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Well... I'm Screaming Corruption ( My killjoy name). I love My Chemical Romance,( obviously), the band got together before I was born, but honestly, I love them sooo much, so it really doesn't matter. I can't say that they saved my life, but they really make me feel better at the end of the day, so I hope that A. I can think of better things to say in these posts B. Happy belated birthday Gerard Way :), and C. I hope that you all have wonderful days, because you are, we are, a beautiful family of people who are all fabulous, weither you believe it yourself or not, if it means standing up to that bully, expressing yourself, or going to that band head to toe in band merch, you are ALL wonderful in your own wonderful ways.
Screaming Corruption

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saw these guys live

Yea, so I got to see these guys live and i metioned it forever ago, but never got to posting anything about them, so heres my favorit song by them. The intros the main reason why i love it so much.

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A bullet my have a name, but a grenades to whom it may concern

So, im not sure where that came from, but its just a nice little saying. I have prom coming up, and all my friends want me to go, my mom wants me to, but i dont want to. I hate formality, and dances, and just things like that. Im an after party person. So I told them that ill ask someone, but if it dosent work, we drop it. So i decided, if im going to risk going, might as well make it worth it, and ask someone i like even thought theres a like, solid 110% theyll say no. So that ways, if i get told no, I dont have to go and win, and if they say yes, its at least someone i like, and i still win. Does this make me a bad person?

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i didnt et in :,(

so like it said i didnt get in to the schools i signed up for... 3 magnet schools that would have been such a good thing for me but im ok i guess

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Dying... Again

had to leave during 1st block because I was sad. I'm such a wuss. The day started off good, a little rocky but I was over all ok. Now all I can think about is the song "sarcasm" by Get Scared. I want to destroy myself. Ip myself into tiny little pieces until there's nothing less.
I want to go home.
I could go home, all I would need to do is tell Mrs. DeRocher that I feel like a slug with salt being slowly dropped on it's back. one grain at a time. I feel like today I'm just going to get worse and WORSE and WORST. And I can't stop it here.
Also, I want to use my safety box. My safety box helps me a lot and has things to distract me and help me cope. I learned most of the skills in the box at my program. I need to make a coping box for school.
I'm fading. Fuck, I'm such a melodramatic FUCK UP.
maybe some of this is because it's J's 15th birthday. And I don't like thinking about him.

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Happy Birthday!!!

Happy 37th birthday Gerard Way!!! *0*
The best wishes for you <3 lml

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Keep Running

Finally!! after a week full of projects and exams I'm going on vacation :)
I hope you all have good vacations and enjoy your free time. I think all I'm gonna do is read, play video games, hear music, and be with my family.
So remember to...
Keep your boots tight, keep your gun close and die with your mask on if you've got to

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Gerard Way's Birthday:)

Happy Birthday Gee you and the whole band have made life possible for me and yall inspire me to keep on living thank you. May Death Never Stop You.

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Happy Birthday, Geraaaaaard!!

Happy Birthday, I hope you had a GREAT time with your family and friends! xx

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Don't read this

If you're reading this, it means that inverse psychology works :)
I just wanted to share this 'cause I think is really nice:
"Four things never come back:
A bullet fired, a spoken word, a past time and a missed opportunity "
Arab proverb

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Don't read this

If you're reading this, it means that inverse psychology works :)
I just wanted to share this 'cause I think is really nice:
"Four things never come back:
A bullet fired, a spoken word, a past time and a missed opportunity "
Arab proverb

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I remember when I got the news that MCR was coming to end The Black Parade here in Mexico. Sadly I couldn't afford it because I was younger and not working at all. Anyways, the show was awesome (As I see it on the DVD) because they played the entire album, I actually never expected it.

So, I remember I said to myself that next time they'd come to Mexico I would fucking pay the most expensive ticket for the concert and have an awesome time with my fave band... but when they released the bad news about the breaking out... I realized that I lost hope.


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so this just came in time for Gerard's bday.
Pretty psyched.
I was pissed cause it was delayed and taking forever to get here,
But the fact that it came on gees bday, I think it was fate.

MCR sounds fucking sick on vinyl btw.

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Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday Gerard :) I hope you're having a good time. Remember to eat a bunch of cake and get a lot of presents. :)
Thank you for giving us the strength to continue living :)

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Happy birthday Gerard!