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The Dress

A friend : What's the color?
Me : I'm too Punk Rock for this..
A friend : You're Emo, so basically you should've chose Blue and Black.
Me : ...............
A friend : ................
Me : *sigh*
A friend : You know what, let's just listen to Three Cheers......
Me : Better idea....
A friend : MCR is an idea....
Me : *face palm*

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Opinion on "Emo"

[This may be longer than what fits on the community page, and if so, please Read More]
Emo. Some people use it degradingly, some people use it as complimentary. This post is about my opinion on it, but you're entitled to your own.
Emo (originally short for "emotional") seems to be known for glorifying self harm, wearing black cloths, worshiping Satan, etc. I do not believe that anybody who is called emo does any of these things.
I think that emo describes a style of hair, clothing, or music. Yes, these things go off of stereotypes, but I don't think that saying someone has "emo hair" or "dresses emo" is calling them personally emo.

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My sister and I have tickets to see Frnkiero andthe Cellabration tonight, but an unexpected driving school course was added tonight because our instructor was out of state this week. We really want to go to the show, and we can make up the class, but I'm still really anxious about going vs not going. What do you guys think? Please answer soon, I need some other opinions!

Always with love,

Show Stopper

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Life since the last time i came here has changed so much. I haven't been here in years, and so many things changed. Back in those days i was just this depressed kid who always skipped school and stayed watching movies because i wanted to isolate myself from everyone else. Mcr's break up was not an event that improved my behavior to be honest, but now even after my all times favorite band broke up things has gotten better, im about to start my last year of high school, which i think its a good thing since high school was not a good experience at all, im finally getting out of it. The most exciting and the best part of all of this is that i found my soulmate, its a girl that has brought the life back to me, shes so perfect and she helps me so much with my problems and all of that and i help her as well, shes the most beautiful creature ive ever met in my entire life, the life im putting all my hopes on that i'll share with her and only her.

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Guardians of the galaxy

Who else of you guy love this movie as much as I do? <3

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QUESTION. It's stupid but please guide me

i have been wondering for a really long time and it may be silly but can gerard swim?
Like in I'm not okay Ray States "you can't swim, you can't dance and you don't know karate"
In Juarez he sings "I can't swim, don't rub it in"
So yeah can he seriously not swim? or is it just something he says?

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So I've noticed many people on this site are depressed. It's all completely natural, I am too. I want you all to know though, that we are there for you and we all love you and it's always worth it.
MCR may not be making new music but they still exist. Because real legends never die. Their music, their message, THEY, will always be here.
But never forget that the Killjoys of the Black Parade isn't just a term for fans or characters in music videos. We are an army. We are an idea. A force of nature. We band (pun not intended) together in this sucky world because we can be better than this world. There's good in it. Somewhere there is good in it.
MCR is a legend. Legends never die. MCR is not Dead!
-drives into the sunset screaming Na Na Na-

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Mental lists

The list of things I want to say to Gerard when I meet him is longer than the list of things I want to ask God when I get to heaven.

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Remembering MCR

So. I've been horribly depressed lately.
MCR is.... pretty much my go to. They make me feel better.
I'm pretty proud of myself. I know all the lyrics and crap and I love them.
I play the bass and the cello.
I recently started the bass. I can play, I'm Not Okay, and Disenchanted on the bass.
On the cello, I can play Welcome to The Black Parade and Famous Last Words.

I am pretty proud. Any way. Back to depression. I feel like doing stupid stuff. I feel like giving up. Like saying forget life, I'm done.
But... I look at my hero.. Gerard Way is my hero. I can look at him and go, you saved me. You are living proof that it gets better. That you can get yourself out of that pit. That people are beautiful and that you shouldn't listen to what crap people give you and that you shouldn't harm yourself.
This man has inspired me so much, along with Frank Iero, Mikey Way and Ray Toro. They are amazing people and wonderful humans. I'd seriously give ANYTHING to meet them.

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guitar help needed

Ok, I can't play by ear worth a dam, so could someone tab out frank ieros BFF for me? Or tell me the chord progression and how to play the solo? I'm wanting to play I for a school event bit can't find it anywhere online

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I dyed my hair purple!!!

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A hole in my heart

I miss MCR more than anything in my whole entire life. To someone who has never been touched by their music it might sound silly. But all the true KillJoys understand <3

We are FOREVER The Black Parade

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Hello All

As the title suggests I'm going to be giving my thoughts on parenting And before you guys ask no I am not a parent. Also before I get to the meat of this blog I should tell you guys my religious upbringing cause it's going to come up. I was born into a Catholic family but my household was non practicing (for the most part). So my parents raised me to believe that there's some higher power that loves you and to respect everyone belief system As best you can. So that's how I became Agnostic ( which is in between being religious and non religious) So without feather delay on to the meat of this blog.