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Found My Way Home

Good morning, Killjoys. I haven't been on the website in about 3 years and I can't express how good it is to be back in the community again. To begin, in the last 3 years I've dropped out of college, worked a multitude of full-time job and I went through the United States Marine Corps basic training program in MCRD San Diego. In a nutshell, life has thrown some wicked curve balls. I digress. I bring a thunderous attitude back to the Killjoy community. So to talk about something let's talk about what most of us enjoy: music. I bought the album The Amanuensis by the band Monuments. Monuments is a British progressive metal/Djent band that have two studios albums and I'm sure a few EPs under their belt.

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kinda lost

so i don't really know why I'm posting here, or why I'm posting something now, or at all really, but my best friend just switched schools and I don't have much of a reason to do a lot, or really much of anything without him. it was nothing romantic at all, he just prefers male pronouns so yeah. but i've been in a bad place since he left, my eating habits have gone to shit again, my anxiety and some mild depression have been coming back strong, i've had some really bad urges to hurt myself, and the only reason i've been going to school is for my photography class. he left because our school was bringing him into an even darker place and he was having breakdown after breakdown so I completely understand why, but the thing is, he didn't tell me he was leaving until the day he transferred. I didn't have any time to prepare or even to say a proper goodbye because he told me over text.

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Love this picture

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My Chemical Romance saved my life

MCR saved my life. When I was in grade 2 I moved to a new city and I had to start over. All the people at this new school were awful. By the time I reached grade five I was depressed and suicidal. The bullies never stopped, all they ever said to me was I should kill my self and that I don't deserve to live and that I was a disgrace to human kind, it was the worst time of of my life. They pushed me to the point where I tried to commit suicide ended up in the hospital instead. But then I started listening to MCR again and it totally changed my life. I slowly recovered and through the process became an ultimate MCR fan girl. I look back at this now half way through grade 8 and realize how stupid everything was this happened. I have amazing friends now but I still suffer from social anxiety but in trying to over come that. I'm now getting prepared to start 9th grade. I want to thank everyone in My Chemical Romance. You saved my life.

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Gerard's Hair

I'm never going to be over this


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30 Day MCR Challenge

Favorite picture of Ray: this one

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30 Day MCR Challenge

Favorite picture of Mikey: I love so many of him but this one is at the top probably

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30 Day MCR Challenge

Favorite picture of Frank: This one.

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30 Day MCR Challenge

Favorite picture of Gerard: Probably this one

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30 Day MCR Challenge

So I'm late to this, so I'm gonna post a bunch together in groups until I catch up.
Favorite album: Black Parade, but they're all so freaking good.
Favorite song: cannot pick, but WTTBP is my most played.
Favorite song from Bullets: Headfirst For Halos
Favorite song from Revenge: I Never Told You What I Do For A Living
Favorite song from Parade: Mama maybe, but I love them all.
Favorite song from Danger: Na Na Na
Favorite music video: Helena
Favorite lyrics: I literally cannot pick don't make me XD
(I'm gonna skip the picture posts here I'll do those separately)
Favorite era: SO HARD TO CHOOSE. I love the Black Parade makeup though.
Least favorite song: There isn't a single one I dislike

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30 day MCR challenge

Day 14: least favourite song

To be honest there is no any least favourite song. There is always something why I like their songs. Maybe my least favourite song is We Don't Need Another Song About California. I don't know why but I just don't like it (don't hate me)

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30 day mcr challenge

Day 14: Leas favourite song
I guess this is cheating but I don't have one!!! The cover of barbie girl they do with simple plan and good charlotte is kinda weird but I don't hate it.

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10 things I love about MarianaMCR

1. She makes me smile
2. She's cheers me up
3. She warms my heart
4. She cares (and alotta people in the past didn't care about me)
5. She accepts me for who I am
6. She's beautiful/cute
7. We love each other to pieces
8. She's a sweet girl
9. She's lovely cuddly and very cute
10. She's my baby girl

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help please

just a pickle in a mf jar

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Rise and Shine

hey guys how are you? Anyway I'm happy 'cause I'm not going to school for five days! That's really good, 'cause I dont like people overe there. Now I'm gonna "reast in peace" ;)