (all six packs xD) and am now typing this on my Kindle with a stomach ache. My parents haven't put anything on the mp 4 player I got yet, so I'm probably going to ask if I can have my own iTunes so I can have My Chemical Romance on it, vs. just Disney music I begged for when I was six. I've been listening to Disenchanted for an entire hour alone in my room now. Wow, I really am boring. Does anyone still have Easter egg hunts. My brother is ten years old, (on Tuesday) so I still do it for the quarters my grandmother puts in the plastic eggs and it's not really that weird. Yeah...

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Happy Mcr Easter Killjoy's!!

Wanted to wish all you Killjoy's a Happy Easter!! I just finished my painting of the Easter eggs and I wanted to now what you Killjoy's think about it. Does the eggs look okay?? Well, I hope all is well on this day, and I hope all is have a blast!! I know I am but, I don't want the day to end!! Killjoy's how's your day going so far??

CryBabyJerkins <3

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Slaughter House Chapter 12 Ideas XD

Anyone have any crazy, sick, twisted, gory ideas I could use in my one-shot series??
Well to start off, my one-shot series consists of one-shots (duh) where in each chapter an unfortunate Killjoy meets an excruciating, horrid, morbid and bloody end. ^.^ Awesome, right?? XD
If so, please leave a comment stating your idea~! I will mention you and give you credit for the idea when I post the chapter!! Thanks :D
Stay safe. Stay beautiful. Keep it ugly.

-Thrill Killer
Keep Running :D

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All We Are is Bullets Part 19

Sierra’s POV:

I couldn’t hold back the smile as I watched Julia and her little friends head back to the van filled with hope. Say what you will about me but I was an honest person and wasn’t backing out of the deal, Julia just didn’t know the price she was paying for it yet. I turned to my sister.

“Take a good long look sis! You sure you want to do this?”
Tammy showed no emotion, just nodded slowly.
I pulled her with me. This thing took time and I had much better things to do with my time.
“Alrighty then. We’ve got an antidote to whip up!”

Gerard’s POV:

I heard the door of the bus opening and voices. Julia! She was back! I ran out and low and behold I was right. There she was.

“Julia!” I exclaimed and pulled her into a hug. “I- I uhh, where were you?”
She blushed, “…sorry… things sorta got to my head for a bit but it’s okay”
“Are you sure?”
She nodded.

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30STM Bright Lights

I love this song and the lyrics video to it <3

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Well, I Need A New Band

So I just got confirmation that my band is over, which happens with budding bands. Therefore is any of you need a rhythm/lead/bass guitarist message me!

P.S. I live in Colorado


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unsure about everting right now

i'm currently at a Christian Youth Group Convention with my youth group at church which consists of me, my girlfriend, my cousin, her half-sisters brother, my friend, and her bf. it was pretty cool, i mean, im not all DEAR LORD JESUS CHRIST IMA FULL BELIEVER NOW I SEE THE LIGHT COME AND SAVE ME PRAISE JESUS ALL MIGHTY THE HOLY SPIRIT but i mean... the music was cool.
our youth leader has something wrong with her so she had to go to the hospital and im pretty worried about that... if shes okay, then at least yaknow. better safe than sorry.

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GradualReport: Break ups

i always found this video so funny, so i hope you guys can too :)

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I never thought I could cry so much as I did reading a book and then seeing the film... It has never happened to me! Maybe I' m a bit less tough as I used to be.
I even cried with the trailer! What's wrong with me?
(I'm talking about Kazuo Ishiguro's Never Let Me Go)--> if someone has read it, please tell me if it's just me hahaha
:) Hope you had a great day :D

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CryBabyJerkins <3