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hey its me again. do any of you think its weird that I love cemeteries and that I love being around graves. is that weird?

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Well that was sad

I read A Splitting of the mind and finished it...
It left me sad and missing My Chem so much with a pain in my heart and god the ending. I cried about it.

How is everyone?
I'm gonna try and be more active on here I use to come on here every night and than they broke up I was still on here for abit after that but then I got a boyfriend and I can't get on this site on my phone and my computer had died and I couldn't come on here I used my boyfriend laptop once or twice but felt bad about using for some weird reason. Now I have my new computer.

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update time.

hey guys. sorry I haven't been posting much. I just thought I would update you with my life right now. so first the bullying is getting worse for me again. so where ever I go I get called a emo and to fuck off and all that. then ive got a load of homework and exams. but ive got a new hobby and that is boxing and its really good for me because I can get all my anger out and then I feel refreshed. so if any of you are really angry I recommend boxing. but I hope you all are having a great week and if any of you need to talk im always here.
much love

xxxxx HANNAH.

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Anxiety update

I haven't posted much in a while. I mean, I've been posting but not many posts about what's up and all that.
Working on xmas gifts. I love making things for friends :) but some of the stuff is for people on here so I'll keep that secret until after the 25th

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Keep Your Head Up

Hey guise. I haven't posted in a while. But I just want you to know that it does get better. Life isn't going to be hard like this forever. Don't cut, don't kill yourself because someone honestly does care.

You're beautiful

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Life is a living hell, the fact people are so influential all the damn time sucks. I break at the slightest fucking thing. So when her friends basically made me leave her.. Yet again. That hurt so much. Even though she probably doesn't care anymore.. I've hurt her so many times... I'm sorry..

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hey guys

Hey this is Punk-princess LUVS U New account. I tried to type my account on my new phone but it didn't work. It's on my other phone. It's my sisters now since we no longer shar a phone. So this is my new account.

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Today makes the 34yr of this extraordinary writer and singer he made music of Life, hope, dreams and Love, He was a strange human being but with a wonderful mind and still his music lives in me like: woman, jealous boy, and Imagine they were there before all these bands of course he came from a band THE BEATLES!! John Lennon was such a true artist and so simple, i still listen to his music, and the same way i remember him, i'll remember Mr. Way, Have a easy peasy cheesy day

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a big step

hey guys,
so i am proposing to my gf on christmas day....oh my god, i feel sick and nervous and i dont know its crazy! i had to tell i chose you lot!
im so happy, feel slightly giddy by it all :-)
i asked her parents permission, because i like to do things properly, and i spoke to my folks to...aww its all good atm...
happy times :-D
how is everyone else?
much love

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I'm going to punch someone in the fucking face

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The Purge: Anarchy

So last night my brother and I watched the second Purge, and I LOVED IT. Has any of you guys watched it yet, and if so did you like it?

I really liked it because I love those movies where its like a group of people traped inside like a building at night or something like that, and the action was killer.
(Frank Grillo, BADASS)

It kinda reminded me of cloverfield. The movie about the group of friends escaping from a monster thing, except this was way better.
1. As mentioned before, leo barnes' scenes were amazing.
I was at the edge of my seat the whole time.
2.It shows how fucked up society is.

And 3. It has one of the cutest OTPs-
Leo and Cali!!
I know the age gap is kinda big, but I think Cali is above 18 and Leo's supposed to be like 32 (or atleast Im telling myself all this to stay happy).
And Love is love.

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I'm going to give Cody my iMessage today..oh my Gerard wat am I thinking?

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So, I met this guy on MeetMe. He lives super duper close and he's sweet as can be. Not to mention he's cewt <3 And he likes me to! But he doesn't know much about me... At all. He thinks he does. But he doesn't. I just don't want to disappoint him

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What A Toy

Little girl, Why must you cry?
Are you alone in this big bad world?
Scared to grow up
Continuing this loneliness.
Don't you worry your sweet heart!
There’s always a solution.
Be the prettiest, or be the smartest, and
you'll fit in fine!
be too funny and too goofy.
Or succeed in Black.
Oh? I hear you're no good,
That's too bad.
You can be our Toy.

We can paint our faces to match
their standards, dress us up in lace.
no, that's too innocent.
lets go with the leather
the black spikes
and blood.
You can be our Toy

Oh, Pretty Woman, why do you cry?
still alone? still scared?
In need of directions?
Here's some, have you been schooled?
Born with a silver spoon?
cause that's the way to go
worked your hardest and won?
Or found your love?
No! you're worthless.
so let us help you
You can be our Toy.

Take off your clothes
get in their beds, it's the way to please
cause you're no innocent,
We all need pleasure,
you poor woman,

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Candy cane quotes

So my brother is getting me a candy cane from some lady at his work place because she makes them for the students but he said he can get me one and I just wanted some good and inspirational (hopefully not too long) MCR quotes which I can tell him to write on it.
I thought of;
"Regret is a sign of weakness"
"Art is a weapon"
"Use your voice in your community"
"One day your life will flash before your eyes. Be sure its worth watching"

He's gonna tell her tomorow so if any ideas, submit today. Thanks Killjoys!