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Simple conocido.

Hola de nuevo gente.
Estoy de vuelta después de mucho (y debo decir: muuuuuucho) drama en mi vida. La verdad no se ni por dónde empezar, pero que más da, lo iré contando a su tiempo. Hoy me he puesto a reflexionar un poco sobre la situación de una amiga y debo decir que se asemeja un poco a mi vida hoy en día, así que decidí escribir esta nota por inspiración suya.
Va dedicada para la hermanita menor que siempre quise pero que nunca pude tener (:


"Simple conocido"

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Today somebody asked me a really curious question that I have never thought about.
Which are your 4 greatest fears? I thought about it and this are my 4 fears
4.Darkness (as cheesy as it sounds)
So which are your 4 greatest fears?

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Ugh, I just forgot my first project:P
Besides that, I've decided I hate my music teacher. So, I'm in violin class, right, because our violin concert is in two weeks, but we have vacation in between. Well, my chorus/music teacher barges in and demands that we go to extra chorus practice, because our choral festival is also two weeks away. So, I stay in my seat and continue playing violin, because that was my first commitment. She is p.o.ed at me now:/ Seriously? Yesterday she made me miss library class, where we were going to work on the PowerPoint projects that were due today. Now my project partner, homeroom teacher, music teacher, and librarian are all mad at me. This is ship (not allowed to swear, btw)

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Hey ^-^

I'm just going to ramble on about my insignificant life. I apologise in advance.

1. I'm seeing R this weekend again (I saw him last Thursday). I'm excited but I don't know what's going to happen. We've been wearing this "close friends" label lately but there's been non-just-friends behaviour (does that make sense?) like cute attempted hand-holding in cinemas during weird films and half-holding onto my hand when we broke apart from hugging. That sounds so pathetic when I say it like that. I promise that it was adorable. Anyway, I'm not sure what's going to happen but there's been hints that things may develop further. I don't know. (All I know is that I love his grey eyes, I get high off his smell and I adore hugging him more than anything else right now. Whatever that means.)
2. Exams are coming up. Every single time I even say that word in my head, my chest tightens. I just need to put in the work so I can't feel guilty afterwards. I. Will. Be. Fine. BREATHE.

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if you wanna start a band, im in

its depends on distance though. I live in NJ. if there's anyone who lives nearby. a state away is fine. I can sing and play guitar and clarinet, if you're into that. im a little rusty though..... so hey my name is Lexi or Shadow, which ever you like I don't mind. ill be 18 in july. I don't have a car yet. my vocal range is from Andy Biersack deep voice to Kellin Quinn's high pitch. and I've always wanted to be in or start a band, so yeah.

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Yet another Instagram account ;-;

I've made yet another Instagram account and I'd love it if you guys could possibly follow it? @/ dem_band_lyrics_
Thank you! Ily!

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Rant time; I think yes!

It feels like everything I have is being taken away.
Like, I used to get heaps of likes on Instagram compared to my friends and suddenly they're all Instagram famous.
I used to be the only person in my group of friends who had really swell internet friends and all of a sudden my friends are getting internet friends too.
I used to have heaps of followers on twitter also but now my best friend is like oh dude I've got more than you.
And also my friends used to be really Awkward around boys and suddenly their talking to more boys than I do! And they're like rubbing it in my face sorta thing?
Then my grades improved heaps and I was possibly the best writer in my group of friends and suddenly they're all getting better marks in English.
And I was always into music and I've been good at it for a long time. Well now my friends are all taking up instruments and stuff.
Not to mention that they are starting I like my bands..
Some of them have started doing their hair like mine too!

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All We Are is Bullets Part 18

Julia's POV:

I sighed and pulled my hands though my hair. How could I save him? How could I go though that again? Tammy hadn't gotten back to me. How could I go back and tell then that I wasn't sure if Mikey would make it or not. I picked up some dirt and watched it fall though my hands, dirt was all I was. I glanced up at the sky, the sun was at it's highest and burning down on top of me. I hadn't noticed how dry my throat felt or that my stomach was growling. I had to go, I stared into the abyss of the water for a few more minutes before hesitantly getting up. I dusted myself off and went back the way I came.

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Starting a Band (hopefully)

So I really want to start up a band, but I don't really know that many people who play instruments. I'm really into writing songs and I've played piano since I was four and I sing and play drums, but I don't know many people who are into music. Does anyone out there who currently has a band or has had one in the past have any advice on how I can find people who want to be in a band with me?

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to those of you currently in or who have been in bands:

I have questions for you:
How did you meet your fellow members?
Where do you practice?
Do you argue a lot?
What kind of stuff do you play?
Do you do any gigs of any kind?
This may seem like an odd blog but basically there's a very very slim chance my old band might be starting up again (if not I'll still be looking for a new one) and I'd just like to hear about your experiences with your bands bc if I'm honest - my last band experience was just insane. It was a total fuckin' shitstorm and it makes me want to impale my face on a very long metal rod just thinking about it. So comment? xo

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Killjoy profile thing

I haven't been a member of this site very long (about 5 days), so I thought I'd post this as a kind of hello or a description of me/ how I want to be/ me as a killjoy. Feel free to ignore, I don't mind

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Jazz Band!

So Jazz band starts today! One of my favorite things to do! Brought in my guitar amp to use for it because the schools bass guitar amp has a fucked up speaker, and gives a really bad feedback and buzzing noise, witch works for when I need to be loud or just like to dick around, but it would sound terrible in jazz band, so im using mine. WOOOO!

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To KillJoys <3

I haven't been on this site in months (almost a whole year!). I lost my account information, but then I finally found it. I feel like I've missed out on a lot, so some of you guys should update me on what's been going on. When I finally was able to get back on, a smile spread across my face when I saw that people still actively post on here over a year after MCR broke up. That makes me very happy! KillJoys, I love you all! :) <3 Each and every one of you are amazing and beautiful in your own ways! Have a great day!

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Part One of...?

It sure has been a while, Killjoys, but I'm back and (maybe) better than ever!

My sister and I went to see MSI at the end of March, and it was amazing! Even though the only other show I'd been to was Pentimento/Dads/Reggie and the Full Effect, I must say MSI was the best show I've attended. The Bunny The Bear opened the show, and people were a lot less enthusiastic for them. I, however, tried (and succeeded!) in getting into it. They are a good band, but I was more enthusiastic for MSI.

By the way, does anyone know the name of the blonde guitarist for The Bunny The Bear? I met him after the show (pictured here) but I didn't get his name. I just think he's amazing because:

1. He can sing.
2. He plays guitar.
3. He screams.
4. He's really cute.

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my youtube explained

some are a little confused about my youtube, so I'm just gonna explain a little. I just like taking random videos of my friends or whenever I'm outside because i never actually leave my home only on rare occasions...and i only have 2 friends. so out of the many little clips i take i just edit and make into a short video. I've privated one but so far i have 2 videos up. thank you to anyone who has complimented me. yeah i know my videos are strange but i enjoy them