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My Chemical Heartbreak

Some songs just make you feel, you know? Bittersweet hurt. That means its a good song in my book, if it can touch and effect you.
I found some of those songs. Songs by mcr like:

Disenchanted (live in mexico)
The kids from yesterday
Desert song
The light behind your eyes
the world is ugly (sometimes)
The kids from yesterday (gerard's narration)
Stay (not on an album)
Shut up and play

The songs that make you shiver. Make your head rush cold. make you feel understood. Make you understand. That's what MCR has done for me.

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Weird Day....

want to post blogs and comments? read these first:

1. No hate posts or comments
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2. No spamming or sales posts
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3. No self harm posts
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Call 1-800-273-8255 or visit or You can also contact The Trevor Project at or by calling their Lifeline at 866-488-7386.

4. Be excellent to each other

5. Do Not Post Photos of the band's family or friends
Respect the band' privacy by refraining from posting photos of their friends or family members. Photos will be removed

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hey my fabulous killjoys. im just hanging out with my bff like you do and its nice cus then i can forget the horrid day i have had. hope you all have had a good day and my bff wrote the title by the way. shes weird but who isnt. and if anyone is down and depressed then you need to talk to someone cus your worth so much more than that. i luv u all my family of killjoys.


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Indie bands

I know this site is a blog for MCR. Buuut, I just wanted to say that indie bands are totes amazing :) I love indie bands. Echosmith is pretty freaking awesome. And I have to put in my indulgences for MCR. I just wish they still played. Ugh. cx

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This band is the only thing keeping me sane

this week my best friend killed himself. The only thing that has been keeping me from becoming an emotional wreck has been mcr. I just want them to know how much they've helped me through these tragic times

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I'm exhausted. Weights isn't fun anymore. I feel so tired of school. I feel like this is a jounral. Just with helpful replies. I love it! Thanks for all the comments you've all posted on my blogs.

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Gerard's Mexican ancestor...

This dude looks like Gerard in the Black Parade... In my opinion. It's kinda funny actually. No offense.

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Mariana's trench

I really like these guys. They have good music and really sing with heart :)
Im also getting into bloc party, theyre pretty good.

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Is it weird that I only like songs with meaningful lyrics?

Im kinda worried.
Like, songs which have good lyrics with a meaning behind them or which tell a story are the ones which attract me.
I dont know why.
I CANNOT enjoy a song with meaningless lyrics unless the beat is PERFECT. And even then Ill get tired of it after a while.
Its sorta weird to me.
Like, some songs I listen to just because the beat and rythm is musically good but only if its rock or indie :/
And...Im just confused.
Is it like this for anyone else?

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Bipolar? cx

I'm gonna sound really bipolar right now. Buuutt, I'm extremely happy. cx Meep. Boop. Idk.

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What about love?

Hey. So remember on my old account I had a feeling for a friend (girl)? So I have a friend that I known for two years now. Well this one is a boy. I found out I had feelings for him like 2 or more months ago. He is cute,funny,kind gentalmen and he's in marching band like me. I'm in color guard. He's been in band for 4 and last year he was a drum major. It's his 2nd year and his last year. We're both seniors. Omg I'm getting off track. Ha. But any ways. He is dating someone else. I like her and all but my sisters bf doesn't like her. He told my sis that this boy s gf says crap. I feel bad cuz he puts up with it. But people are gonna do whatever. There were a few times that he was a little sad. I was in the band room eatting lunch. They made small talk during these times. I could tell he wanted to be with his friends or practice his instrument. I wanted to comfurt him by talking about church or pep tunes or other things to make him smile.

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Help maybe?

It's been 4 years since I've been on this website, and it's still the same as I remember it, a bunch of nice people brought together by one thing they love. I had an old account but forgot the completly ridiculous complicated password I made and was wondering if there was any way of finding the account. I'd love to read my old blogs and remember the past.

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Wizard Rock

Any potterheads here? Have any of you listened to wizard rock? I'm going to the Yule Ball for the 5th time on the 20th. A lot of great bands will be there, Harry and the Potters, The Whomping Willows, Lauren Fairweather (<3), Tonks and the Aurors, Draco and the Malfoys (!!!!), and Potter Puppet Pals (the guys who made the mysterious ticking noise, but they make a new skit every year). Not many people know of wrock. I love it! I LOVE Gred and Forge, the Moaning Myrtles, The Remus Lupins, Oliver Boyd & The Remeberalls, all of them! When I listen to these bands, I get so happy! Reminds me of the good side of middle school and the community.
I linked "Brotherly Love" by Gred and Forge. I hope you guys can find love and hope in potter, just like I have :)
If anyone wants to have some PotterTalk (hehe that was a podcast by The Leaky Couldron) message me!!!! The potter world was my escape from shitty home life and I'm so glad I had potter and am still experiencing it :)
- Z

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so... my dog made a happy face with mud

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hey my fabulous killjoys. I just wanted to say thank you for all your advice and being so nice to me and really making me feel at home with the rest of the killjoys. this site and mcr of course is the only thing that keeps me going so thanxs a lot for that. I luv you all. if any of you need to talk im here. THANXS!!!!!!!!!!!!

xxxxx HANNAH.