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IM GETTING A FUCKING EPIPHONE LES PAUL STUDIO!!!! ITS FUCKING BEAUTIFUL! ITS WHITE WITH BLACK PICK GAURD AND ROSEWOOD NECK WITH HUMBUCKER PICK UPS, THREE WAY SWITCH, THREE FUCKING TONE NOBS, volume clearly, AND ITS FUCKING BEAUTIFUL! Im getting it used for $200 and its being shiped from new york, and ill have to pick it up in store so total its going to take me about $250, but i got 200, and my parents said theyll pitch in as a birthday/xmas gift, so im getting a new amp. Not sure what kind, ill see what in the store goes best with the guitar and hope my parents will be willing to get it. Traded my buddy my peavy rage for a fender amp because both our guitars sounded better using the others amp, so we both win. FUCKING BEAUTIFUL GUITAR!

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Hi..I'm bored

If anyone wants to message me feel free

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Listening to Gerard Solo Debut concert

So im listening to his debut concert and im all of 2 min into it and in love! It has such a big ass middle finger to the world feel to it!!! COME TO AMERICA!!!! SPECIFICALLY OHIO!

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Sleepy hollow

Hey guys you should definetly check out this movie by Tim burton it was made in 1999 and it's called sleepy hollow... Best movie ever!!! Johnny depp plays ichabod crane and there's beheadings it's so cool!!

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School sucks

I'm in the most torturous class ever!! I hate my teacher so much.. He is so controlling

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Already tired... and it's Monday TT.

That's not good at all... I can't sleep as I used to. Last night was particularly difficult and this makes my dark circles look even worse than they usually look, my eyes burn and worst of all, I don't know what I do. I mean yes, I know what I am doing but it's like I don't think about it and I can't feel almost anything (which is sometimes great but maybe not when I have to be very attentive in class ^^) and I only want to sleep but have to wait for 9 or 10 hours until I'm able to do it. And then , at night I can't sleep :(

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Mmm yeah

Well hello for the hundredth time tho.

I haven't been here for quite a lonng time, actually I didn't want to come back, it wasn't quite a good moment...

Well this time I promise I'll try to post sth more often! I'd like to keep more in touch with you all my killjoys, so here I'll post my twitter and instagram names so that we can follow each other, it would be great:

Twitter: @BringMeTheRain_
Instagram: @cclown17

And hmm yeah... hello and all that.

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Ok so it's been like FOREVER since I was on here.

First off I wrote a blog in my emails about how I felt when MCR split. here it is

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I thought I was dreaming

But I did wrote that post, haha. :P

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Emailing to my friend

Recently, I started emailing to my dearest friend who I never forget and I always missed searly.
She was an MCRmy member before she left with "I quit" in her very last post.
She left after the break up.
She has been missing for a year now.
And I missed talking to her.
So with given chances, I emailed her now.
I always start with my prayer:

I hope you're resting well and with no suffering,
If you're still around, you can always haunt me,
If it makes you feel better, I'll carry your nightmares,
If you pardon me, I wish you'd hear my tears.

I cannot lie, but I wanted to believe that she is reading my emails.
But I never expect her to reply at all. I never.
I just want her to be my listener only, forever always.
She can laugh, she can cry, she can hate, and she can love.
No more no less, I just want my long lost friend to be my friend until my death.
Because she is the only person who can.
You're the only person who understands.

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AP 309.2 Cover Real Friends, Electric Century, Touché Amoré

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▶ Gerard Way ((Full)) Live Debut @ Reading Festival HD

gonna see if this vid actually posts

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Gonna draw something

Hello everyone! I'm in a weird, creative, bored mood right now. I feel like drawing some you guys want me to draw you anything? If so, feel free to send me a picture or photo or whatever youd want me to draw. My email is and my kik is lilz132.

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My typical weekend...

8:00-7:00 AM
Buried in my cave (my room.) listening to music by mcr. draw many art fails. play violin or piano. type on my computer. sing to myself. record myself playing the violin. draw many art fails again. play 'Helena' on violin. ('Cancer' on piano.)

9:00-11:35 PM
Read a book. listen to music by mcr. draw a t-shirt I wish I could have. type my boring story. draw fail arts again. blah blah blah pretty much over again. =D

if my parents take my brother and I somewhere, yeah, that's the only difference. Sometimes, the only time I want to go out somewhere if I download music I have never heard before. I sometimes ride my boring scooter. (Wish I could ride a skateboard.)

sometimes I stay up late studying for a quiz or even a comprehension check. (it's like a mini quiz.) staying up late and studying for a quiz makes my parents happy and proud.

and that's my typical weekend.

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Tony Hawk 'Huckjam Series'

It's not that perfect haha ;)