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Tuesday August 09, 2016
Posted by: BVB_Ryan_MCR

Yo, what's up guys?!
I have been listening to a lot of MCR lately. I get like this sometimes.
And I have been thinking. Can you list the MCR albums from Best to worst?
Here is mine:

Three Cheers


Danger days

The Black parade

Conventional weapons


I hope you all aren't disappointed

Tuesday August 09, 2016
Posted by: Charbarmanning

Remember it's a British beach so it rained a bit and it wasn't all that sunny. More like clouds. Me, my mum, my brother and my grandparents went to Scarborough for the beach and some fish and chips and a walk on the beach.

Tuesday August 09, 2016
Posted by: Korwinu

A teenage rite of passing to invent new worlds of the thoughts, clubs and worlds from adults apart. And came the internet, where anyone can be anything, a meta-persona of your choosing. You can find vast sums of weblogs a fresh one is established each second chance many by teens.

Monday August 08, 2016
Posted by: mcrgwflax

rocksoundMCR was literally like an explosion at first but then they started posting about all these bands performing MCR songs and i was scared about it. was anyone else scared about it or is it just me?

Monday August 08, 2016
Posted by: theneonparade

First day of senior year.. yay. Hopefully Ill have a great year but I guess I just had a bad day today.

First period - Yearbook. Nothing much happened. I have a friend there, he's cool.
Second period - Dance. One of my best friends is in there. I hope she's not switched out.
Third period -

Monday August 08, 2016
Posted by: TurnAway

Okay so I'm in that middle state of 'don't get your hopes up' and 'push what you want into the universe'. No matter how much you tweet that the rest of the fandom is being stupid,we all know you're hoping for the same thing. I really hopI'll get to see my favorite band live.

Sunday August 07, 2016
Posted by: piercethechemic...

There is a lot of evidence hinting that My Chemical Romance (A.k.A. Best band ever) COULD be getting back together... For instance; MCR is denying that they will get back together. Who else do we know of that said the same d*mn thing??? Fall Out Boy.

Sunday August 07, 2016
Posted by: Charbarmanning

Seen as school doesn't start up again until September, I really don't have anything to talk about. I mean seriously! I hardly do anything during the holidays. I guess this will really be a blog about some small topics I want to talk about.

Sunday August 07, 2016
Posted by: Lethal_Lupine m...

I'm thinking about getting my lip pierced, with spider bites. My friend says I should, my bf says I can do what I want, my mum says no.
So overall I am thinking about when to get it. the main constraint is that I'll be going to my friends freshers week on the 22nd September.

Sunday August 07, 2016
Posted by: TurnAway

Warped was fucking amazing. My mom donated blood so we got backstage. I met Sleeping With Sirens,Sum 41,We The Kings,and Less Than Jake I got food by the Cyclops and Poseidon stages and there I also met Amber Katelyn Beale.