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Sunday March 12, 2017
Posted by: kevsermustdie

i miss mcr
so far
but that's okay
even if i'm not

Saturday March 11, 2017
Posted by: _kids_from_yest...

Hi, so I guess I'm new. Not to the fandom, but to the whole blogging on this website thing. I've visited this website before, but today is the first time I've really delved deep into it, which is really surprising. A little bit about myself, I've been obsessed since about last summer.

Saturday March 11, 2017
Posted by: killjoyboygee

and it's nearly impossible, but is there any way i could get one of the mcr california 2019 box sets?? i've been searching for over a year with no luck whatsoever so i thought i'd post a message on here and hopefully someone can reach out to me! also mcr day is pretty close ;-;

Wednesday March 08, 2017
Posted by: jojomae224

I wish MCR was still back together it would be great. Frank Gerard Mikey Ray Bob the perfect band and they know it.

Sunday March 05, 2017
Posted by: Justanotherkill...

This is where people like me can rant about anything or anyone because everyone needs too blow off some steam.

Saturday March 04, 2017
Posted by: fablicious_

Being on this website makes it hurt more. I'm also not excited about March 22nd coming up soon. Anyway, does anyone know any MCR songs that seem to have gotten hidden under all their other songs?

Saturday March 04, 2017
Posted by: MyChemicalMilly_

Today my IM NOT OKAY wristband and my Frankie poster came in the mail! I wish MCR were still together, they made most of my favourite songs in 2004 (the year I was born) :)) FRANK IS ACCTULLY ADORABLE....LIKE SEROUISLY!!

Saturday March 04, 2017
Posted by: mychemicalbreeakup

My Chem is such an amazing band. And their songs still help and inspire people.
I just wanna thank them so much.

Friday March 03, 2017
Posted by: AngryBird Killjoy

I haven't been on here since 2013 (I think)...Im 21 now and life is still going. Things have change for the better and I can't complain. I have a bf that I have been with for over 2 years now and hes treated me like a princess.

Friday March 03, 2017
Posted by: angelXlovesXmcrx

i have always been a fan of my chem. they helped me through alot, they are litterally like my favorite sweater (i wish they were a sweater) and i would just sit there and hug the sweater.

to be honest i feel really bad for people who just found out about my chem.