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bedroom door selfie!

So I need to fix my door, and I decided to selfie with my taped up door albums

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Tumblr + SChool

Me scrolling through tumblr: ""please no porn, please no porn, please no porn"" updates page ""oh shit!! POrn!!"" right as a teacher walks past....

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Afternoon Coffee Thoughts

First off, I took this picture earlier cause I felt cute. I'm aloud to be cute, okay? lol
I felt like Monday flew by, to be honest. My classes went by like that *snaps sassily*. I'm glad they went by quick and my teachers didn't give us much homework-it gives me more time to read my book.
Whichhhhh by the way, is AMAZING. It's called The Culling and it's the first book in the Torch Keeper series. We got this book in at my school's library with some grant money that the GSA (or Gay Club,as my fellow members call it) received for different school-related needs. Now with this new box of books that we got, our library now has more literature to support and show awareness for the LGBT community. We even got some LGBT related comic books, which I'm suuuuuuuper excited to read.
Picture day is coming up fast and I don't know which one of my black dresses I'm going to wear. Hopefully the blonde in my hair will be dyed red by then-I'll post pictures for all you lovelies to see :)

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Algebra 1 boredom

GUess what?! We get to use our computers in Algebra 1. and I ended up getting the HIGHEST score in my class, so far, on our NWEA testing. more standards to live up to, oh well... On the other hand, I has a boyfriend!! XD again... yea, I feel like a slut on this site... I'm constantly updating you on my relationship lol!!! im sorry you are subjected to reading my shitty ass blogs.
I'm thinking about buying that School Sucks Start A Band Varsity MCR Jacket... but I don't have any moneys....... :( so any recommendations as to how i could get me some moneys?? please and thank you.... So I hope you all are doing alright, if not, my message box is open, or you can try out this site called 7 cups of tea>> << it's a helpful site, they always have someone on there ready to listen if you're having relationship trouble, depression, anxiety, etc, etc..... so yea
LOve You All!!!!

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Gerard way

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Title says it all

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im Bored :T... and single ._. (and heartbroken xD)

Well im soooo F-cking bored right now. Anybody want to talk? or something, i feel like drawing even if i have homework (because F*ck homework!) so i can draw stuff for you c: or talk or something ;-;

My email is:
and my kik is: hdz1234


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Single and ready to mingle

Hey if anyone is interested I am single

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IM GETTING A FUCKING EPIPHONE LES PAUL STUDIO!!!! ITS FUCKING BEAUTIFUL! ITS WHITE WITH BLACK PICK GAURD AND ROSEWOOD NECK WITH HUMBUCKER PICK UPS, THREE WAY SWITCH, THREE FUCKING TONE NOBS, volume clearly, AND ITS FUCKING BEAUTIFUL! Im getting it used for $200 and its being shiped from new york, and ill have to pick it up in store so total its going to take me about $250, but i got 200, and my parents said theyll pitch in as a birthday/xmas gift, so im getting a new amp. Not sure what kind, ill see what in the store goes best with the guitar and hope my parents will be willing to get it. Traded my buddy my peavy rage for a fender amp because both our guitars sounded better using the others amp, so we both win. FUCKING BEAUTIFUL GUITAR!

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Hi..I'm bored

If anyone wants to message me feel free

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Listening to Gerard Solo Debut concert

So im listening to his debut concert and im all of 2 min into it and in love! It has such a big ass middle finger to the world feel to it!!! COME TO AMERICA!!!! SPECIFICALLY OHIO!

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Sleepy hollow

Hey guys you should definetly check out this movie by Tim burton it was made in 1999 and it's called sleepy hollow... Best movie ever!!! Johnny depp plays ichabod crane and there's beheadings it's so cool!!

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School sucks

I'm in the most torturous class ever!! I hate my teacher so much.. He is so controlling

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Already tired... and it's Monday TT.

That's not good at all... I can't sleep as I used to. Last night was particularly difficult and this makes my dark circles look even worse than they usually look, my eyes burn and worst of all, I don't know what I do. I mean yes, I know what I am doing but it's like I don't think about it and I can't feel almost anything (which is sometimes great but maybe not when I have to be very attentive in class ^^) and I only want to sleep but have to wait for 9 or 10 hours until I'm able to do it. And then , at night I can't sleep :(

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Mmm yeah

Well hello for the hundredth time tho.

I haven't been here for quite a lonng time, actually I didn't want to come back, it wasn't quite a good moment...

Well this time I promise I'll try to post sth more often! I'd like to keep more in touch with you all my killjoys, so here I'll post my twitter and instagram names so that we can follow each other, it would be great:

Twitter: @BringMeTheRain_
Instagram: @cclown17

And hmm yeah... hello and all that.