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Soooo, Yea/...... Title says it all, it's that time of year, and I'm going with Aaron, I got to see him today XD 3:) we had fun lol. but yea, I'm leaving around 7:45 to get to the highschool, the thingy starts at 8. and, that's about it. I havent been very upset lately.. Thursday, I wanted to end it, but Aaron stopped me..... :( so, I'm better for now.
<3 i love you guys. You're my family, my army, and my friends <3

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Gee will announce an European Tour soon!!!!!

I'm so excited.......hope it will be very soon!!!!! can't wait anymore xD

Hope so bad that he will come to Luxembourg <3

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The butterfly project.

So, I just wanted to know if any of you on here have tried the butterfly project.
If you don't know what it is, basically;
You draw a butterfly on your wrist ot thigh or anywhere you,...damage, and name it after someone you love and would want you to get better.
So if you fall into that state and you damage, you kill the butterfly and it dies.
But if you don't and it fades away (without you washing it) it lives and is set free.

So anyway, just wanted to say how much I love this idea and I'm actually gonna try it.
And to all out there feelin low, I really love you and I'll keep praying for you.
Please stay strong.

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My Shirt is in the mail

My mom ordered me the Drum line Black Parade shirt xD

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So I was seems to be mentioning the guys' new projects, and I thought I'd ask why? Is it taboo or something? 'Cause I really want someone to fangirl to about the fact that I just got tickets to see Gee in November, and I'm also seeing Frankie in November!!!!!! :D Is anyone else?

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The Best Cover I've Seen This Year (And Probably My All-Time Favourite!!)

Good morning, killjoys!
So who doesn't love Sweet Child O' Mine? It's a beautiful piece of rock music! :D
And people try to make an awesome cover of this song....
And one of them stood up the most!! And it is fucking, godly, unbelievably, awesome cover I have ever heard this year.
God, it makes me want to dance here and there all day and all night! Babe, this is for you!....Well, if you enjoyed Jazz as well.....
Anyway, this is also for all those jazz listeners out there. You got to listen to these beasts play! Umph! Fucking Awesome! >w<
This is a cover of Guns N Roses' Sweet Child O' Mine by the New Orleans Jazz band!

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Anyone on here have AS (Asperger Syndrome) or high functiong autism?

Just wondering because I think I have it and I've discussed it with my Mother and she also thinks so. I want to get diagnosed by a doctor for sure. This has had a big I think (negative) impact on my life. I just feel all alone and would love to talk to someone who feels or can relate to this. Thanks!
Keep running
Sunshine Slaughter A.K.A Em

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Baby proyect

I have this baby proyect in wich I take care of a plastic baby. We have to buy thing that are necessary for a reall baby such as clothes and all that. My baby's name is Tony. What do you think about the proyect¿

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One of those days

One of those days where all you wanna do is stay in bed all day.
I was planning on spending the day with my nan but she's with her boyfriend a right prick he is.I wish she'd move back in. I'm lonely and sad and just wanted to have a good day but it never is anymore :(

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Just wanted to say "HELLO!"

Hey Guys! So I haven't posted in far too long but I don't really have much to say besides "HELLO MY WONDERFUL KILLJOY FAMILY!" How's everyone's life going? <3 Love you all

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too nice..

okay hey killjoys! so this is an update to everything from the last blog. and some stuff from today.. well, I broke up with my ex and we're friends now. I found out losties name.. its Baylor.. and I sometimes walk home with this really cute 8th grader that says im his bestie and he always gives a a high five and fist bump. really really cute. so today, I was in a class of 4 people and we got to use youtube on the big screen. me and this other girl were the only ones choosing music. and she freakin likes 5sos and 1d. e.e I after she played her 5sos song, I played Helena the music vid and when Gerard popped up on the screen, she said "omg he looks creepy" "omg he looks ugly" and stupid me, being nice kept on saying " whatever, I love him" " omg hes amazing" I should've been meaner..

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MCR Fandom

Yesterday was my friend's birthday party. She had a sleepover, but I couldn't stay over night cause I had school today and they didn't. Anyways Katie was shuffling around my iPod, and a lot of My Chem was coming on. She's mainly in the Panic! bandom. We were talking about the AP music awards, and how BVB won most dedicated fandom and MCR should have won it. Black Veil Brides do have a pretty intense fandom, but you don't stay in there for long, you know? For maybe a year. I know that there are some real, actual BVB fans. But I was one of these kids too, who are in there scene phase or just listening to "starter bands" (PTV, SWS, not necessarily 'bad' bands, but the ones everyone starts with). BVB isn't a bad fandom, most people like them at some time. They just have a different dynamic.
Think of BVB, with that rush of initial love and obsession. A rush that fades for most people.

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Fuck You Happiness.....

Why is it that every time I do something that makes me smile or makes me happy, everyone has to hate me? I mean, please! I can't please EVERYONE!!!! Try to cut me a little fucking break here! DX I'm SORRY OKAY!!!!!! IM SO FUCKING SORRY THAT I CANT BE HAPPY BECAUSE EVERY FUCKING TIME I AM EVERYONE HATES ME!!!!

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I's so happy XD

I just got back from Horseback riding with ma friend Bri XD it was so much FUUUUUN!!!!!