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For as long as I can remember I've looked for someone like you.
With a head like yours, and a torso to.
Birds sing and if its the last thing I di you will pay zim! ~Tak

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a red dream

El antes el era un muchacho con sueños de música y estudio, le iba bien tenia buenos amigos, su enamorada, su familia y su guitarra. Nunca habia pedidio nada más. Al final del año todos se graduaron, unos fueron a universidades privadas, otros pasaron a universidades publicas, otros a institutos de segunda y el resto trabajaron o se fueron al ejército. Pero él había pasado a la universidad por sus propios méritos, estaba feliz por esto y comenzaría su historia de amor.

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Does the perfect neighbor exist?

Because I have my doubts...
Mine are always arguing, or have birds that start singing really early in the morning, which means that yeeeesss I can't sleep, or they decide to build something, or shout to the phone or decide to buy shoes that are incredibly noisy... I can't remember of a single day in my life when it has been peaceful. Really, I'm not exagerating this time. I'm thinking of moving on to a desert island. When I have to study, it's impossible, when I need to sleep, it is horrible, and when I can, someone decides to celebrate a f****g party. It seems that they work 24h on how to disturb people. I know that we, as human, produce some noise, but this is insane.
Does someone agree? Or am I the only one who lives in hell? (lol, now I might be exagerating).


billie and gerard are the bomb!

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Vote for Gerard!

Greatest frontman competition, guys, and we are losing! Please vote for Gerard because we all know he deserves to win. You can vote as many times as you want so please help because we've only got one day left.

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I did try to change my profile pic on here to a pic of me for a change but apparently the file size is too large... so i changed it to the one you can see instead. i guess il be staying a mystery for another while.

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Transformers 4: Age of Extinction

It's good. better than the rest, in my opinion......nuff said. Bye.

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Can we all just take a moment to realize how fucking amazing ray is? (along with everyone else ofcourse)

I mean, Ray has so many great things about him (again,like everyone else in the band) but I really just want to say....his fro.
Ray Toro has helped me, (along with lots of other people I'm sure) to accept
their fluffy/curly/poofy or fro-ish hair.
This is coming from someone who has always hated her hair, but after noticing how confident ray is with his hair and how it looks fuck'n awesome and bouncy, I've really come to the conclusion that fros are fuck'n awesome....(I mean, you can't deny Ray's hair is awesome, right?)

And oddly enough, I had this realization yesterday when I was in the shower and my hair flopped onto my face and had the Ray Toro look and I was just like "Fuck, this is it...." and gazed in aww.

So thank you Ray, you have given me another reason to love you and your band... you've taught me self acceptance.

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The Sad Life..

It's actually sort of depressing when someone asks you who your favorite band is now and you say, "Uhm.. haha, about that.. it's My Chemical Romance." The whole time you're telling them you beat around the bush because you know what they're going to say, and sure enough you get, "But didn't they.."


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30STM gig was amazing !!!!!!!!!!1

Yesterday I was at the Rock-A-Field (festival in Luxembourg XD ) and 30STM was there :D
It was amazing!!!! <3 they are so amazing live <3 <3
Awesome <3

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that awkward moment when:

Okay guys, so I am going to go see the Relapse Symphony, august eighth, at the Eyes Set to Kill show in Newport Kentucky, and I invited the girl I have like half a crush on. I later looked up the other bands that's going to be there: TRS (of course) Alone in the dark, Close to Home, and Sirens and Sinners. For any of you who've heard of these bands, we all know TRS is the one that sticks out. So after inviting this girl based off of just them, I truly don't want to take her out of fear. Literally fear. I figured the others would be close. Nooooooope noooope nope nope nope. So now I'm kinda like, fuck, I'm truly scared to take anyone to this concert with me because I'm the only one out of all my friends who could handle a show like this ones probably going to be like.

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Desserts in a Mug Hey mcrmy! There's this site where you can make cookies and brownies and small cakes in a mug and I thought Id share:) it's super quick, 5 min or less and it can brighten any day :) hope my small discovery brings a fun adventure for you. My sister and I made a cheesecake and it was pretty good haha enjoy!
Rock on! Xoxo,

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Here we go again!!

ok so i finally have an apt. , I have a great boyfriend who totally (emotionally) supports me and im looking for a job and re-enrolling in college. U would think im happy but NOPE!!! Ive been through hell and back to get where i am and im proud of myself but i miss my daughter so very much. I cant have legal custody of her until i have a job and i have been everywhere, submitting application, going on interviews and NOTHING!!! Even accomplishing everything I have in 6 months I feel like a failure. OK Rant over. Keep it ugly guys!!!

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Blood Is Thicker Than Water, But They Both Leak. Trust No One.

I'm sure the title and the video seem a bit mismatched, but in a couple of paragraphs, you'll know.

My mom's been back to calling me a piece of shit lately. She never used those exact words, but she has her little ways of putting me down. She treats me like I'm her enemy.

And you know what? Fuck it. She wants an enemy, she's got one.

I refuse to keep being put down. I know what I am. No more believing the bullshit story she's made up about me in my head.

Keep it ugly, junkpunks.

xoxo Tric

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I Love This

Isn't this gorgeous??? I love it!