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Friday January 20, 2017
Posted by: Flight Risk

Hi I'm screaming and also DYMOCKS NEWEST EMPLOYEE (it's a bookstore, I'm officially going to be paid to be an absolute nerd) eeeeeeek
Hope y'all are having an a-ok 2017

Thursday January 19, 2017
Posted by: Cookiewookie55

Hi everyone! I just got into MCR last year, and when I found out there would be nothing new I was devastated... Anywho, nice to meet you guys! I hope to find some new friends to talk with, and maybe find some cool new stuff.

Thursday January 19, 2017
Posted by: neon heart

I've been wanting to post a blog here for so long but somehow I always log in, then log straight out because I remember that I have nothing to really write about, I mean, my life is pretty boring.

My day goes like this: Wake up late, normally at about 7:15, get ready in about 30 minutes, most of

Wednesday January 18, 2017

hi guys
i havent been on here in so long
mostly because i havent talked to many people much
right now, ive been having anxiety and lots of crying fits because of a recent heartbreak.
(more like 1 month ago, but still feels like yesterday)
i guess idk why im posting. i just wanted to, i guess

Wednesday January 18, 2017
Posted by: chpeverill-conti

Hey my dudes!
Sorry I haven't posted in a while. There's been school and college apps. Thought I'd give some updates on what's going on.
I think I'm getting discharged from the eating disorder clinic today or tomorrow!

Tuesday January 17, 2017
Posted by: ashlov709

Who else is in school right now and supposed to be working??? lol i am. I'm bored tho. I'm about to listen to top and mcr.

Tuesday January 17, 2017
Posted by: ashlov709

Mine is i'm not okay and helena

Sunday January 15, 2017
Posted by: localdreamer03

who else is supposed to be doing homework

Saturday January 14, 2017
Posted by: Rorschach77

Hey does anyone know if Hesitant Ailen is a good album I am trying to get in to it

Saturday January 14, 2017

I need some help with something in a protect I have.
Do you know about a place where i can send something for Gerard or Mikey or Frank or Ray?
Or a club where I can send it.
Please, I need it to do something special