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heading off to see Frank live!!!

I'm about to head off to see Frank Iero and the Collaboration live and oh god I'm so excited idk what to do with myself o///o there's a meet and greet after and oh god I hope I don't choke WISH ME LUCK I'LL POST PICTURES AFTER


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I have no clue what I'm doing...

I'm new to this whole blogging thing... But I thought I'd give it a try! What do people usually blog about anyway? Help me out please!

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Don't want the summer to end.

I'm living like in a fantasy bubble... And I don't want this feeling to end. Never.
Agh. Coming back to "reality" and goodbyes are probably one of the things I hate the most when summer ends. It doesn't have to be a real goodbye but having to leave your freedom sensation is something hard to me as during the rest of the year I feel like I was a doll manipulated by the others and the summer is my moment to be me, to think, to have my time... But well, I'll be happy in Halloween and Christmas etc. But I still feel a bit nostalgic.
Why am I posting this? Because I felt like doing it, even if an hour later I think this sounds stupid.
I hope you all had a great summer :)

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Cinderella Spin-Off Story

As I mentioned earlier, this is a story I've been writing lately :) I hope you guys like it and please please please comment <3 Love you all!
When we first enter this world, everything is interesting. As children, we never think about what we are seeing, we just see. Interpretation of these images comes later. Much later. When we begin to develop a memory, thoughts, personality. It's then that we begin to truly understand our past, sorting through all the wondrous colors like a slideshow in our heads, trying to make sense of anything and everything we can.
As a child, I was obvious to the reality of my life. New houses, new parents, it was all just a mesmerizing blur of interesting. I floated through life like a spring leaf, freshly picked from a tree, being carried away by a cool, fall breeze. It wasn't until I reached an age of reason that I even began to comprehend that my situation was not common. It slowly began to dawn on me as I got older that I'd never have a true home. In and out of foster homes, I began to wonder what it would be like to truly belong anywhere.

haha yeah I really do have Black Rings around the bottoms of my eyes from Depression,Anxiety, Stress, and lack of Sleep during my teenage years.

Mix that in with long shaggy hair, side burns, and a full grown beard you would look at me and think I was in my 30's.

I'm really 23.

But yeah what do I want for my B-Day???

I want a GF and the last MCR Album. :')

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RexozPlaysBetter: Youtube Channel

Hellos! I was wanting to post a blog asking if people would be willing to check out Rexoz's Let's Play Youtube channel. He's been doing Let's Plays of different video games. It would be really awesome if you all would check out his channel, and subscribe to it, like his Facebook page, and follow his Twitter. xD It's really entertaining. :3 Though, I give fair warning, he is a bit of a smartass in the videos; though that only helps making it more entertaining.

Please and Thanksies. <3

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Help? :c


So...... My parents called a therapist yesterday without my permission. I'm extremely hurt and pissed off at them for doing that. It feels like they don't respect me. I hate therapy. I've tried therapy sooooo many times and for me it never helps. It just feels like you're just staring into someone's eyes, like they don't care at all because it's their work you know and I'm just some kid they just met. And I just can't open up to someone I don't know, especially not adults. My family want me to get meds for my depression, panic attacks and anxiety and I'm okay with that, but they told me that to get meds you have to go to a therapist with my parents. Like are they fucking kidding? I don't wanna go..... :'c
And today my twin sister unlocked my phone and looked through my conversations without my permission, and now everyone thinks I'll kill myself, and the thing is that I would never do that! They have no trust in me and treat me like a piece of shit.

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hey killjoys

hey everyone. soz I haven't posted much this week its just that ive just been very depressed lately but mcr helped me again. like they always do. so hows everyone doing. and hows school for those who have started. im going back to school in a week and im so scared about getting bullied even worse then I did last year. I get bullied because im the only emo in my whole year so yeah. but ill stay strong for you the mcrmy and the band and wish me good luck. well hope your all ok. and have a good day.

love Hannah. xx

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Helps Meh? :3

Hellos, I have an odd request... Would anyone be willing to help me by making a few thumbnails, and banners for a Youtube page? I'm rather sucky at artsy things. xD Any help would be greatly appreciated. (: Thanksies, fellow killjoys. <3

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hello everyone! what's new!? how's everybody!?

Hello fabulous killjoys! I've missed you all so much! I hope everybody is okay and doing well! With school I've barely had any time to spend well, all day on here. Well, I just wanted to say hi! I love you guys, so long, and goodnight!

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So Hey , I'm back!
Sorry that I've been offline for a while, just dealing with some stuff at home, but now I'm back. Yay!
So I didn't do much this week, I sat at home and listened to music, like always. I've also, became a bit obssessed with skillet over the past few days, which I'm pretty happy about. Atleast I have something to do, right?
Also, I saw Gee's no show's videos and I'm SOO HAPPY! I loved it and I love his new sound. Excited for what's next.
Also, Ray recently put up his website updating us on whats going on so, yeah. Check it out.

I'm having a pretty average holiday, except for the excessive boredom and the random panic attacks I get from thinking about school, but besides that, I guess its fine. Just a bit bored from sitting at home for 6 weeks, so incase you have any fun things I can do at home to recomend, be my guest.
So yeah....just a short update. Tell me what you're up to, MCRmy.
Also, goodluck to those of you back in school. I wish you the best.

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school sucks, im gonna try to start a band

soooo.... yesterday, I went shopping at hot topic and body central! bts shopping tho... and afterwards, I went to get my school schedule and meet my teachers. I literally almost died waling around that school. I couldn't find my way around ( freaking a,b,c,d,e halls ), and there is a separate building! unbelievable! my first class is in the first building and 2,3,4 are in the second and I have 4 minutes, to get there. the first class is at the front and the exit to the other is allllll the way at the end. im going to HATE middle school! uggggggghhh! but at least im on the same team as my friends and boyfriend... and also its the best team at the school.... lucky me...( note the sarcasm). so ive decided to take guitar lessons! and I have a band I want to start. I already have my drummer, but we need 2 guitarist and a bass player. im the vocals. the band is called Explicit! what do ya think?

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MCR's break up......


Sorry for bringing this up, but lately i've thought a lot about MCR's break up.
It really kills me that they broke up. I'll never be able to see them live, listen to new song etc. it really kills me.

Yesterday I read that Mikey had bipolar disorder, had extremely bad depression (when they wrote The Black Parade and just recently), that he was close to suicide, that he was an alcoholic and drugaddict.
Do anyone know something more about this? It really makes me sad to know such an awesome persone have gone through that much.

I also read yesterday that through Danger Days Gerard had got into "old habits" which I guess is drugs/alcohol.

And for they others inte the band, have they ever been depressed/bullied/suicidal or been a drug addict/alcoholic? Just curios. :/

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Magic, happy pills

Hey guys. I returned to school like "the new girl" and no one likes me because of obvios reasons, the same reasons as always. I'm being rejected by all my class and part of the school. I have just one friend and she's in other class. My migrana is getting worse, and my sadness too. I'm taking some magic happy pills that makes me ignore the migrana . There's a good part. I have an awesome girlfriend and she makes me feel better (thanks Jo) so that's my life so far. How about yours?