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Monday May 02, 2016
Posted by: dead-on-arrival

I had my first AP test out of the bunch today and I'm pretty sure I failed it because my teacher barely taught us anything. (It also didn't help that I would work on other homework in her class). But she taught us how to write one of the essay formats this morning like an hour before the test.


Monday May 02, 2016
Posted by: mcrmaddy

I don't know why I didn't know my chemical romance had a website where users could post their own blogs, but I guess I'm an idiot. I'm really late finding out about my chemical romance, I found them two years after they broke up! Haha! Not haha.

Monday May 02, 2016
Posted by: grcemeise

so that person i have a crush on that i was talking about before...asked me out today ahhh!

Monday May 02, 2016
Posted by: vampirekilljoychy

I love listening to Hesitant Alien so much! I have been listening to the guys's individual albums like Stomachaches and For The Night To Control. I haven't really been listening to MCR's actual albums, and I feel like I'm betraying them because I'm not listening to their music.

Monday May 02, 2016
Posted by: motorbaby_gr

Is anyone in here good at giving advice? Please help :'(

Monday May 02, 2016
Posted by: The Professiona...

So I went into the blue ridge mountains yesterday... That's all I did over the weekend... Monday so far: people keep bullying my brother so I'm yelling at them... Im in trouble for yelling but oh well

Sunday May 01, 2016
Posted by: emma-is-weird

I think this week I'm going to try and be less worried about myself and how I look when I'm around people. I don't know how that's going to work though.

Sunday May 01, 2016
Posted by: chpeverill-conti

do you guys know of any good fanfics that ARE NOT INAPPROPRIATE AT ALL and preferbly shorter (one shot/up to three chapters) and mcr/fob/p!atd/the used based. i want to read fanfic at my program but need it to be clean
also, as blue burns black pointed out, in my last blog when I said ED I meant

Sunday May 01, 2016
Posted by: Mikeys Unicorn

Sooooooooo, I've been always bullied because of my uni-brow so I decided to plucked it and I begin the dumb ass I am . . .

I over plucked it, I over plucked my fucking eyebrows even If it's not bad, I don't know why I'm making such a big drama about it, It's not the big deal but I've always been