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30 Day MCR challenge

Day 11: Favourite photo of Mikey

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Gerard Way in Amsterdam

january 24, 2015. That was the day I went to my second concert. It was the first time I saw Gerard live and it was amazing.
around 13:00 I was in Amsterdam
13:20 I picked up my comic, The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys.
14:28 after being lost for an hour I finally found 'De Melkweg' where the concert was. (Fun Fact: melkweg is Dutch for Milky way and Milky way sounds like Mikey Way)
14:45 Gerard came out the tour bus and I saw him! He's so short omfg.
19:08 the doors finally open and I storm to the merch table to buy a Gerard Way shirt. then I hurry to the podium to stand in front.
'Nothing but thieves' opened the concert and gave us concert-vibes! after them gerard came up. He gave amazing speeches about transgender kids and mental illnesses.
the concert went great and there were only two songs left. then it happened... I felt lightheaded and after half a minute I fainted. I was like 1 meter away from Gerard and I didn't notice O.o

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Newbie rambles

So for some reason I have been putting off even visiting this site since I had joined the fandom around 2-3 years ago. I think it shows to me fans are still going around being fans when the band isn't something that really happens anymore, I'm not saying it doesn't exist because it does in a sense. All of the guys are still friends and their music still plays, but I think of it (as morbid as it may sound) like a dead body the organs have stopped working but it doesn't mean that the body suddenly dissapears from existence in an instant. Sure it may decompose over time but it may be mummified for all we know! I think I unconsciously set myself up to be grossed out. :p

I honestly have no idea how this site works and I maybe just writing something that will never be seen, but at least I gave it a shot...

Anyway if you read all that crap that goes through my mind you guy/girl deserve a medal!

And please forgive my grammar

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As a fan of MCR I had to join this community.

Have you guys been noticing the vibes on Tumblr and Google+ about this website. I hope something wonderful happens soon and hope what they are saying is true!

Let's just hope for now....

I wanted to share an idea that I have!!!!

MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE "BASEBALL" CARDS! With like bio info and fun facts and you can collect them and/or use them as a game.

I wonder if these already exist? If they do, I don't care. I'll make some anyways.

What do you guys think?

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Anyone down for a Doctor Who role play??

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30 day MCR challenge

Day 10: favourite photo of Frank

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I made a thing!

Hi! I'm new. I made this and wanted to share it!

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Are You Gonna Be My Girl - Cover

Okay so basically this is the first cover I posted on YouTube. I did everything on my own in my own little studio at the end if my garden xD. I'll be doing loads more covers which I'd love to share with you and if you have any recommendations for covers, let me know! :3

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30 Day MCR challenge

Day 10: Favourite photo of Frank
Idek this is just cute

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30 Day MCR challenge

Day 9: Favourite picture of Gerard
He looks awesome in all pics but I this ones cute

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I've been doing a lot of makeups and I was wondering if I could get anyones opinions? (:

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Return of the side cut

Today I got my side cut back!! I'm so happy! Do you guys like it?
How are you guys? I'm at a sleepover so that's cool
Inbox me for whatever
Love you all, Keep Running
- Z

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Where Have I Been?

Hey guys, I just realised(or remembered) I had an account for this website. Where have I been? Oh yeah, listening to Gerard's new album hesitant alien! If you guys haven't checked it out yet, you have to! I'm very proud of Gerard, he seems very happy with what he's doing with his life. I hope I will be happy with what ever i'm going to do when i'm older.

Well thats really all I wanted to say, bye!

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This Bitch Is Back... And Don't I Have Stories To Tell!

Okay so I've literally just remembered my username and password for this thing and its been about 2-3 years since I've used it. I've changed my profiles information and deleted all my old blogs cause to be honest i spoke some poop xD but I've certainly missed it.

Its pretty crazy seeing so many people still using this, but its actually amazing too! The fact people haven't given up on it is awesome. Its a great place to share your art and thoughts with people who are interested in the same stuff. I love it!

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Oh my goodness

It has been way too long since I've been on here!
My names Cherise and I am 22 yea 22 I'm not a young young person but still pretty young at heart
I was a HUGE my chemical romance fan even after they broke up
Until I found out the saddening news about Gerard's selfish choice... Or I should say lack of choice
But with this said I am still getting an mcr tattoo in honor of the influence THE MUSIC had on me
I am very excited for this and can't wait!!

I am not afraid to keep on living I am not afraid to walk this world alone