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*frustrated/bored sigh*

I need to get laid. That is all.

Jessie xo

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An Ending To A Cancerous Relationship

This is my Calling This is my Purpose.

I thought you where mine but you where a joke, I thought you liked me but it was only a game to you.

Now you're gone and I just want to be your friend when everything comes crashing down.

But you won't let me in.

It's all too much; I can feel my lungs collapse on me!!!!!

My Bitter Soul weeps for only for myself after you have left and torn me apart.

I just want to say that I loved you and respected you, I tried to give you everything you ever wanted.

but you just left me like I was a dog tossed out in the rain.

You killed my soul, I have nothing, like clock work you went your separate way and destroyed me.

What is it like? does it feel good? do you love him? is he all you ever wanted?
What all the other boys all promised.
Sorry I told. I just needed you to know.
I think in decimals and dollars.
I am the cause to all your problems,
Shelter from cold. we are never alone.
Coordinate brain and mouth.

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happy birthday mikeyyyyyyy

happy fuckin birthday mikey fuckin way x.0 love you, you inspire me to be who i am no matter how awkward i feel at first, and for that i thank you. hope you have a good day :D

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100 truths

1. Real Name? Rae

2. If you could change your name? Nah. I'm content

3. Obsessions? Reading, writing, and music, drawing, MCR

4. Male or Female? neither.

5. Elementary School? Best years of my life

6. Middle School? - worst time of my life

7. High School? - im a junior and so far it doesnt suck too badly

8. Want to go to college? Yup

9. Natural Hair color? Dirty blonde

10. Tall or Short? I'm average height

11. Sweats or Jeans? Jeans

12. Phone or Camera? Phone

13. Health Freak? Nope

14. Orange or Apple? Probably apple

15. Do you have a crush on someone? i would hope so, im dating them.

16. Eat or Drink? Drink

17. Ever broken a bone? Nope

18. Pepsi or Coke? Normal Pepsi, Cherry Coke, Vanilla Pepsi

19. Been in an airplane? Nope

20. Been in a relationship? Yes

21. Been in a car accident? Nope

22. Caused a fight? sorta. i did throw the first punch but they were the aggravater.


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i cant breathe

Okay, so my cousin got groped and felt up by this guy enough to leave really bad bruises on her breasts. He even split open her lip by biting it. Anyways, my friend (he's gay), goes, "That's crazy! The only time I've ever got bruises is if they held my hips too hard!"

Thus is how I discovered my friend was a bottom.

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Happy Birthday Mikey Way

Happy Birthday Mikey!! I hope you have an amazing day!! <3

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What the hell, I'm bored.

Ok so out of boredom on this fateful evening, I have decided to attempt keep the mcrmy alive with this little survey. So, try it if you want....

1: favourite five albums
of all time
- Three Cheers for sweet revenge (MCR)
-The black parade (MCR)
-One- X (three days grace)
-Caught in a life (Donkeyboy)
-Transatlanticscism (Deathcab for cutie)

2: favourite song
(OHHH so many to choose from)
-Last night (skillet) OR
-Welcome to the black parade (MCR)
-The lonely eyes (the front bottoms)
-Headfirst for halos (MCR)
And SOO many more....

3: favourite song
-Ghost of you (MCR)
-Legit tattoo gun (The front bottoms)
-Just like you (Three days grace)
-Helena (MCR)
And once more SOOO many more.

4: last gig you went to;
Never been to one, sadly.

5: the band you want to
get back together most
I think its kinda obvious (MCR)

6: a song that makes you

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Some of my answers make me sound like an asshole. I probably am.

