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my chemical romance

i just recantly uploaded this



"We have to stop consuming our culture. We have to create culture. Don't watch TV, don't read magazines, don't even listen to NPR. Create your own roadshow. The nexus of space and time, where you are now, is the most immediate sector of your universe. And if you're
worrying about Michael Jackson or Bill Clinton or somebody else, you are disempowered. You are giving it all away to icons. Icons which are maintained by an electronic media, so that you want to dress like X or have lips like Y. This is shit-brained, this kind of
thinking. That is all cultural diversion. And what is real is you and your friends, your associations, your highs, your orgasms, your hopes, your plans, and your fears. And we are told no. We're unimportant, we're peripheral, get a degree, get a job, get a this, get a

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Album Update

Hey guys

I wanted to give you a little up date on my album. it's coming along quickly I just have to write and record five more songs and redo some vocals and a guitar solo so I'm thinking the bulk of the recording will be done by the end of 2015. I still have post production to do witch is figuring out track order and adding some sound effects and I'm guessing that will be done before the summer of 2016. So in conclusion I'm hoping it will be out by fall of 2016.

Have a nice day Ryan


AMV- Quantum Flux (Blue Exorcist)

Just a little AMV that I made in my free time.
Enjoy! ;3


Changing my picture

After over 2 years, I felt like it was time to change my pic
(And yes,
that is me)


Why I was gone/ UPDATE

So, Im guessing you guys would want to know why I was gone for 10 months
Well, for some reason, in January, I kinda just lost interest in doing this blog. Maybe it was because I was too busy working on other projects that I got sidetracked...but now, Im back, and Im here to stay ; 3 (I may take some breaks once in a while, but Im not permentaly leaving)
Now, an update on what I was doing while I was gone..

So what did I do in 10 months? Well I...
Helped work on 2 brony songs (I'll provide links to them)
Made an AMV
and are close to OFFFICALLY start up my Youtube Channel (Planning on it having covers, brony analysis videos, and/or some AMVs)

In the end,
Its good to be back

Songs I worked on: (Canapplejack's Accursed Empire) , (Prince Whateverer's Pursuing Fortune)

BTW, if you want to talk to me,
Im on Kik now. Kik account is "THATEMOBRONY"

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Linkin Park

I'm going to see them in November...I'm so nervous....oh and I have a M&G package :D I will die when I meet them XD hope to get a pic and a hug <3

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drug dealer >:(

Ok so there is a drug dealer at my school and nothin is being done about it he is slowly ruining my life by dealing to everyone i know and their lives are ruined because of him someones parents are splitting up hes also trying to break up my best friend and his gf and keep her for himself he discusts me

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just to catch up

Hi guys, it's been a year since i haven't written anythin, so i hope u'll all R ok and i like to mention Is anyone preparing for halloween costumes well a good inspiration to me would be from Frnk's vid weighted i'm obsessed w/ that vid, btw i think is awesome that his b-day is on halloween, hope one of u can dress as dead Frnk like the one in the vid, i like the whole dress up thing is sooo cool, also i like to add that i'm sooo happy for how good the 4 guys projects R comin along, which i encourage to give them all ur support like buy their albums and go see them @ their shows
cheeriously their work is Amazin, so Have a nice day, and feel free to comment, Later

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Hey, guys! c:

Hey! I just wanted people to know that I'm not new, I just haven't been on in a while. Oh, and my other account...yeah, I forgot mah password. 3:
My old account was XxStarlit_SkyxX
It's still active. I just can't get into it. Oh, well. Haha!
So, I'm nice and easy to get along with. If you'd like, shoot me a message and I'll get back to you! I'm always open to new people and I love to make friends. (:

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Gerard Ways 10/22/14 Show

Is anybody going to the show? I'm really surprised tickets haven't sold out...

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School dance

Hellooooo mcrmy! How's everyone's day going?
Mine's average but ya know, depression kicks in like a bitch and it's topsy turby world with anxiety.
But besides that and the chronic pain in my abdomen, I'm just swell.

I know I've been AWOL for a while now, and in that time, a few things have happened.
#1. I am 2 weeks clean!!!!
I know it's not that long but I'm proud of myself.
I mean, triggers all around and every second but music is doing so much. That and youtube, so thank Christ for all those

#2 My sister is having her first baby THIS SATURDAY! AND ANJGRJKMSAPRQWDNKJ I'M SUPER SIKED!!!!

And finally, the main factor influencing my anxiety, is the topic of my finalist school dance this Saturday...

So yeah, if you guys can recall, a while back I mentioned my PLE finals coming up and before that, the school throws us 8th graders a party/dance and this year I'm actually going.

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Gerard Way Show- The best night of my life

I never had the opportunity to see My Chemical Romance when they were around so seeing Gerard Way perform was probably the closest thing I'll ever get. While he wasn't MCR, he was Gerard Way, and can he put on a show! I went to see him at The Fillmore on October 12, and that was the best night of my life. I got there over an hour and half early, and the line was already around the block. It was amazing! There was a whole line of people, all wearing Gerard Way or My Chemical Romance shirts/jackets. At the corner of the block, there was a girl with a sign that said "Honk if you love Gerard Way" A few minutes past 7pm, we were let in after a quick pat-down search. This was my first time at the Fillmore. It was beautiful inside. We made our way to the dance floor, which was where a crowd was starting to form infront of the state. Chandeliers hung down from the ceiling, adding to the building's aged feel. On stage behind the drumset, there was a huge Lola poster.

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I have this on repeat......

The Speed Of Pain by Marilyn Manson.

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Ranting's of a confused suicidal.....

I've been on a fucking roller coaster of emotions this past week. I've been angry, sad, depressed, suicidal, happy, manic, etc, etc. Any emotion someone could feel has happened to me this week and i just can't take it!!! I'm sitting here in science trying not to cry because I just got hugged by Aaron!! There's just so much shit happening right now and my mom took away all my blades and i don't know what to do!!! I'm planning on dropping out of Highschool!! and my mom's tempted to just let me! I admit, I need structure in my life... I need rules.... But I don't WANT them! I don't know what the fuck I want right now!! I ran away last Tuesday, and now I still want to do it again,..... I don't want to be at my house... I don't want to be at this school! I just want to curl into a ball and disappear into NOTHING!!! Maybe I should go talk to my counselor right now... but IDK!! I'm so confused about what's going on in my life, that I don't know much of anything...