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Tuesday March 24, 2015
Posted by: xxsvn.flowersxx

Hello! We will never die and I hope that you guys know that they are never getting back together because that chapter is over. I am starting to hate this fandom cause of 12 year olds going around harassing the guys, they are grown men and most of them have their own life and solo albums.

Tuesday March 24, 2015
Posted by: piericngthechemicals

They lay upon the dusty streets.
Slowly they become forgotten amongst us.
But without them we'd be cloaked in fear and sorrow.

I remember once on their death bed, he whispered
"keep running"
and so I did.
Until the silent echoes of the desert led the souls to rest.
I held my raygun high,

Tuesday March 24, 2015
Posted by: The Hope Of Tomorrow

I was very afraid to keep on living...
I was very afraid to lose everything..
They told me to smile and 'keep running'....
Though they're now done, I won't stop believing...

I will never lose hope in any circumstances...
I'll be the fire to burn bright in the morning's darkness...
Though I'm empty

Tuesday March 24, 2015
Posted by: AnonymousHazel

So I'm sharing this here because I have no other outlet for my frustration and anger at the moment. Basically, I've always wanted to be an actress. The way art, movies, a particularly good episode of a tv show can move someone to tears or can make someone's day has always been fascinating to me.

Monday March 23, 2015
Posted by: Alekaia23

Hey. I forgot to post yesterday, but I'm posting now. I just wanted to say I hope you guys had as good a day as possible on Sunday and listened to mcr or did something in memory of the band. Stay strong killjoys, we made it through another year! <3

Monday March 23, 2015
Posted by: Toxic.Lightning

So, to be honest, this is my first time actually making an account for this website, but I'm a huge nerd towards MCR. Anyways, uh, yeah nothing else to say... So.... -awkwardly whistles-
Bye lovelies. Haha.
-Yours truly, Toxic Lightning

Monday March 23, 2015
Posted by: spiderbullet

Hey, guys. I've been a part of this community for a while now (I think? I may have deleted an old account that I'd had for quite some time, so this account probably seems newer) and I've never really participated in it.

Monday March 23, 2015
Posted by: killjoychemicals

Hello! Made my first account so...

hi XD

Monday March 23, 2015
Posted by: mcr_is_not_dead


Monday March 23, 2015
Posted by: mcr_is_not_dead

Yesterday was probably hard on all of us... We have all made it soo far even if its only been two years) Im really proud of the whole fandom.
I just barley made an account, but...Yeah. Im really happy to be apart of the family, ily all lol.
I would really like to thank MCR for everything they