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Anyone Here Like Newsies?

I know that's kind of a random question, however it's still a valid one. I recently re-watched the 1992 movie and have been listening to the Broadway versions of the songs nonstop the past two weeks. I was just wondering if anyone here liked the movie and wanted to talk about it with me via messaging? I don't know anyone who would watch it (I can't really picture my best friend watching it with me, and nobody at work cares much for musical), which really bums me out, since I wanna talk about it. I could talk about it with my mom or something, but she hasn't seen it so that conversation wouldn't go too terribly far.
So yeah, anyone up for a Newsies conversation? Maybe? Hopefully? Please?

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I wish it was like it was before

I was just looking at the old website on this website that lets you view and use websites with past formats. Then I started watching videos from 2003. It made me miss them so bad. On their old website, they were posting all the time about shows. Gerard was advertising a "21+ album release show, grab your bat repellant and your eyeliner." They were also advertising an "MCR street team." I wish that they still interacted with us like that, when they were still a new band and figuring stuff out. I really like their earlier albums (bullets and three cheers) because they were much heavier and darker. I wish I could have been into them then, but I was 5. Do you think the MCR boys read our posts? I feel like they're ignoring us, sure Gerard tweets but they don't take the time to nCOMMUNICATE or to let us know how they're feeling. On the old website, they posted blogs that had actual meaning. It makes me really sad to see how they don't really work with us like they used to.

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Hey killjous, how's your day? missing MCR? i miss them so bad :( very miss they gig

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Something to do to pass the time.


So here's what you do;
1.Go to your music player
2.Put it on shuffle
3.For each scene, press the next button and so on.

Here's what I got;

Opening credits: Nsync-Falling

Waking up: Linkin Park- With You

First Day of school: Jensen & Jared- Supernatural

Fighting: AFI- Girls Not Grey

Breaking Up: Aladdin- Arabian Night

Prom: Michael Jackson- You Rock My World

Life is good: Godhead- Penetrate

Mental Breakdown: Christina Milian- Am To Pm

Driving: Framing Hanley- Hear Me Now

Flashback: My Chemical Romance- The Light Behind Your Eyes

Making Up: Kid Rock- Bawitdaba

Wedding: Aladdin- A Whole New World

Birth Of Child: Simple Plan- Take My Hand

Night before war: Danny Elfman- Poor Jack

Yes, I know mine's weird, but I don't really care:)

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Anyone up to talk

I'm wide awake and can't sleep.

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Resident Evil

Hi whats up? Today I found out that I'm obsesed with Resident Evil. Not just the movies, the video games too. I have passed the last 2 days playing with my cousin.
Someone else knows Resident Evil and got obssesed with it or is just me?

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Chapter 1 of my Story :3

Hi all, I wanted to post the first chapter of the story I've been writing recently so you guys can tell me what you think. It's science-fiction-ish, and I kinda based it on Frankenstein, sort of but not really. But yeah, tell me what you think please!!

A simpler human would begin an account of the events I have played a part in with a statement such as “I regret my actions”. However, I am not a simple human and I do not regret my actions. Nevertheless, I realise that my actions may have caused some distress to the majority of people less fortunate than myself, and so I feel it necessary to give an explanation for my actions. You will see, I am sure, that this is not the story of a strange woman who, with her stupidity, caused misery and suffering, but the story of a woman whose talent and power have left her misunderstood by the society she is surrounded by.

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Happy late birthday Ray Toro!!!!

Im so sorry i missed it but i had no wifi connection...
So HAPPY BIRTHDAY BELATED BIRTHDAY FRO MAN!!!!!!! I hope you see this. We're both cancers and share the same birth month :D my birthday was july 8. Enjoy every moment. Do it now and do it loud! I love you man <3

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Happy Birthday Ray Toro!

Hey guys! I just wanted to write down a quick little happy birthday to the one and only Ray Toro. First off, if Ray still even goes on this website, HAPPY BIRTHDAY PRINCESS FRO FRO! (Yes, it's still July 15th here. It's 11:26 P.M.)

I hope you had an amazing day and enjoy hanging out with your family and any presents your got. And cake. I hope you liked your birthday cake. Ray got a birthday cake right? Well, cupcakes, muffins, donuts or cake, what ever he had for a dessert, I hope he enjoyed it.

I hope you enjoy reading all of our happy birthday posts to you and you know who you are to us.

An idol.

Have a good rest of the night.

- Reversed Firework

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Ok, read the below link before going on. Very short read.

Ok, now that this has been read, I would love to know why the hell the thought of something that seemed like it was so much to him is now sounding like enhh. He makes it sound like it was just something to kill the time, not something that was what made me flush pills, throw away knifes, and keep my belt around my waist and not my neck!!! TO SAY THEY SAVED MY LIFE IS AN UNDERSTATEMENT DAM IT! I'm Ok with them moving on, but this just makes it seem like they just didn't care how far they made it or what they did. I know I'm probably sounding selfish, but I don't care! We give and give and I'm feeling forgotten. Am I the only one who's response is like this? Please tellme I'm just misunderstanding it or something, please!

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Anybody Ever Noticed The Common Look To Disney Princesses?

I'd put the rant here, but... It's easier to just put a link:

I just wish they'd realize they aren't helping the self esteem of little girls with their princesses...

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Hope you're day rocks!! I loves you!

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Happy Birthday Ray Toro!!!

Happy Birthday Ray Toro!! I hope you have a great day!!

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So does anyone on here watch any of the following youtubers:
Shane Dawson

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J. Again.

I’m kind of freaking out. It probably sounds like no big deal. But to me, it’s everything. I was scrolling around Facebook today, when I saw someone I’ve been trying to forget. It was under the “recommended friends” or something like that. The profile picture was of a hooded kid with super thick eyeliner and a Chelsea grin drawn on his face with red lipstick. The name read “Ben St Pierre.” It was him. J. J had made a new Facebook. He changes his name a lot. When I met him, it was Alysa, then Al, then Jason, then J, then Bert, and now Ben. But I always stuck with J for some reason. Anyways, I blocked his old Facebook after a short conversation in which I told him how much he hurt me, how much I missed him, how much I love him, and How I was pissed that what he taught me landed me in the hospital, to which he replied “sorry.” That’s all he would say?