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More killjoys in our family!

Welcome Sebastian_MCR! It's amazing to have so many more killjoys join our little family here! I hope you absolutely adore it here, I'm so glad you joined!

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Guys, I Need Some Help...

I wouldn't be asking if it weren't important

One of my friends is having serious trouble with a pill and alcohol addiction, and I don't knowhow the help her, not to mention her girlfriend is falling apart at the seams because of it.. I really need some suggestions because I'm worried her. Also, some of her(and my) other friends are encouraging it!

Just please.....


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Need some advice :c


I've missed you all! <3

Tomorrow I'll meet up with my BFF at one of his shows (he sings). Me and him have argued a bit recently and I don't know if I really want to meet him :/ he said some of his friends was going too hang with us too and I got really anxious because they're a few years older then me and I've never met them before. It's gonna be hella lot of people there and I use too get panic attacks when there's a lot of people around me, I like to be with just a few people I know. I really don't know if I should go or not :c

He tells me too stop being so nervous all the time and that it really shows that my self confidence is bad. But my self confidence isn't bad, I just have really bad anxiety and that's what shows. I told him that and that it wasn't it easy at is looked and he understood. But still, It'll feel kinda wierd meeting him tomorrow and I don't know what to do :(

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Do you think Gee is going to do a tour?

I really hope that he will do one, and that he will also come in Europe (except the gigs in Uk now XD)

I never have seen MCR live :(

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okay so on roblox, im always like "SCHOOL SUCKS, START A BAND" or " teenagers scare the living s*** out of me" and everyones like " whats her problem" or " ..." or " we don't care" and im over here laughing cause obviously they have no idea what im talking about

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Missed you guys!

So i was only gone from this site for one day and i realized something…OH MY GOSH I AM OBSESSED! I missed you guys so much and it hadn't even been more than a day! Now I am not only absolutely obsessed with MCR, but with the MCR Community as well! Everything MCR related is taking over me! I guess you can love something a little too much…..

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Welcome new Killjoy!!!!!

Hello everybody! So I just noticed that we have a new member to the killjoy family! Welcome FINDTHEWOLF! I hope you enjoy it here, we're so glad you joined! My name is Lily by the way, and if you ever wanna chat about anything, feel free to message me!

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Dear fabulous killjoys,

I don't know what I'm doing but I only hope someone is listening, because in this wide, wide world, who can you trust if not perfect strangers?
I'm 14, and I'm not suicidal. I'm not an alcoholic, a junkie or anything that you can look at and put a label to and think, man, that sucks for her. I'm not continually persisting in thinking I'm alone. I am surrounded by people. I co-habit this planet with billions of people, and I am more fortunate than 99% of them.

I didn't come here to cry about my life.

I didn't come here to burden aforementioned perfect strangers with my wannabe-emo ramblings. (If you are emo, I mean no offense, but around here it is used as a derogatory term often confused with 'attention-seeking b*tch)

I came to share things and to contribute to the machine. Who knows, maybe I'll write something you can relate to. That is my ultimate goal.

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dont judge.

dont ever judge anyone cus u dont know what battle their fighting. i dont get why people judge people that are themselves. just be whoever u are and be fearless when u do it. stay strong killjoys.

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school sucks, start a band

I'm back :D I've only been gone a few days but ive missed you guys a lot. So, since everyone on here is talking about their lives I thought I'd share a bit of my past here and update on what has been going on recently :) so I've gone to different Catholic schools all my life because my mom is religious to a fault. Like way overboard Catholic, you probably know the type. Anyways, I went to this one school up until third grade and life was okay. I had multiple friends and decent grades, but this wasn't enough for my mom, so she transferred me to another Catholic school that was really far away. This is where life started to go downhill. I have a lot of social anxiety and a huge problem with physically talking to people I don't know. I feel like they're always judging me and laughing at me behind my back.

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okay so I have these moments where I just keep staring at the "TOUR" tab while thinking about that song that plays in the anti-animal abuse commercial, and its like im staring at the tab with big watery eyes, hoping.....



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Super Sad Right Now...

Okay, so I was just causally scrolling through Twitter on my phone, until I saw a post by Alternative Press saying that Abandon All Ships broke up.

Now, usually, I'd feel pretty sad for the fans of a band I've never listened to break up, but today it was different. I saw the post and I thought "Wow, this band looks pretty good at what they do. I'll check them out." Now that I've listened to some of their songs, I am super upset that they Broke Up.

Sure, I guess technically they are not 100% over yet because they still have to do a farewell concert on September 25 in Toronto, Ontario (Over here in Canada) But still, it sucks that I missed an amazing band that broke up... AGAIN! First it was My Chem, and now it is Abandon All Ships. There probably will be more for me in the future, but I just really want to get some of their band merch... They have an amazing sound.

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dont know what to do today.

okay so im hangin with my dad today but i dont know what to do. usually i get on his computer (which im doing right now) and watch mcr stuff ( which isnt a bad idea). but today i want to do something different. other times i go to the mall, a whole sale store, or just a buffet. im getting bored of that. what to do. and my dad wont go on rides or crap so yeah. any ideas?

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geez my dad is REALLY spoiling me. my dad had ordered me skeleton finger-less gloves like the one and only, FRONKEH! i literally shred the package to pieces and im wearing them right now! so happy

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My past

So.... Idk why but i thought i shouldn't open up about my past a bit.

I've always dealt with anxiety and stress, always. When I was a kid I was so much pain in my stomach that I cried and had to go to the hospital. And then they found out it was all because of stress and anxiety. The same thing've happen to me a lot of times after that. To deal with it I use to think that things actually aren't that bad, that there's a solution to everything and that I can get through everything life throws at me.
Panic Attacks is something I always gets when I'm really sad, angry or stressed. I always use to try to calm myself down by going somewhere I can be alone, listening to some music, drink some water and distract myself by thinking of something completely different (what I'll be doing on the weekend, what I'm gonna eat for dinner or something like that.)
And my depression is something that've built up over the years.
I've been bullied and picked on from the first day off school.