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To All The Cops

To All The Cops

Last year one of the hit movies was Frozen where the lead character Elsa felt the need to break the bondage of everything that remained frozen and out of alignment for so long and so she sang, "Let it go, let it go." There is much wisdom to the idea that it's better to be happy than right. So the concept is if you stay happy then you'll never notice injustice. So as a person with a conscience I'm faced with a dilemma. When I reflect on the whole of humanity I can see who the trouble makers are. And the real troublemakers are the ones who think they can police the world.

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Just got back from the mall. I went with my friend, Alex, from band. He has an account on here too now, just hasn't posted yet. Anyways, it was a good time. But I was so anxious through all of it. I tend to get anxious from the mall or new people, but people don't get it that it's so embarrassing. When I'm anxious, I tend to get a tremor that I can't control. I bite my hands until I leave marks. I fidget. I hit myself. I wring my hands. I pull on other people. I scratch. I hit and scratch my back. It's pretty clear something's wrong. And the DUMBEST things trigger me. If I feel like something is taking too long and could be annoying the other person (things like getting a soda out of a machine). Saying something that's the wrong thing. Looking at someone. Feeling awkward. Everything.

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Online Music Stations

Do you guys know of any free, online music stations that I can access at school? that play a good variety of music?

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Self Destruct

I attempted to post a blog about what's been happening..... but my computer crashed and deleted it all.... I am just so done right now.... I want to curl in a ball and sleep for the rest of this godforsaken life i have been forced to live....

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So like are there any anime fans here or am I the only one ;~;

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I'm back!

Hi everyone!

A lot of things have been going on in my life recently and i felt like i needed to take a break from the internet. One of the reasons i stopped posting here is because my parents found the site, and yeah.....

But should i keep posting? I don't know if i should.... Comment! <3

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To all the canadians; happy thanks giving! :D

I think thanks giving is actually Monday, but I know not everyone celebrates on the Monday. I had a lovely thanks giving dinner yesterday, my boyfriends family loved my cooking. I made a pumpkin pie, and dinner rolls that I made in class. :)
I have another dinner tomorrow, I made a pumpkin cheesecake to bring. :)

What are you thankful for? :)

hope you're having a lovely weekend. :)


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heaven help us.

im like so obsessed with this song at the moment. its so amazing! it makes me cry as well i dont know why but it just means alot.

xxxxx hannah

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I like & I dont like

I made this SHORT video for French class ft. MCR's Mama instrumental, hope you like it :)

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National Coming out day

most people are very much aware of my identity. I posted about it on FaceBook for national coming out day. Some of you aren't friends with me on FaceBook (message me your FaceBook name if you want to be friends on there!) but here it is so you can still read it:

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I'm an aunt!

I've officially been an aunt for a couple weeks now and tomorrow I finally get to go see my beautiful little niece...I haven't seen my sister for a while either, so I'm wicked excited. My niece is only a few weeks old and she's a curious little thing-already trying to hold her head up and everything. From the pictures that I've seen of her, she seems to be just like her mom- flipping off the camera or making a bad face lol
I can't wait to meet the little munchkin!!!!!!! <3

Jess xoxo

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Can't stop thinking

I feel pathetic. He won't leave my head. EVER. In poetry class. I'm pathetic cause I'm always talking, thinking about him. Looking for him. Looking for some trace of what was. I still have all the letters. The bracelet. The drawings. The memories. You all must be sick of my ranting on him. If it makes it any better, I'm probably even more sick and tired of it than you. And the worst part, is I don't really know why he seems to hold such significance. He taught me some bad habits that ended me up in the hospital a few times and all that. But, as he changed is name a lot, I don't know what he goes by now? Al? J? Bert? Brett? Ben? Or all the way back to Alysa? Is he a girl? A boy? In between? Neither? Who Know? Who cares? I wish I didn't.
- Z

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my sister

So I moved from london to brighton and they are a few hours away from each other, meaning me and my gf left our familys behind, we are 25 but we miss them all and my little sister is visitng today and staying for the weekend with us :-) yay!
Excited to see her
Hope you guys are well

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Little Update!

So, now my hair is short, and (Drumroll) MULTICOLOR! I got (What they called it) my hair shoeshined? (Im sure theres someone who can explain it to you guys, bc i really cant.) Its not as bright as i pictured, because my normal hair is really dark naturally, so it took forever to get the color i have and I was in a rush to see my friend (Shes on this site, idk if she still uses it) at springfields got tallent and some other of my classmates in it and I couldent wait any longer, and it looked good. (Pics asap! I SWEAR!!!) so i did that while my sister was getting her hair shit done for homecomming and I had to leave her my jacket bc all she had was a pull over hoodie. (And people say im a shitty big brother, FUCK THEM!) so I had to run to the mall front door in the lovely Ohio Weather (Upper Valley.) And look around the upper valley mall for the big stage (Shoulda been easiy to find, right in front of hot topic) And my friend was first. So I watched her and im going back on the 18th because she made finals! And all my other friends! WOOO! While in between acts i looked around hot topic and got an all time low sticker for my guitar and a ramones sticker for my bass! Looks sweet!!! Then I had homecoming. After arguing with my friends to get them to go (Ones a "Redneck" and the others just a less outgoing minime.) till the last minute and then the two dumbasses both thought that it was a jeans and tee shirts dance, so i dress the fuckers up in whatever i can find in my closet. (Keep in mind the whole time there like "The dance is going to suck". "Music will suck." "Decorations will suck." [Really? yOUR GOING TO BITCH ABOUT DECORATIONS?!?! GROW SOME BALLS AND QUITE TRYING TO BITCH OUT! YOU ALREADY PAYED $10 FOR YOUR TICKET!] "Were all just gonna hang, bros night" The two fuckers leave me for there crushes within 10 minutes. So I go and hang with some people, Grinding, slow dancing, etc. Im single and just sorta floated around. So afterwards, (We planed to leave an hour early) I walk out with them a half hour after the dance ended and the Pre After Party may have started with a few car radios and speakers rigged up poorly we finally leave and there all like "Wow, that was fun!" "Im so glad I came" THAN NEXT TIME FUCKING LISTEN TO ME WHEN I SAY "TRUST ME ITLL BE FUN" ASSHOLES!!!! So we go bowling, then minime friend throws up his bowl from hot head (With Spicy sauce...) all over the parking lot of the ally. Better than the school or his crushes shoes i guess. So we drop him off after leaving the bowling ally early. (Witch we only bowled a game and two frames before talking to other people in diffrent lanes) So after droping him off we go to my place. (Redneck friend) and we decide to watch frozen and im out before the "Love is an open door" song. AND THIS WAS ALL ONE DAY!!! Came to school the monday after homecomming all the girls are gone sick from being in the cold in there dresses. Small lol nature troll. So yea, thats about the best update for my week. Think Im getting the band togeather this weekend, idk. Maybe get with my buddy and dick around, idk. Three day week next week.

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My Chemical romance at the gym xD

My college has a full gym, with new treadmills, they have tv screens and you can pick what genre of music you want to listen to, I picked rock and the first video that came on was You Know What They Do To Guys Like Us In Prison (the live version for mtv.) Oddly motivating. It was totally awesome, I thought I'd share. XD

Hope you're all having a wonderful day :)