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Thursday July 21, 2016
Posted by: Hate-to-love

I really am not. I didn't expect a reunion or a tour because I know it's over. I am (this may sound terrible) glad they broke up. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE MCR. They were AMAZING.

Thursday July 21, 2016
Posted by: Disco_Destroyer

I came to this community section after lots of years out of it just to read what you all had to say about all this MCRX thing and I just need to tell you all... Thank you.

I came here quite low and also angry with the guys but y'all made me understand what was all this thing really about and I can

Thursday July 21, 2016
Posted by: Killjoy_clique_

⚫When the video was released, everyone automatically assumed that there was going to be a reunion for the guys, when the video didn't say anything about a reunion. And I know, when a video just pops up out of nowhere with no warning, everyone is going to think there's a reunion.

⚫second of all;

Thursday July 21, 2016
Posted by: zzzz

Yes, your Comcast may never have blackouts, but report back how much your bill increases annually. My bill barely moves at all and I think that is probably due to tough negotiations from a provider that is not quick to jump when a channel mulberry outlet york tells them to.

Thursday July 21, 2016
Posted by: katherine wilkins

I think the whole situation can be summed up by what we've all heard from our dads: "I'm not mad, I'm just disappointed." I don't think the guys are to blame, but rather Warner bros. and their terrible marketing team, as a lot of people have already pointed out.
Why did they do it?

Thursday July 21, 2016
Posted by: Marisol_21

Not gonna lie.. a little sad that their wont be tour/reunion - Kind of hoping there was going to be one.
The video was kind of broad nothing too specific- nothing really hinting that their getting back together... but after reading comments that fans thought it might of meant tour/reunion that did

Thursday July 21, 2016
Posted by: rosietheunlucky

I think I'm finally calmed down about the whole MCR thing or whatever and now I'm just happy for the re-release.

But I stg if they pull another thing like this in the future I'm out.

Thursday July 21, 2016
Posted by: XcuddlygeewayX

So I already made a blog post about this whole situation where I was mature and rational but that is a separate post. This is going to be a rant post.

So fucking congratulations Warner Bros. My brother and I bought it, we wasted$35 dollars at Hot Topic for two of your shitty t-shirts.

Thursday July 21, 2016
Posted by: emptystar

Just saying me and my old MCR buddies reconnected, got nostalgic and there was so much bants on Twitter and Facebook. Am I crying in my bed? Probably. But hey, there's still something happening.

I just hope they all get to a point in their lives where if they feel a reunion is the best thing for

Thursday July 21, 2016
Posted by: possessed_apple

All of the members are happy doing their own thing. Gerard with his comics, Ray with his new music, Mikey with Electric Century, and Frank with Death Spells.