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New Song in progress.

So im working out a new song, with people actually working with me. But right now the only thing we can agree on and work with is the chorus. And its a cheesy ass chorus. But whats the best you can expect from two teenage boys? Its mostly him, but now im switching to lead guitar, and teaching my little sister rhythm. And hes dead set on making a supper deep love song, because hes had an OH SO GREAT LOVE LIFE! Fucking highschool boy syndrome. Falls in love that every girl he talks to is "The one" and after two weeks of talking and he ask her out and she says no, she becomes satan spawn in five seconds after such a crushing heart break. Its hard working with people like that, and if it wasn't for him being a talented singer, id probably call him out on it. And if your reading this and thinking, "Hey, why does it seem like he described me?" than 1. Im sorry, I just cant stand it. 2. Your a step closer to getting better because you can see it.

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<(^,..,^)> <3

I love this picture! It shows that Gerard is king of sass!
Oh you got to love him!

-CryBabyJerkins <3

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do i got any deathnote fans?!

ahhh so rediscovered my love for Deathnote.
anyone else a fan?
if you are, you should inbox me so we can obsess together omfg XD

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I got bored

So basically I got bored yesterday. I found a shirt I had never worn in my cupboard and didn't really like that much and decided to improve it. I think it looks better now and I'm definitely going to wear it (sorry I had to put pictures of it as a link because I'm on my phone and I can't attach pictures.)

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Meski tatapan sayu namun terlihat jelas kalau dia ingin sekali masuk kesana tapi dia langsung melihat badannya yang lusuh. Sepertinya pengemis/ orang gelandangan itu ingin sekali memuaskan anaknya meski hanya sekedar lihat-lihat merchandise piala dunia brazil 2014 tersebut.

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Not much active

Hi everyone! I'm not very active lately and I'm not very happy with this fact. I would like to post more but I don't have many interesting things to talk about. But I'm giving a resolution I will post more. Hope everyone is having a beautiful day!

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Scary BANNED McDonalds Ad!

Now this says "Scary Banned McDonalds Ad" but really it's pretty funny, I though I was going to die laughing!

-CryBabyJerkins <3

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1960s Cereal Commercial

Watching old clown videos on YouTube and came a crossed a 1960s cereal commercial called Krinkles. Wondering why we cannot have commercials like this. That cereal looks so good that I would krinkle if I ate it. LOL!

-CryBabyJerkins <3

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very creepy, disturbing cartoon, banned from TV

OMG! I was on YouTube just watching some videos and this video popped up. I started watching it...and that's when I remembered this show. The show I don't recall the name because, I was just a kid at the time but it was a 1994 show on MTV. I do recall MTV showing only three episodes and let me tell you I don't remember a lot from the show but I remember the show giving me the creeps.

-CryBabyJerkins <3

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So today i get to go to OSU, meet the bands, play the music, and hang out with people from all around the state! FUCKING AWESOME!

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Ray Ray

HOLY SHIT! Ray Toro's solo song "Isn't that something' is awesome. I do hope he brings out more. Other peoples opinions?

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BL/ind Slaughterhouse: 101 Ways to Kill a Killjoy

Subject #11

Locked arms with two other Draculoids, the male Killjoy was being dragged into the small, white room; his efforts to thrash his way out of their iron grip wasted. In the centre of the room was an inclined bench that had a shackle on each corner and a strap along the middle. Next to it was a small table where a funnel lay upon it.
The Draculoids shackled and strapped the Killjoy to the bench with his head at the lowest part and his feet at the highest. The piece of wood that was under his neck made him tilt his head backward and before he could utter a single word in protest, Korse had walked up to him – funnel in hand – and greeted the Killjoy with his sinister grin.

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A la sociedad y hombre.

La nostalgia de los días se muere, muere consigo en una especie de seudo abrigo, algo así como un pañuelo que recubre los ojos, los ojos de miles de personas, los ojos de esas producciones en serie que se convierten en sociedad, muy tarde en la noche parece que los cuervos aparecen para perturbar aquellos infelices que se educan para la sociedad, pobre hombre que cree serlo, en realidad solo es una baratija que es usada y desechada.

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Here he is, the one and only Jet Star!

Okay, why is it that every time I try to draw Ray, he ends up looking feminine? I must have some sort of fetish...

Anyway, hope you like it despite that. I'll probably end up coloring it later and putting it back up.