1. Real Name? Amber-Courtney

2. If you could change your name? Abigail-Muteki

3. Obsessions? Attack On Titan, music, Levi

4. Male or Female? Female

5. Elementary School? Great up until about third grade.

6. Middle School? - Shitty

7. High School? - Fucking shitty

8. Want to go to college? Started four days ago. So far it's shitty, my mom ruined it. XD

9. Natural Hair color? Sort of off-black or something

10. Tall or Short? Short

11. Sweats or Jeans? Both

12. Phone or Camera? Both

13. Health Freak? I eat chocolate chips for breakfast.

14. Orange or Apple? Apple... delicious

15. Do you have a crush on someone? Levi <3

16. Eat or Drink? Both, eathing without drinking will kill you

17. Ever broken a bone? No

18. Pepsi or Coke? Pepsi

19. Been in an airplane? Plenty

20. Been in a relationship? Twice

21. Been in a car accident? April. Scary

22. Caused a fight? Ladies never start fights. They finish them.


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well, i have a habit of forgetting about this site... sorry.....

sorry.... seems i only really remember this site when i need help.... which makes me sound like a bitch...... but.... i lost my voluntary V card..... and at the moment, i want to kill myself... has nothing to do with losing my virginity, its just night time.... i get that way at night..... i wrote pain on my arm with my pencil today and didnt even realize i was making my arm bleed.... like wow, i was that out of it..... uuummmm, im dating the guy i lost my v card to, hes fun.. also depressed, but when we're together i guess we make each other whole... we're happy. so yea, that's my post.....
goodnight all.....

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It's been 12 days, right????(since my last blog)

I've been really busy practicing for an upcoming contest.......

You guys know the 'Schools Press Conference' , right?? (or no)
(Ok.... I think it's just here in our country......)

Well... I'm the Editorial Writer and I really need to practice writing things......

The contest will be on the 25th of September and I really need to get going or else I'm doomed....

Our school is expecting too much from me and I don't think that I can do this.....



Pushing down on me
Pressing down on you no man ask for
Under pressure
That burns a building down
Splits a family in two
Puts people on streets

Buh da dum Buh da dum
Bah deh dah bah deh dah

That's okay!

It's the terror of knowing
What this world is about

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100 Truths

1. Real Name? Zachary

2. If you could change your name? Nope

3. Obsessions? Reading, writing, and music

4. Male or Female? Male

5. Elementary School? Hated it

6. Middle School? - It was okay

7. High School? -Im not sure I just started

8. Want to go to college? Maybe

9. Natural Hair color? Dirty blonde/ Brown

10. Tall or Short? I'm average height

11. Sweats or Jeans? Jeans

12. Phone or Camera? Phone

13. Health Freak? Nope

14. Orange or Apple? Probably apple

15. Do you have a crush on someone? Sorta

16. Eat or Drink? Drink

17. Ever broken a bone? Nope

18. Pepsi or Coke? Coke

19. Been in an airplane? Nope

20. Been in a relationship? Yes

21. Been in a car accident? Nope

22. Caused a fight? Not exactly


24. Best Friend? I don't really have a best friend

25. First friend you ever made? I don't talk to the kid anymore.

26. First Crush? I don't remember

27. First Word? Mom

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mcr saved my life!!!

when I was depressed mcr totally saved my life literally and ever since I have been totally addicted to mcr. and I don't care what anyone says about me. I love mcr and they can piss off if they don't like it. all my life is mcr. so thank u mcr.

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3 weeks clean!!!!!!!!!!!

I have been clean for 3 whole weeks I cant believe it cus ive never gone this long and I know its not long but its amazing for me. so hopefully I can live a none self harm life. wish me luck!

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Hey again.

So my summer ended, which is something I don't like but school is at least interesting... But I'm asleep like all the time, and nervous even if sometimes I don't know why... (that's weird).
I finally got rid of my depressive thoughts about that person I once loved (^^) but he appears in my dreams!!! Aaaah!!! It's impossible to forget him even if it's over... and my friends don't understand me (yeah, like almost always) and tell me to forget about him but they are constantly reminding me of him... SO? I already told EVERYBODY it was over for meee!!!
I want/need to travel somewhere far away from here... I need to calm down but here it's impossible. I'm messing things up with death (yeah what a happy post) because everyone seems to die today and I want to cry but I can't 'cause I just don't want to think anymore... OK I need to sleep and I really hope tomorrow will be an awesome day to think about other things.
This blog is weird... I just needed to write this down somewhere...

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Watching Accepted

That Movie is Love.
That Movie is Life.