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New Gee and Frank stuff

Sooooo, Gerards new stuff is ok, I like Brit pop stuff like Pulp and whatnot, but im not a massive fan. I want to like it more...maybe it will grow on me, buttttt
FRANKS album is awesome!!! a bit more the sound I wanted to hear.
cant wait till he tours the UK I have to go.
Excited! :-)

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Yesterday Was Awesome!!!

Earlier post, I talked about the Bon Odori Festival.
I went there with the members of the Anime Society. Of course they were just acquaintances and strangers who likes animes, mangas, games & Japanese culture just as me. But I don't give a fuck of how lonely I was in the bus, because just as the festival started, I had a fucking blast dancing and recording and taking pictures of the whole event! But I personally think the best part was watching the taiko drummers play their instruments. It was amazing and beautiful! :D
I hope next time I could go to this festival again with my online friends! I'm sure they'd love to go to such festival! And we all will be wearing our yukatas and looking fabulous as fudge cakes and sundaes!! <333 ;D

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first band competition

So today was my bands first band competition at hilard Bradley. It was fun till I got to hear the score. 192. Kick in the fucking balls. So yea. (It's not like I'm used to like 247's, but god dam!) And my buddy got a date for homecoming (yay him!) But he's nervous and wanted me to ask someone so I finally did (I hate formal dances) and got a "No" so bitter sweet. But we get to wear makeup and it looked much better at first (had it on all day sense 2:00 in the afternoon. It's now midnight.) And a black baseball cap. So that's been my day!

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Your world has a twisted view
of perfection...
You don't realize it...
How Beautiful you are.
from your face, to your soul.
My own sweet perfection.
Body size has never mattered,
and never will...
You are wonderful.
inside and out.
Yet, you never see yourself
in that way.
always judging yourself
hating your perfect form...
Putting yourself down,
hurting inside.
It's time to stop this.
Start seeing the beauty
in any imperfections.
Whose definition of "perfect"
are you striving for?
Not mine, never mine.
You're already perfect to me.
So chin up, see yourself from
a different perspective
love yourself
cause I love you <3

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I wake up in a world full of hate and madness. I simply dont know what else to do here. Sometimes I feel like nothing in this world is right. There's no light of hope, we can't feel anything, not happines nor love. Everything we think we new is lost and truth come to hit us right in the face and tell us to wake from our sleep and see the world as it is. I can't feel nothing but emptiness and fear. There's no space for more.

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I'm sick about how people hate other people just for their sexuality.
doesn't matter how anybody identifies himself, all of us have the same rights, and I think it's stupid to marry the person you love has to be illegal just 'cause are the same gender and a book so old that we don't know who wrote says it is a sin.
I want to live in a world where people are judged by their character and not by the person they love, I want to live in a world where my sister, my brother, my friends, my family members, or anyone can be who they are without fear about discrimination. it's time to stop basing your life on what a book says, and think for yourself.
love is love and love is not a choice

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MCR- We Will Rock You (With Brian May) 2011

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Safe and Sound

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Q: What do you learn from school?
A: You learn more about your outcast self.

Q:What do you get from school?
A: Homework homework homework homework

Q: What does music make you feel?
A: Music makes me feel different.

Q: What makes you happy?
A: When I'm here with all the MCRmy.

Q: What does school make you feel?
A: School makes me feel school. What else?

Q: What do you enjoy watching?
A: Don't really watch TV. If you were to come and see me at my house, I would be reading comic books and watching mcr vids on youtube.

Q: How many friends you have?
A: Depends on what type of friends. If it's friends that talk to you and hang out almost everyday, then none. If it's friends I talk to sometimes, then 4.

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Why am I sad?

I'm so sad I don't know why. I haven't played guitar in months and so I decided to pick it up again and I sounded awful. Guitar meant/means everything to me. The fact that I've degraded so much was really upsetting. Then Adam's song came on, and I know I should have skipped it, I knew it would make me feel worse. But I listened anyways, and it just took me back to those days when I really seriously wanted to end it and now I'm crying in the music room over broken memories and I don't know why.

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I'm so tired frickkk

So I'm like half asleep as I write this but I've made it priority to actually update this as much as possible. So when I was like in the third grade I went to this summer camp thing that was full of rich kids and cool volunteers that liked mcr, that's besides the point tho. So at this camp a bunch of kids knew how to make lanyards and I never learned/ got the chance to learn so I felt like I missed out on that. Anyway my art teacher got of bunch of the string stuff to make them for kids who finish early and stuff and I feel like I've finally filled a hole that was in my heart because I learned how to make them finally. I made like four and am just really happy that I can finally do it like fuck yeah. I have no idea why I'm telling you guys this I just felt really nostalgic and needed to share. *gives you cookie for reading to the end* i hope you have a lovely morning/afternoon/evening, I should go to bed now.

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Don't leave me....

I can't be alone, Not at night....
these demons, they feed then.
So please. Don't leave me.
I need you.
I love you.
Please save me.
They're screaming in my ears,
Clouding all other thoughts.
Constant background to my world.
I'm scared, but I rarely admit it.
You've saved me before,
please do it again...
I need you.
Have you ever needed me?

umm.... so i literally just thought this out... like I said... I've been feeling poetic... missing my boyfriend.... by myself... stuck thinking...

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so I guess this is our song ^.^

XD Baby, I love you, I never want to let you go. the more i think about, the more i want to let you know. that everything you do, is super fucking cute. and i can't stand it ^.^

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Short stories part 2

I'm part of a writing project in wich I make short stories, this one is number two, and it has nothing to do with number one, hope you like it :)

Just wait
I was sitting alone in my favourite bench at the park when an old man came and sat down. I stared at him and said nothing, when he started talking with his deep voice.
"I have to tell it to someone. I have to tell you my curse before something happens. But do me a favour, tell this to an authority in case something really bad happens."
"Amm ok" I answered a little nervous " but why me¿"
"I was really young back then" he continued talking, like a if he was under a spell, drown in a deep sleep. " It was in the summer. I was playing in my favourite woods near my house at the farm. Suddenly it got dark, but it was only 4:00 pm. I look all around and didn't recognize were I was. All I could see was trees and more trees, there was no way out."

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Love Me Dead

My fend and i are listening to this in math right now XD the kid next to us is like dafuq??? haha XD
She moves through moon beams slowly, she knows just how to hold me.. and when her edges soften, her body is my coffin XD loooooooove !!! LOVE MEEEE DEAD!!! X3 I'm in a good mood.