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hey my fabulous killjoys. I just wanted to say thank you for all your advice and being so nice to me and really making me feel at home with the rest of the killjoys. this site and mcr of course is the only thing that keeps me going so thanxs a lot for that. I luv you all. if any of you need to talk im here. THANXS!!!!!!!!!!!!

xxxxx HANNAH.

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I see poetry as a way to feel disconnected to my own problems, as well as a way to enable me to think much more clearly about the things ahead. A couple people have said my poetry is better than theirs; though it's not. Everyone has different styles of writing. Some write dark things in free verse; others write very descriptive, shaped poems. One style is not necessarily better than the other. They are all quite entertaining, actually. Therefore, my poetry is never better than anyone elses.... Just, different.
Now for the depressing shit you don't have to bother to read...
My grades.... DX AH!!!!! I have a D in Geometry, a D in English, a C in Science.... and the rest are C+ or better.... I.. am... so.. SCREWED!!!!! DX Ugh, i gotta get my head outa my ass and focus on school! :( The other thing....vvvv

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thankyou for your support for my big day

thankyou guys for the messages on my last blog about proposing to my gf :-)
means a lot :-)
you guys are awesome, never let anyone tell you otherwise.

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i hate people.

(soz for the rant)


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She says she cares for me.. Says she wants things to last.. Yet she hasn't once tried talking to me.. Yet alone glimpse at me.. I miss her... Like it matters anymore...

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The best memory of MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE
IT WAS ae concert they gave in Spain the song they played was "Sing" once the song started Rain started coming down this was awesome becuz it left me with the memory when Gerard was singing and the camera captuered this lovely moment of the rain falling down Gerard's face I'll never forget that beautiful serene moment, Does Any of u have memories like these? If u do I like to read those memories u guys still carry on in ur hearts and mind, plzzzz write those favorite moments of MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE, oh, well Have an easy peasy HOLIDAY feeling!!
Love Christmas time, Don't ya guys love it too?

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There are certain limits on how much pain your body can handle. But what are the limits on mental pain?? How many times can you deal with the heart wrenching pain every time you see them together?? Knowing they've already moved on... knowing they had moved on the day after they met you.... And no matter how many times they tell,,, told,,, you they loved you, you know,,, knew,,, it wasn't true... the word "Love" seems to have little meaning to them... and now it means absolutely nothing to me..... a word that used to control my whole world... is like a simple speck of dust on my windowpane....

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Anyone else hate when people bully you and stuff just because of the music you listen to or the way you were raised.

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So, I spent the last 45 minutes with the counselor. I hate people. Why do you have to go blab my fucking life to people. Why do you have to go around and say shit? Hmm? Pissed off at the world? More at myself for trusting people. Can I just go? Wake up in purgatory?

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hey its me again. do any of you think its weird that I love cemeteries and that I love being around graves. is that weird?

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Well that was sad

I read A Splitting of the mind and finished it...
It left me sad and missing My Chem so much with a pain in my heart and god the ending. I cried about it.

How is everyone?
I'm gonna try and be more active on here I use to come on here every night and than they broke up I was still on here for abit after that but then I got a boyfriend and I can't get on this site on my phone and my computer had died and I couldn't come on here I used my boyfriend laptop once or twice but felt bad about using for some weird reason. Now I have my new computer.

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update time.

hey guys. sorry I haven't been posting much. I just thought I would update you with my life right now. so first the bullying is getting worse for me again. so where ever I go I get called a emo and to fuck off and all that. then ive got a load of homework and exams. but ive got a new hobby and that is boxing and its really good for me because I can get all my anger out and then I feel refreshed. so if any of you are really angry I recommend boxing. but I hope you all are having a great week and if any of you need to talk im always here.
much love

xxxxx HANNAH.

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Anxiety update

I haven't posted much in a while. I mean, I've been posting but not many posts about what's up and all that.
Working on xmas gifts. I love making things for friends :) but some of the stuff is for people on here so I'll keep that secret until after the 25th

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Keep Your Head Up

Hey guise. I haven't posted in a while. But I just want you to know that it does get better. Life isn't going to be hard like this forever. Don't cut, don't kill yourself because someone honestly does care.

You're beautiful

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Life is a living hell, the fact people are so influential all the damn time sucks. I break at the slightest fucking thing. So when her friends basically made me leave her.. Yet again. That hurt so much. Even though she probably doesn't care anymore.. I've hurt her so many times... I'm sorry..