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Thursday May 11, 2017
Posted by: abrei83

Hey guys!

it's your basic white girl, Abby!

I just wanted to say hi because thats what I do and it's something you should do when you are doing your first blog post..... I'm at school and I'm bored because none of my friends are in any of my classes.

Monday May 08, 2017
Posted by: iroonist

Hey. I'm Irina. I'm from Russia(this will help you to understand why I don't shorten words). I'm lonely. If someone wanna talk kik me @miranky or email me

p.s. I feel lonely and abandoned kitten(((

Monday May 08, 2017
Posted by: BlueBurnsBlack

Well work is work, I get a few hours but not enough.

The store manager is kinda mean, ( well Everytime I've talked to him he has been) the assistant store manager is a lot nicer and likes me; and the grocery managers like me.

But I just need something more, you know like I feel like I need more

Sunday May 07, 2017
Posted by: majadepp

Hi guys
It's so weird but in my country is midnight and I'm going to wake up so early but I writing something here. I will be so tired but well.
I'm not a someone who has a big problem with himself. I just sometimes feeling so bad and unloved.

Saturday May 06, 2017
Posted by: MCRashesgirl

Hi...I need someone to talk to? I'm getting all emotional over idk stuff involving mcr it's not even funny.
if you wanna help send me a message at my tumblr Iero-frankie

Wednesday May 03, 2017
Posted by: i brought you m...

Hey y'all

I know I haven't been on in forever. But im here again so hi. I saw Frank in concert, and well I cried. Anywho,, the show I went to was one of the few where he did not do a meet and greet or take any pictures/do signings so that sucked.

Tuesday May 02, 2017

Hi guys!
So I haven't been posting in a while! Mostly cuz I've been practicing for a play and avoiding life like the plague. I have homework I can't decide if I really want to do.
My roommate is next to me. She says hi too.
Hello darkness, my old friiends

Monday May 01, 2017
Posted by: chpeverill-conti

I don't feel like writing a blog. so I'll just do a list of thoughts and occurrences from the day.

why did i just spend an hour watching scene kids do makeup
only five days left of partial
got hair bleach
maybe i'll wear a skirt tomorrow
or maybe not
i think i'll do neon makeup tomorrow.

Monday May 01, 2017
Posted by: fefedarkboy13

Hey everyone

If you've been fallowing me on here for the past 4 years or so you would know that I was recording an album well it's out now (at least physically) and I've already been working on the next one (if you read my last blog you can assume what it's about) so once I'm done with it it will

Monday May 01, 2017
Posted by: angelXlovesXmcrx

i am 13 and have extreme depression. I was exposed to my chemical romance since i was very young. recently my parents took my chemical romance, Black veil Brides, All time low, etc. away from me. they said it was for the best.