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What_The_F*ck Tumblr?

So guess what happens when you're off tumblr and internet in general for a week and then decide to come back ?...

You fucking have a feels-heart attack when you're back.

So as you guys probably noticed I wasn't really online much or even at all this week, which is odd for me considering I practically LIVE on the internet and tumblr and this site so you can imagine what happened when I went on tumblr a few hours ago...

All the posts made me smile, sob, giggle, tear up and then just.... mindfuck.

I'm really upset about the band probably (I'm still in denial sadly so I will continue to hope for a reunion) maybe won't get back together but then on the other hand I'm just so happy for the guys and happy that I have you guys and also I know this is a bit off topic but this week I did something I'm really proud of;

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hello friends

Well uh I'm new here....Sup?

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Danger Days

Why was DD not met with such support of the previous album(s). Under appreciated. My favorite, It must be my age.

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hey guys, still alive but just a little bit preoccupied with shit going on in life to be on here a loot, which is a shame. how are you all? i missed you x

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Almost done :)

the LOTMS video diary I'm downloading right now is almost done. 78% left. I hope my parents think I'm still riding my scooter.....I just hope.

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MCRmy cult?

on days the mcr albums were released, I only listen to those albums and nothing else. :D

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yo I'm at an office....there's this office thingy when you live in a I was riding my scooter on purpose so I could download the LOTMS video diary. I found this website where you can download vids. (If it has the link.) So awesome. only 46% downloaded. Uhh it's taking too long. I'm gonna have to hurry on back home.

and yeah, I don't think my parents changed my mind about letting me on this website. :((

I've also download live performances. :D Since I'm not allowed to watch mcr live on youtube bc my parents won't let me.

again, I'm not on twitter. I almost got caught using twitter again the second time, but my mom thought I was doing something else on my phone. or else she would still be mad right now. anyway I just wish I could have twitter. I miss all my followers. :(

by the way, how's everyone doing? I hope everyone is doing fine. :)

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Your Memory Will Carry On

Okay so ive been seeing lots of posts lately on how this site isn't like what it used to be, or that everyone is leaving. Guys, we are the MCRmy, We are Killjoys, We are a Family! We have carried eachother through so much, including the breakup of our band. Think of all that we've been through together, how many of us this band has saved! Just because some people are leaving doesn't mean that our Army doesn't still exist. There will always be people on here, new killjoys who just discovered mcr and want to talk to the veterans, or members who had stopped using the site for a while and are back now. We are just getting used to the fact that our leaders aren't guiding us anymore, but that doesn't mean that we cant keep going. We are the MCRmy and we will carry on.

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Today's the day

Hey guys,
Today's the day. In about an hour I'm on the road for a three hour drive to New Hampshire, Lake Winnipesaukee (check it out it's freaking gorgeous). This year I'll get to assist/teach leather craft!!!! I love leather craft, in the boy's dining hall, there's an attic thing where leather craft meets. It's wicked hot, but I wish you all could smell it there. It smells hot, it smells dusty, it smells like dye, it smells like leather. I'm not the only vegetarian who loves leather craft though. Fork, the counselor (that's what everyone calls her) is the same way haha :).
I'll get tons of pictures and everything. And I'll write about it when I get back.
I hope you all have a great rest of summer, Message me if you want, be back in 5 weeks!
Keep smiling <3
- Z

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Update *boom*

How's life for everyone else? Just wanted to put something up since the blogs are kinda dying again :/
I'm currently on summer vacation and have done little to nothing so far, so that's a fantastic job on my part. On Wednesday I did go to NYC to see the show Newsies (which was AMAZING), and I just bought an album off itunes after realizing that I had a bit more on my account than I thought. YAY!!! (Note- I love All Time Low's album Put Up or Shut Up. It's sooooo good)
Am I the only one who'll get an album (digitally) and listen to it about fifty times over? Because I do that a lot :)
This was kinda scrambled (sorry), but I haven't really concentrated on much for the past few weeks and am kind of unable to concentrate on this. Oh well. ^_^

May Death Never Stop You, Killjoys,

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past week has been a bit of a blur

I dunno I can't really keep up with what day it is at the moment (after checking my computer clock, it's Friday, I have work at 9 tomorrow. shit) I was hanging out with friends the other day, we went to the park and did a load of stuff, and it was interesting, they were all drinking loads too, but I'd drank way too much the night before and spent the day puking (lovely, I know) So I didn't drink, I just did the other stuff. It was funny, and we ordered pizza, there was a massive storm outside and we stood in the road smoking and watching it. It was really pretty and relaxing. eventually we went to bed, I curled up on the chair and at one point this really weird feeling came over me. it was like my body felt like it just dropped, even though i didn't move, and it kinda felt like something left me, it felt as though I was floating but i couldn't move. I'm trying not to say 'like' too much, but basically i felt like i was weightless but weighted.

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Wow :/

I find this kinds depressing. If you click on community and just wait for it to load, underneath Community, (under 'Welcome, ___________' <--- Username) There should be Recent Blogs and to the right of it, it says Members.

If you click members, and count, there is only 50 profiles. (Or at least when I counted.) I don't know if it means everybody that joined this website, or only the recent ones, but either way, it's pretty sad. It is true. It's like we are losing more people on here every day.

I feel like us, the MCRmy, should do something about it. Maybe post all around Instagram or Twitter to get our Killjoys to join us, but, I'm pretty sure most people wouldn't join. I don't think this is okay.

-Reversed Firework.

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It's so sad

I was going through my messages to find an old friend says she hasn't been on since last year. A lot of my friends don't come on here anymore, and it's sad. 2013 I lost a lot my dog died my nan left MCR broke up my car died my computer died. I gained a lot too. I grew up a lot, I got an amazing boyfriend I have a best friend. And things are great I just miss my friends on here and I'm not as in to art as I use to be like I can't draw anything remotely good anymore and it sucks :( MCR was a big part of my inspiration. I miss them.

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Walks in the rain

I took this photo the other day in the rain and it's very whimsical to me :) I love going on photography adventures for inspiration and just fun. I would definitely recommend it! I challenge the readers of this post to take a photo of something beautiful or important to them and post it on here to share.
Sending my best & rock on,
Mcr96 <3

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Falling Apart

Is anyone else noticing how the MCRmy seems to be falling apart?
It seems like more people leave every day.
I mean without MCR still making music as a band, we are all still one big family.
I'll never leave, and if one day there's only three people left I'll still be here.
But anyways, what do you guys think?