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single again

So unfortunately im single again something that i hate andnits all my fault if i didnt lose my temper id be fine but i just had to man i hate being me

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We Couldn't Think of a Title

Shit I'm Fucking Sleepy right now. How is everyone?

Hell I'm hanging in there but you know I'm just so Alone right now. I mean I guess I'm not Trying hard enough to find friends and socialize, or no one is really interested in me.

So idrk but yeah I'm just kinda feeling mixed up and blunt about everything. I'm kinda just like fuck this shit, fuck that, oh and fuck you too, You know? It's just one of those days you just wish everyone would die. I'm just kinda pissed and upset.

I can't get over the fact that some one who used to love me so much could just turn there back on me and treat me like a fucking stranger.

any how idk I just kinda give up trying you know? It's like you'll be ok you know you just need to go to this place they'll help you. And I'm like no I'm ok Honest I just want a coke you know? and there like no that's not normal behavior your on drugs.

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Alone in this big bad world

Hey guys, Lisa here.
So, I haven't been at school for two days now and I'm begining to get bursts of emptiness, anger, sadness and pain.

Probably because of nunerous events.

Number one, I recently began attending school everyday and I was happy.
No judgemental eyes or hateful glares, just blank emotion.
It was stripping me of who I was.
I'm trying my best to not give a shit about what people say/think and by God's grace and with the help of kickass rock bands like Three Days Grace and MCR, it's kind of working.
But on the other hand, its not.
Sometimes I would be sitting in class and I'd get a panic attack out of nowhere where I couldn't think and my stomach, head and chest hurt.
I would feel this weight on my head and heart and I hated it.
Still do.
The other day, I was seated in maths and then the teacher was handing out the results of mocks.
I was so scared when they read my name and when he said my grades....
I literally felt my heart crack.

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Just Checking In

Hello fellow killjoys. Just dropping in to say a brief hello. I'm sorry I haven't been on here for a long time. A lot of stuff has been going on, Just letting you guys know that I'm thinking of you! Have a wonderful day<3<3


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Happy almost friday!

Just wanna celebrate almost the weekend! How are all my favorite MCRmy members? I've been doing fantastically. Connor and I have been doing great. He always says sweet things to make me feel better about the long distance.
Like this:
I love you with all that I am. Every breath I take is for you. Every sound I make is a hope that you will hear it. Every pain I feel is hoping you feel something a million times better. I love you
Isn't he the sweetest? I'm so happy :3
I wanna know if you're doing as awesome as I am. Even if you're not, let me know. Like I always say, you can tell me anything. I'll help any of you with anything. Ive been through most of the things you're dealing with. I have experience and I'll try to make it better. I promise.

~Lexi (Toxic Flame)

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Hey guys and girlz XD

Sup. I posted my 3rd chapter for Dastroya Pills and a new Killjoys fan-fic. leave comments or message me. Thanks for reading them guys.

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Frankie Murder:Teen Killjoy & The Birth Of A Shiny Gun ch.1

Long ago in Battery City on a rainy day in a place called The District. A women walks around the cold streets wearing a spaghetti strap tank-top, short shorts and high-heels. She had a clear hooded poncho. She goes into a run down Hotel and enters room 225; there is a man in a white covered uniform covering from head to pants. His mask has a black circle and a rectangle at the bottom of the circle.
" I was waiting here for 30 minutes! What took you so long?" The man had a angry tone in his voice.
" Relax asshole. I had a kid to take care of. Lets get this over with."
The man Goes over to the women. She sits on the bed taking off her heels then the shorts. The man unbuttons his shirt and aggressively pulls the women towards him. He kisses her then starts to do other things.

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Calling all late night chatters!

That's all I have to say

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This Site Continues Giving Me False Hope.

So each time I log on I get the little message saying that I have a friend request waiting and I get excited like "yay someone wants to be friends!!!" but then I get this.

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Question Challenge from Danny3.O

1.Favorite music genres (2)
Rock and Pop Punk

2. Favorite bands (3):
My Chemical Romance, Fall Out Boy and Panic! at the Disco

3.Favorite songs of the above bands
(1 each)
I don't have all time favourite songs, but my current favourites are The Light Behind Your Eyes, 20 Dollar Nose Bleed and Nicotine (although there are a lot of songs that are very close)

4.First time you heard them.
The songs or the bands ? If it's the band's then MCR was late 2006, FOB was 2008 (I think) and Panic! was 2009-10 (I think)


5.Favorite actor/actress.
Johnny Depp/Helena Bonham Carter

6.Favorite movie they've been in.
Sweeney Todd for both

7.First time you watched the above movie.
Years ago (Not sure but it was a long time)

Annnnd finally....

8.Favorite youtuber
Patrick Stump !

9.First and favorite video of theirs
First - New Jack Swing A Cappella Medley
Favourite - This City ft. Lupe Fiasco

10.Reasons you love "said-youtuber"

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Question challenge

1.Favorite music genres (2): rock and post hardcore
2. Favorite bands (3): My Chemical Romance, Black Veil Brides, Sleeping with Sirens
3.Favorite songs of the above bands
(1 each) Famous Last Words, Perfect Weapon, Do It Now Remember It Later
4.First time you heard them.
My friend introduced me to my chem. I listened to Helena first and instantly fell in love with the vid and the style. My other friend told me I might like black veil brides in eighth grad when I started to dress like a goth. I loved Andy's deep voice and the darkness of the band. I found sleeping with sirens when I was browsing YouTube. I clicked on the vid for Do It Now Remember it Later and loved Kellin's randomness and good looks. I was amazed at how high he could sing.
5.Favorite actor/actress. Johnny Depp
6.Favorite movie they've been in. Nightmare Before Christmas

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Wanna talk?

So does any body want to chat?

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I have a keen eye for weird.

So am I like the only one here trying to hold in feels from what's going on in the fandom?

So me and a friend were just talking yesterday on tumblr about how shit is crazy. Incase you didn't know, here's what's trending in the MCR fandom;

-Gerard's phone is haunted.
-Frank is dropping hints about the weighted video
-Ray Toro's car is EPIC
This is old but ....

So yeah...

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Stay alive for me, please.

So hey my friends! Today I took a day off school and I've been trying to catch up with most of what I've been missing like drawing, writing,discovering and listening to some music and ofcourse, trying to keep the MCrmy alive, so.....

I've got a little challenge/ questions thing for ya to try out;

1.Favorite music genres (2)
2. Favorite bands (3):
3.Favorite songs of the above bands
(1 each)
4.First time you heard them.


5.Favorite actor/actress.
6.Favorite movie they've been in.
7.First time you watched the above movie.

Annnnd finally....

8.Favorite youtuber
9.First and favorite video of theirs
10.Reasons you love "said-youtuber"

Yeah, so here you guys go.
I'll probably try this out later on but first I wanna see you guys' results.

Lots of Love,

Oh PS:
Who else is loving Gee's tweet greetings in foreign languages?
Yesterday I saw his greet-tweet in russian (Privet!) and I fangirled pretty hard.

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i got bulletproof heart ,you got a hollow-point smile

hi everyone! i'm new with this site,just knew this from gerard's bio on twitter ,so i'm sign up the way i'm killjoys,mcrmy from excited right now to join mcr community acrros the's very kind of you all to add me and send me a message cause i'd like to make friends with mcrmy and we can share and talk about mcr as often as possible.thanks :) !!