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soooo... Im Alive :T

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I broke

That is all

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Hey killjoys I'm new....

Hey I'm new and not to sure about things to post
Any pointers?

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Today was our first Performance!!!!!!!!

I wasn't that nervous, to be honest... Our class performed in front of the Entire middle school today! It was a lot of fun. Thankfully, only a couple of people messed up, and it wasn't even that noticeable! We're having 3 more performances though, all at night. From 7 to 9 in my High school auditorium. I don't think my parents can go though........ ::::( it's $5 admittance for students and $7 for adults.
In other words, I'm doing ok.. still not the best, but alive!! I'm sorry if I scared any of you with my previous blog. Thank you all for caring <3

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story time again

heyyy guys.

sooo i need to get something out because i feel like this is the only place that i can vent without being judged.
if you read my last post about my friend Eli...

a lot has happened between us since then. it was only like a month and a half ago that we started talking again but apparently he has fallen madly in love with me. i've spent the night at his house three times and we've really gotten to know eachother since then...

the last night we hung out we smoked and drank a lot and i took his virginity...
let's not forget that i also have my boyfriend, Logen...
we were on break at the time, but i still shouldn't have done it.

soooo fucked up i know...i fucked up big time.

now since we've had sex, Eli won't leave me alone.

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new hair

Havent had a hair cut in two years and today I finally got it done. I feel soooooo good now.
The gf likes it to :-D
Yayyyy good day!!
Just got to go to work now :-)

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I have just finished electronically drafting Act One of the first part of my fanfiction series, and I am feeling very good about it! The entire thing is now drafted in multiple notebooks, so I am very close to having my sister (and basically my beta) read it so I can make sure it is good enough to post. At this rate, I could have it up sooner than I think, should I decide I still want to post it,

Just wanted to share, because I feel very good about this. Good night, Killjoys!

Always with love,

Show Stopper

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I met Frank Iero !!!

Last night in Glasgow, during the show my friend gave a drawing of him I did to a security guard and he took it to Frankie, then after the show he was signing at the side of the venue in the car park !!! He signed the sticker my mum bought me and signed my friend's phone case ! HE TOUCHED MY ARM !!! He said "Thank you so much" and smiled at me ! I'm still shaking !!! It was the best night of my life ! Then when I got back in the car my mum surprised me and my friend with necklaces she had bought us that he had been holding !!! She took a picture of him holding them and showed us ! I AM SO FREAKING HAPPY, EVEN THOUGH IT WAS 24 HOURS AGO !!!!!!!!!!!

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I'm invisible at the school. I just knew it.
I was on my chair,when the bell for going out, rang. I was about to go out, when the teacher locked the door.
Didn't she saw me?! I was over there! And she locked the door in my fu*king face!
I knocked the door really hard until someone (not the teacher) appeared to open the door.
Then I remember the event and is kinda funny, but... Not sooo funny in that moment.

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I'm officially moved in :)

So after a few weeks of not bothering to unpack the many boxes that were in my new room, my boyfriend and some of our other friends came over to help :) Thankfully they waited till I was done with everything else before starting to put up my posters lol Now all the boxes are gone and I'm done unpacking!!! Woohoo!

How was your weekend lovelies? I have today and I had Monday off from school-which is great cause I have a lot of homework to do today lol

Jess xoxo

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Boy division

Oh god, I'm inlove with this song!!! Soooo amazing. And the chorus really hits home.
Anyone else feel this way about this song?

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somewhat Shy

There's a friend of my who's shy and that i would like to help, my friend likes this person that's in the same school, they talk for few times at least once a week, the person makes me boiling mad becuz is totally playing with my friend, why here's an example, my friend sends text msgs most of the time but that person takes like forever to reply, and worse part when my friend invites the person to lunch and at last minute gives an excuse, i wish that person knew that my friend is very shy and has a hard time askin questions or talkin much my friend is sooo nice and calm and so talented i hate that that person plays with my friend's feelings and if that person doesn't want to be friends w/ my friend at least be smart enough to tell the truth and stop being a hypocrite w/ my friend, u never know if someone u like might do the same to u, this makes me so mad and sad at the same time, why can't people be nice and honest, dammit!

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So I got a new job at Shamrock bowling alley, and it kinda sucks. But on the flip side, in less than two days my managers already love me working there, after not being sure about hiring me. I showed up saturday with my friends so they could do there league bowl and then she calls me back to her office. Turns out they went in to talk to her about a job and they threw my name out and she considered it and the deciding factor was that i fit the shirt. So i went and washed up and started working, and now all the other managers like me more than my two buddies who got me the job and are there every weekend since they were five. My specific job is to run the bounce houses, which sounds like fun but it sucks ASSSS. I have to work the bull (Picture it as a 100+ pound string puppet) 99% of the time, and if i'm not doing that, i'm cleaning tables and trash, and if its neither of those two, i'm cleaning the bounce houses.

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Bored and can't sleep

Anyone up too talk?

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So life has been more than good lately! I went on a date yesterday for the first time in years with a guy that I met through a dating website (we had talked A LOT beforehand and I also brought people along with me) and I had a lot of fun! He was really sweet and he treated me to lunch (even though I told him that he didn't have to more than once) and we walked around for an hour before sitting down and just talking face to face. He has gorgeous blue-ish hazel eyes and he has a strong, comforting feel about him. We've been talking ever since and we have agreed that we both want to be in a relationship with each other, so now I have a boyfriend who kinda treats me like a queen when he can (even if I know I can take care of myself in certain situations [god, when did I become miss independent?]).