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Just sent them a message. I don't even know why.
I said:
I said I wouldn't talk to you ever again
But I'm really curious of what your situation is now
Where are you staying? Are you in school?
We were 2012-13. Why can't I ever fucking move on. And I've been doing so much better this month. Hardly thinking of them. I want to know if they're out of the group home. If they're in a house or a hospital. If anyone is considering adopting them. If they ever think of me. If they know that they're the one in my mind torchering me every. single. day. That I can't be in a relationship with anyone cause I can't forget them. We were 13-14. It's pathetic I can't let go long enough to see just how fucked they left me. I WAS THIRTEEN what type of human can't move past a relationship form when I was 13??? I can't even go into Waltham, the town he used to live in.

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First day of exams

And I'm already exhausted. And I have four more days of exams. Nooooooooooo

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Sexual confusion and Shakesphere

Ok, so im not sure which is bothering me more, my english grade, or question of character. Lets start with the more easily fixed of the two. My english grade (Virtual class) is fucking tanking because of hamlet. Its not that i dont understand it, its because i have to take all the test off memory of the play when i read it two years ago. (Sophomore year) and im getting straight sixteens and twenties out of forty. Ive dropped to a fifty six percent in the class because of it. I have an exam on it and after that its done, but i cant find a copy of the book anywhere, and it doesn't have a link with it to read and work with! So im going to hope theres enough left in the course so i can bring it up some to at least pass. (D is for Diploma). The other problem ive had lately is ive always introduced myself as bi, for i find both men and women attractive, But lately ive felt. diffrent.

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Religious intolerance is raceism (sometimes)

Hey guys

So this blog is about the Chapel hill NC shooting that happened about a month ago and I'm just getting to it now cause I'm a slowpoke and it just recently pissed me off. So I think I think it makes Atheists look about look bad (and there are some YouTube channels that do that as well I'm looking at you Amazing Atheist) and I'm sure religion was not the only reason In our 24 hour a day blame someone news media. Anyways not all Arabs are Muslims and vice versa. I say this because I have a friend who's half Arabs and they don't shear it cause of crap like this. So the point I'm trying to make is that just because Muslim extremist did shitty stuff you shouldn't go around hating on anyone of Arab descent and the same can be said with any religion and culture.

Thanks for reading

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packed weekend

So after thinking i was working this weekend it turned out i wasn't, so i looked up tickets for the Brighton Tattoo Convention and it was to expensive. But my Fiancee entered a competition for a pair of tickets and she bloody WON!!
I was so excited, so on Saturday we went and saw some amazing artists and incredible tattoos. we live just down the road from where it was so it was great. We saw Dan Smith and Phil Kyle who i have followed, and other artists from a shop called Jayne Doe that i have had work done at, so good! bought some cool earrings and a t shirt.
after that we had afternoon tea (sandwiches, cakes and scones) in a hotel on the sea front, then down to the pier and played some games, popped into a pub and then back home for some food.
It was the best day we have had for ages.
We don't get many days off together, so i was extra special. Love my lady to bits :-)

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Of Sharpies, Hot Baths, and the Feeling of Isolation (Induced by My Damn Boyfriend...)

So I have been nothing more than an emotional rollercoaster the past two days. It had gotten to the point where I was deeply considering one of the few things I had vowed never to do (not the permanent solution to a temporary problem, heavens no...), and I've been to the point where I looked at my scissors in a way I never dreamed I would. I snapped back into reality before doing anything too irrational by literally snapping back into myself (snapping a rubber band on my wrist).
Who knew that searching up alternatives to that would cause me to cry so damn hard??

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I've missed you!! how are you? What's up? and don't just say nothing I haven't heard from you in a while and need an update!!
- Z

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-insert title here-

if you're being treated like garbage, leave. Doesn't matter. Fuck them. Fuck the world. You will find new people who care about you. It doesn't matter if they're your parents,brothers, sisters, friends, whatever. Nobody is entitled to your love. If anyone is treating you like shit, cut them loose.

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Getting Somewhere

My guitar playing is generally below average, but I have been getting a lot better and can actually play some stuff. "Some stuff" is code for "Shut Me Up" by MSI and the intro/chorus of "The Sharpest Lives" by MCR. I'm pretty pleased with my progress and am in talks to be getting lessons.

The really good news about it is that I'm in the process of writing a song! I have some tabs written for second guitar (my own) and part of a first guitar part. Some bass tabs are also written, but only for the first part, not nearly as much as the second guitar. The one thing I have absolutely NO idea how to write is drums, nor do I have a set to even fiddle around with. My sister is the main (and superior) lyricist, so she will most likely go through her little book and match things up...or, maybe she'll write some new stuff. Right now I refer to it as "Untitled #1". "Untitled ##" is, in my head, a decent working reference/title to any work that at the time has no name.

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New Video!

Posted a new video! It's a review on The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys, the comicbook! I hope you like it ;)

XOXO Night Scream


this thing

met a girl four days ago
everything is fine... nothn too crazy
see her today
she wears flower crown with her blonde and pink hair. red lipstick
suddenly, i wanna kiss her and cuddle her.

ive been working against being gay for the longest.

i hold down the feeling of wanting her kiss for about 6 hours

then i work up the nerve and ask her

she says i can kiss her

i nod and then later decide i might be too shy

she has to go to her job in a hurry

she says bye.. and gives me a kiss

her lipstick got on me. i turned red.

i panicked....

and.... i'm scared.




I am the Light

The light falls

from a building it falls

quickly.. quickly.

all who see it gasp

their jaws drop

they may only watch

screaming for someone to catch it

no one can move

i am the light

no one can move

screaming for someone to catch me

they may only watch

their jaws drop

all who see it gasp

quickly… quickly…

from a building i fall

I am the light

and soon i shall hit the ground

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Mom Had A Dream About Gerard

My mom has informed me that she dreamed about Gerard last night. Gerard was in my neighbor's garage, looking for the building where his interview was. He then came to my house and was lying on my bed, chilling out. I wasn't home for some reason, so my mom was taking all these pictures for me. She also told me that Gee had Danger Days in this dream.
Good job mom. Dreaming of Gee the same night we saw Frank :)
- Z

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It has been a bad couple of days for me but all I have to do is listen to MCR and I feel so much better. Still can't get over the break up but I guess it is kinda hard to get over something that was so important me. Anyways, I'm gonna be just fine. I hope everyone has a good day!

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I was so close I reached up to the other guitarist's stand and just took a pick :p Gonna sound like such a loser when I say this, But he jumped into the audience and I got to touch is hair! I could read all the tattoos on his body. When I was in the car I deleted all my pictures off my phone to make room but they were ALL OF FRANK ANYWAYS
It was kinda weird though cause I've been admiring this man for years. Watching interviews, hanging posters. I'm looking at the man I've read how much gay fanfic about? I wear clothes like him, makeup like him. And here he is.