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The Website Keeps Changing !!!

It changed to this then disappeared ! Go into the news section and see if it has a message/quote ! If it does then comment here, I want to see how many people are getting this !

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- Z

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Keep running

The news site, it say's KEEP RUNNING now!! they're changing the terms faster. does this mean anything? I'd love to think so but IDK... don't wanna get my hopes up too high
- Z

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I'm tired of it...

I'm one-hundred percent positive that my family hates my guts and wishes I was nonexistent!!

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30 day MCR challenge

Day 8: favorite lyrics


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How did I get into My Chemical Romance?

I'm probably super lame for creating an account when they're not even a band anymore, I don't even know why I'm dong this, I just want to tell my story in an accurate site (duh), and perhaps someone will someday read it hahaha.

I'm a NEW fan. I started loving them on January 18th 2014. Here goes the story:

So, I had heard about them before and by the time I became a fan I only had 3 songs of them in my iPod: Na Na Na (I always thought that one was cool), SING! (because of Glee), and Teenagers (I was once on YouTube and I clicked on a lyric video and instantly loved it).

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How I really feel

Good luck means nothing to me
So exactly what does that mean
For me now......... have I given up
On almost everything

My scars are easy to see
Haunting reminders indeed
And they still bleed
For the first time......... I'm down on my knees

Begging,........... pleading now
Intercede please show me how

If I could survive, if I was innocent
Would you take the blame for me? ( GUILTY, GUILTY)
If I could survive, if I was innocent
Would you take the blame for me? ( GUILTY,GUILTY)

You're asking nothing of me
Just say goodbye and I'm free
It's so easy,.......... I don't understand
But I want it more than anything

Can't seem to begin to release
This guilty conscience for peace
It's so hard............. till I'm back here
I'm back on my knees

Begging,............. pleading now
Intercede please show me how

If I could survive, if I was innocent
Would you take the blame for me? ( GUILTY,GUILTY)
If I could survive, if I was innocent

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Not trying to be an Ass Hat but it's almost that time of month


I hate February not only because of Valentine's but the certain History that happens in that month.

I mean I have several friends of different races don't get me wrong; but I just hate the propaganda and all the shit people get for slipping up.

for example say some white dude has a black friend and says what's up my nigga?

during black history month it's all out blood bath if anyone even remotely says that word.

So that's why I hate the month of February not because I'm racist; rather I just don't think it's fair that they can have a whole month of rule free Crime Spree's and blame it on other people because they where " being racist" during that month.

It's Bull Shit.

Stop Playing the Race Card!

The only Race I want to live in is The Human Race.

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Почему бы и нет?***Why not?

Я просто хочу попытать счастья и узнать есть ли на этом сайте русскоговорящие? Эй, Киллджои, отзовитесь!

I just want to try my luck and see whether this site people who speak Russian?Hey, Killjoys, respond!

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I'm a huge Star Trek fan and I'm sure most if you don't know this cause I really don't socialize with anyone cause of my past and present issues but I'm trying my best to change that one certain flaw of mine. Well, anyways I drew this Sporck stencil and I think I did pretty good haha! Sorry, if it's upside down I didn't know how to turn it upright haha!

-Live long and prosper \\//

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I read that the disappearing messages on the top of the page are not glitches.
And they're only from Danger Days.
Someone's playing around with the website.

Maybe it's Dr. Deathdefying.

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I'm bored out of my mind.

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A surprise video

It's a cover

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Music Battles

I have turned my science class into a battle for whose music can be played loudest... One group is playing rap, another is playing explicit rap, then there's country, the no music group, then there's me! haha, blaring this kinda stuff as loud as possible into my ears.

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30 day MCR Challenge

Day 8: Favourite lyric
There's nothing for it... ALL