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space. time. think. break. repeat.

A day or so ago I put up a post on what's happening in my life atm that me and my long time girlfriend broke up since then my mind has cleared a little bit. It has come to light because me and her are still best friends and we talk everyday which Im thankful for and love that we can still be that way without any issues. But back to my point in my last post I explained why she gave up on us because of our distance because of the road blocks that where in our way.

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I want to see Frankie in a few months!!!!!!!!!!

Hey I know some of you guys and girls are in marching band/colorguard. I want to see Frank in September but I don't know how to make up a good excuse and I don't know what the performance schedule is like. This is my second year in colorguard. I really want to see him along with The Used and Taking Back Sunday. It's on a Friday and the only night I can go. The tickets are cheap and during the time is when gas price is low. So help me. If you ever done this give me a comment or message me.

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It's been awhile since I posted....but um this is mwa

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My YouTube Channel

Hey lovelies, just wanted to know if y'all can check out my YouTube channel. I post videos such as vlogs, song covers, challenges, tags and a lot more. I'm also going to be posting videos similar to the one I have in this blog, to help people overcome rough times. I hope you enjoy my channel. Thank you so much you guys. I love all of y'all <3333

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Sad at camp

Hey MCRmy,
I can have my phone at camp, as it turns out. This is because CIT's are concreted staff. I've also tried to post like four blogs but the wifi sucks so it doesn't work.
I'm with the same kids as I was last year (LIT summer). There's 17 of us. At the very end of last year, like the last week, I started to talk to them. But over the year my relationship with them has really faded. Now only two or three kids will really talk to me. These kids are Taylor, Marie-Amiee (French girl) and either Emmaline or Clara. The never laugh at my jokes, they won't actually have a good conversation about something I'm interested in. I'll say something openly to the whole cabin, like I'll say that I'm upset that My sneakers and rain boots are messed up. Or I'll offer the cabin Nutella and they won't even respond.

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i miss her

So remember all my other blogs about my girlfriend well how i cant talk to her over the internet and same with my friends i cant talk to anyone anymore i cant go to my gfs door because her family hate me and idk whzt to do i cant text or call

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Good news!

Gee has been posting pics on twitter showcasing the comeback of his red hair. It's reddish orange like fire. And with those pics he's been posting tweets about his progress with his new album Hesitant Alien. Check out the vid for his new single Action Cat. I bet Lyn-Z and Bandit are so happy for him and we should be too. I feel that MCR breaking up allows them to broaden their horizons and find out who they really are and who they want to be. This is so great!

Signing off,
Toxic Flame

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Time to feel happy

Hi :) first: happy MCR day :)
I feel like tellibg bad jokes today... Let me tell you one:
Why the elephant could't go into the fridge?
Because it doesn't know how to open it :D :D

Does anyone have a bad Joke to tell?

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Is it bad to call people cunts

K so my so called 'friend' was literally bitching out everyone because my bestfriend was apparently abuzing her when really she was just annoying the shit out of my bestfriend and the only way she could actually get er to stop was for her to hit her, quite funny actually. But anyways so she started postin like millions and millions of statuses about it on facebook so i thought it would be funny to to make a status about her millions of statuses, then she totally like with which made me literally fall off my bed laughing

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Happy MCR Day!

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Woo hoo mcr day!

Happy MCR day to my fellow killjoys!! Stay dirty, stay dangerous, and die with your mask on if you have to. Enjoy a whole day to celebrate on of the greatest bands ever! Keep Running -killjoys-never-die

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Happy mcr day!

Happy MCR day! Show some love for our boys even if they aren't a band anymore <3

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Party Poison jacket for sale!

Someone please buy this, I need the money so that I have spending money for reading and I can go and see Gerard. Happy to negotiate on price, but dont really want to go lower than £100 because reading is expensive.

Either bid or email me please.

Email address is :

help a poor brudda out

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Party Poison jacket for sale!

Haven't posted on here for ages,


Remember back in 2011 when the danger days jackets went up for sale on here? And there were only something like 100 of each one made?

Well I got a Party Poison one, and I'm now selling it :( I never got to wear it, it's medium size and I'm sad to see it go but I need to sell it so that I can get some spending money to go to reading with (I'm sure you can all understand my desperation seeing as Gerard is going to be playing there) So if any of you guys want to buy it the link is here:

I am willing to lower the price a bit, but it did cost me like £100, and reading is really expensive so I really don't want to sell it for less than £100 really.

If any of you guys are interested in it either bid, or email me at

or do both.

Someone buy it please. Give it a good home and help a poor girl out :)