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Fall Asleep...

That is what I feel like doing right now. There's a lot of things I should be doing... studying for my test, finishing the comic adaptation of Soldier On (that's a Shingeki no Kyojin fanfiction), reading my books, meditating, learning to play chess... but all I really feel like doing right now is going to sleep and just never waking up again, though I know eventually I'll have to.

Maybe meditating will help. I need to do so more often, anyway.

Depressing shit over. Carry on, Killjoys.

xoxo Tric

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Breakfast Club

Like, Holy Shit.. That's how it feels right now!! No one else has to be at school today, but I have to be here to serve detention! I didn't finish an essay,,.... soooooooo.... oops lol. And there's this other kid in here that I would likely NEVER talk to on any other day. haha, Breakfast club-like feelings. if only there were 3 other people in here!!!

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Stay as u R

Stay, Stay where u R and hold on Don't stumble and cry Don't u dare and take a Fall there's someone above that's lookin upon u. Stay strong, Don't let ur weakness take u, Don't let anyone put u down Say to urself: I AM STONG;
Stay there and hold on, There's A savior upon u, There's hope to survive, There's Hope ro carry on Stay and Survive. You are needed in this world, STAY YOU!!! life is precious, Treasure it! U think ur Alone but I'm here writing this for u, plz KEEP ALIVE MCRMY

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Not the best day.

I feel empty, alone and I don't even know what I am doing :(
I feel that something bad is about to happen...

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advice? :)

So my heart is all inside out over someone Ive gotten to know over the past few days. I want him to ask me to hang out first but I also really sincere want to see him before class on Monday. I am interested in him and I want to get to know him better. I feel like this is some weird game and I hope he will make a move. Should I take this slowly and just wait until monday? or invite him for something this weekend? :/ Please help me put my head on straight :) love you mcrmy!

rock on <3

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I thought we where done with this!!!

So today I'm sitting in choir and the teacher goes to play the part on the piano and hits the wrong hey. The key just happppened to be that one singular note from the black parade. Just the one note from the very first beat. And the whole class losses it over this. So yea, there's your story of large pitty in about five seconds

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Follow me on twitter and we can direct message! @CamillePKelley

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I'm sorry I haven't been on in so long! Things have been crazy! Since I last posted, I have come out, started working with the LGBTQ community in my city, started reading more, started collecting records, etc. Things are going pretty well. I still have those moments of crushing despair and sometimes I get so depressed that I want to self-harm, but I never do! I'm growing up. I'm dealing with my classmates better than ever before. The most important thing is, right now, in this moment, I'm happy and I hope you are too.

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I'm JusT So FucKIng Angery Right now!! I've BeEn angery all dAY!!!!

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Nicotine gum

So I've been writing some poetry of late and I'm working on this new one and thought I might share what I have so far.
Its just my way to cope with depression.
Blues and purples flood my eyes,
Stoney breath when I rise,
Sugary blood on my lips,
Darkened tar on my wrist.

One more breath to get me high,
Chew this poison, to feel alive,
Bite my cheek and feel it gush,
Synthetic paste is such a rush.

Colour fading it turns to grey,
Nicotine's out, and ends my day,
The tar is folds back into my skin,
Synthetic paste is such a sin.
So yeah, so far this is all I got from my feelings but I'll probably change it later.
Critiscism is always accepted.

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This anger I feel
broils to the surface
as you tell me,
he raped her.
My friend,
a petite and
pretty blonde,
raped at the
age of 14.
Fucked for the
rest of her life.
Fucked with
those memories
of his fucking..
If they find
his dead body,
who will point
their dirty finger
at me?
--------------------------------------------- I just found out the reason why my friend hasn't been at school for the past week..... i guess she skipped to hang out with an older highschooler, and he raped her.... i literally just found out, not five minutes before this blog........

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Okay so me and a bunch of people are dressing up as killjoys for Halloween!!!!!

What are you guys dressing up as? Or at least what are your plans?

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Gerard Way Scream

Can You See them!

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everythings gone to shit again

Thought i was over my depression but nope, it came crawling back as usual. Even the good things that have happened recently can't distract me from how shit i feel right now. Literally, everything is fucked, completely fucked.

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Swing swing swing
I can't wait to get high
after this low low low
blare this music
to help lift me up up
Up and down
goes this swing

A swing propels me into
the crisp air
then drops me into
that dark abyss.
This is just
the way it is

Swing Swing Swing
I hate these lows
I wanna get high high high!!!
under the night's shroud
the blood drips drips
Drips of rain fall
onto your face

A swing propels me into
the crisp air
then drops me into
that dark abyss.
This is just
the way it is

Swing Swing Swing
Just drop me now
I will never be H-A-P-P-Y....
I have slipped and now
I keep falling
and falling
and falling
my mind can never
be fixed...