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The art of missing

Dear Mcrmy,

I know this is kind of a down thing to ask but what do you do when you miss someone you can't talk to? It would mean a lot if you can share any advice.

Rock on,
<3 mcr96

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I'm So Messed Up Inside

Everyday, I wake up and get dressed. I don't usually eat..i really don't like eating. And I do my daily routine. then all of a sudden, I get this wave of depression. I like it..A LOT. im not sure if that's good or not, because im afraid i'll do something stupid. but I don't know how to react, so I kinda..yeah.. and I listen to mcr. they help me through everything. but what happens if I do something dumb. I don't want to die, but yet, I want to.

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Something has shifted, Killjoys... both in me and in the world around me. There were good things and bad things... it's all been strange.

I suppose I should start with the bad things.

So firstly... my aunt visited us very recently. That should be great and all, and it was very nice to see her. However, she seemed to disregard everything I said and she treated me like I'm stupid. I don't know, I felt like... she was dismissing me, I guess.

Secondly... my mom found out about my razors. It wasn't even her that found them, it was her boyfriend that did. And it was... mortifying, to say the least. And of course, my mother decided to make the entire conversation about her. "Is it because of me again?" "What'd I do this time?" "Why is it that nothing your father does bugs you?"
it was... ugh. So now I need a new hiding place for them. And I've gone three days without them. And it's torture. And going without it too long makes me feel like I'm dying. It's horrible...

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I lost a really good friend of mine because of my stupidity. I don't know how to talk to her because she hates me, and I just wish we were friends again. But I guess you can't have it both ways. I'd be lying if I I said I didn't miss her. I see her every damn day in my classes and I can't talk to her because she hates me and it always tears me up inside because I know it's all my fault and I'm just so angry with myself. The other problem is I can't expressly feelings to anyone about this topic but to this site. So I just needed to write this out.

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Things are looking up I think, I applied to quite a few jobs in the past few weeks, and today I actually got two replies in one night! One for HMV and one's a flyering job for this club. :) I'm super excited, and keeping my fingers crossed, I've been unemployed since early December, and if I get a job I'm gonna be the happiest person alive. In other news (Sound like a fucking news reader there) It's been over 2 weeks since I last got properly smashed (drunk) I mean I've had a few beers and a bit of vodka here and there, but I haven't been full on falling over total mess drunk, which is good, and it's been 17 days without getting high too. I feel accomplised short of.

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Little Baby's ice cream Creepy comercial


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Strange feelings

So... I'm happy because I'm still on holidays, sleeping a lot etc. but I'm really stressed because of the important exams and I can't focus properly on them because I get distracted very easily and if that continues I'll do everything late and that.
For some reason I had a strange dream that makes me feel Idk... weird? about a guy I have a crush on and one of his friends... there wsn't really happening things and I knew I was dreaming but all seemed so real...
I'm starting to get confused and messing things up.
It may sound stupid if someone is reading this but I needed to put it somewhere.

Have a good day/night or whatrever it is in ur country! :)

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Hi, today's my little brother's birthday. I spent all of my Easter money on presents for him. I got him Danger Days, a stuffed pug, a pink dog (pink is his favorite color) and bubblegum. He's always stealing my bandana, so I'm letting him keep that too, I'll probably make myself a new one. You're probably wondering why I titled this paint. Well, my birthday was in December, and I wanted to have my room painted from green to turquoise-ish with black chalkboard paint for my window seat wall. My dad finally got me the paint and we're doing my room today.I've actually never been to Hot Topic, so I'm going Thursday to get a My Chemical Romance shirt. It'll be my first piece of wearable band merch That's about all my ramblings. Keep your boots tight, keep your guns close, and keep it ugly,
Screaming Corruption

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Hi :)
Today I will upload the video of Blood from May Death Never Stop You.
I want a chocolate cookie.

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This will take three minutes. Please.

Hi all :)

These are three pretty snazzy guys I live with at uni :p it may not be the best recording but this is their first of (probably) many, and they only met in February when we all moved in to the same boarding house--they've done pretty well so far!

The band is Gus Bus and the Passengers (Gus = lead singer, Matt = guitar and Kristian = piano), and checking out their YouTube channel now and again would be awesome of you :) I can personally guarentee they sound better live!

Cheers, GS xo

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this is my favorite band forever. I kept forgetting the username for my accounts so I made another one. hopefully I wont forget this one. well...I need friends! all the people I know hate mcr, except pne. and he's starting to weird me pweeeesse send me something

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I'm lonely.

Someone plz msg me. I want to chat. All of my friends are MCR haters.

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My Top 10 Fears!!

I'm going to start from 10 being my least fear but something I'm still scared of, then counting down to 1 being what I'm mostly scared of:

10. Losing my freedom
9. The Unknown
8. Pain
7. Disappointment
6. Misery
5. Loneliness
4. Ridicule
3. Rejection
2. Death
1. Failure

Those are the fears that scare me the most, LIFE is what I'm scared of!! Theirs so many things in life that you have to face and theirs no way of escaping what life dishes out to you, you just have to face it!! This world has so many bad things than good and that's what scares me, hell everything scares me I guess!! XD So what's your top 10 fears??

CryBabyJerkins <3

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anyone wanna chat

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1. The night closes in (slant rhyme)
2. Suffocation begins (slant rhyme)
3. Monsters give to chase (end rhyme)
4. Fears start to race (end rhyme)
5. The bony hand clutches me
6. My mind goes through agony
7. As the thick darkness shadows
8. I drown in the shallows
9. Despair eats away (personification)
10. All the joy of the day
11. Driving me crazy, insane
12. All this negativity in my brain
13. Running in circles, up the walls
14. ‘Til reality crashes, ‘til I fall.
15. Can’t shut it down, can’t stop
16. Pendulum in my head; tick, tock, tick, tock
17. Round and round the words go
18. Never stopping, won’t slow
19. I can’t give in
20. I can’t win