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Take this Rorschach test( its sorta funny)

I felt like I had normal/not normal looks on every picture. Im not that crazy sooooo.....

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right I have had with people in my school cus today I got strangled by this girl who also stalked me home once and bullies me and she just strangled me for no reason and only one person stood up for me and everyone else laughed. so rude. so of course I couldn't breath cus of it and I told a teacher and now shes spreading rumors about me cus she keeps doing it right when im around. and my anxiety is getting worse about going to school tomorrow. but yeah my day has been crap but how are you all you killjoys out there. and if you ever need to talk im always here and ill listen to anything you want to talk about.

xxxxxx Hannah

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the used

i was suppose to go see the used today but my parents said i couldn't and i saved money for it and now im at school ._. this sucks


Where have I been?

Im back after 10 months
Seems like nothing has changed

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hey yal

Hey. It's been a while. Im busy with color guard, homework and house chores. I really want to get on with my chapters for my two fanfics but in so busy. This week is a good week cuz I have 5 days of. Tuesday was the last day cuz of conferences. Wendsday,Thursday and Friday I have off.
So what do you guys think of Gee's new video? I like it. It really does have that brit pop 80s/90s feel. HA is awesome. Frank's band is BA. The rest of the gang is good and enjoying themselves.
It makes me happy that the guys are making music and spending there time with family. I'm so glad. I'm sorta liking Lola now. Before Lola creepeped me out a bit. Oh! You guys think James dwees from Reggie and the full effect is Lola or some other male? Lola has no boobs nor a ass like a female.

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So my mom's been turning off the fucking internet again.... god dammit!! She doesn't see that talking to my friends online at midnight keeps me from feeling pain... :/ Told you the downward swing was coming... It'll pass, hopefully soon.. And OMG SUPERNATURAL'S ON!!!!!!!! I'M SO FUCKING PSYCHED!!!! XD sooo yea, and my Twitter account has been locked :( I don't know how to unlock it DX it suuuuuucks!!!!

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I am in charge of making dessert for thanks giving at my boyfriends dads house this year and my family's dinner... This is a lot of pressure... Ahhh... Stressing a little bit... I'm scared that I'll mess it up... I am going to 3 thanks giving dinners this year.. One at my family's house, one at my boyfriends family's house, and one at his dads, and I'm making dessert for two of them... I was thinking for one, pumpkin cheese cake (if you've never had it before, you need to) and pumpkin pie for the other...Still worried I'm going to mess up... Don't know why though, I've baked plenty of times... I am in school for pastry arts and baking... hahah irrational fears... Blah. xD
Canadian thanks giving is this weekend, it's different than America. (for some reason)

Anyway, I hope you are all having a good day/had a good day. :)


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Blah School

haha, I have some pretty weird titles for my Blogs XD So, today I was going to skip school. cause my allergies are getting petty fucking bad, and I can't talk for shit. Also, I was going to hang out with Austin, I mean, like, where would I go if I skipped... Might as well hang out with someone.. but I chickened out. lol I've never even skipped one class.... So, I think Austin and I might end up going out.... like, he's told me that he likes me and if I wanted to go out with him, he'd date me in a heartbeat. My friends approve lol ^w^ Guess that's pretty great. You know that feeling of embarrassment you get for a character when they do something stupid? yea, that's always funny. And you like have to hide your face. haha XD So, I'm falling towards my downward spiral again... The whole Manic/Depression thing :( yea, get ready for more poetry.
<3 Love ya'll <3

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school sucks

i haven't gotten on here in a long time so decided to get on here because im in class and class is boring o.o i have an hour left of school

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Something about me....

I..... ummm..... okay. Here it is.... Im Related to...... ya know. OKAY! Im related to Gerard and Mikey..... okay

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Me :)

That's really my face! Thats the "best" picture I have so... Yeah, just wanted to share it

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Video of Millions

Gee's new video is cool Xd he looks so awesome in it <3 love his eye make up
but his videos are a bit weird

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I'm not

So today I got accused of being a lesbian.....I'm not but I don't have anything against them..I accept all sexual orientations

I think the only reason the chic said tht was cauze she is bi and she thinks I'm hot

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The Arduous Task to find Jesus in My Chemical Romance

I want to review Hesitant Alien and start some where that is rather superficial at first and then once I find my traction you'll begin to see my direction.

I want to start by saying a lot of people in my generation say that My Chemical Romance and Green Day are almost the same band. I can draw one major distinction and it's going to my thesis for my review of Hesitant Alien. Billy and Gerard are very different in their approach to inertia. My Chemical Romance taught us to go out and do something, where as Green Day had a song about spending your life on Holiday with your pants down in your smelly apartment where you're bored and the phone don't ring. The kids who get inspired by My Chemical Romance seem to have a sense of being mission driven.